A 'tidal-wave', but not a tsunami in China.

Flooding on the Quiantang River in China -- 3.5 MB


In June of 2000, I saw this video clip on the news. It depicts a powerful surge of water overtopping a sea wall and knocking down everything in its path. When I first saw it, I immediately thought 'tsunami', but the fact that I had not heard any recent reports of earthquakes or tsunamis made me wonder. Later, I learned this was the famous tidal bore on the Quiantang River in China. A tidal bore is a wave that advances up a river mouth during extreme tide swings. People in this area gather here annually to view this event, but this year, the incoming tide was extremely strong and there appears to be very large ocean swells as well. This is probably what led to the disater you see depicted here. According to the news agencies, no one was killed, but there were some injuries. This is what you might call an actual 'tidal wave', but it is not a 'tsunami'!
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