USC Software Systems joined the multidimensional database market in 1988

Prior to this time, TOADS, the Total Online Application Development System, was an in-house only solution to the massive system being designed for university-wide computing at the University of Southern California. TOADS helped administrators keep track of the code being written for each program, allowing for easier maintenance, while still providing the creative freedom for programmers to design unique and innovative systems.

After a fateful and fortunate incident, USC administrators realized the value of a system like TOADS to programmers in the multidimensional database market. Creating a new department at the University devoted solely to the development and marketing of TOADS, USC Software Systems was born.

Now, nearly ten years later, USC Software Systems has remained one of the first choices for software and service in the multidimensional database market. Through the demise of Prime Information Systems and the shift in focus to databases like VMARK, PICK, and Unidata, USC Software Systems has remained vital, flexible and one-step ahead of the latest technology.

The years ahead promise to be the best yet. The release of TOADS '97, the most comprehensive TOADS to date marks the end of TOADS' reliance on character-based terminals. The soon-to-be-released Visual Basic TOADS promises to kick off a new epoch in multidimensional database solutions that, in the tradition of all other TOADS before it, will redefine and reinvigorate rapid application development tools.


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