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You've found the web site that will finally give you a choice. USC Software Systems provides a full range of computing solutions and services that put the power to design the system that you want back into the only hands that can build it right- yours.

USC Software Systems'
TOADS, Total Online Application Development System, stands apart from other rapid application development tools because TOADS provides the most extensive variety of solution sets available. While remaining more than competitive in the areas of price, speed, and ease-of-use, TOADS excels in the number of databases, platforms, and internet/intranet solutions programmers can choose to present to their end users.

c, the TOADS GUI Client, allows programmers to build applications that are completely point-and-click for users of any of the three most common GUI platforms: Windows, Macintosh, and Xwindow.

fully enables any TOADS application for use on the World Wide Web. The soon-to-be-released VB/TOADS will put the power of Visual Basic development and application into the hands of TOADS users.

TOADS also runs on the entire spectrum of
multidimensional database systems including uniVerse, PI/Open, Advanced Pick, Unidata, and Prime Information database platforms.

USC Software Systems also brings its expertise and experience to work for you. Customized applications that cover a wide range of vertical markets such as financial, government, education, and healthcare as well services that include complete soup-to-nuts systems solutions are two of the ways USC Software Systems provides assistance above and beyond simply licensing out software.

Please explore our site for more information about our software and services, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have.

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