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Forging Partnerships For
The Future

USC Software Systems counts all of those who use TOADS, enlist our services, or use any of our custom applications as business partners. Through feedback from our business partners, USC Software Systems and TOADS have evolved and grown to meet the needs and expectations of the multidimensional market place like no other company.

Among our many relationships with other groups, there are a few that highlight USC Software Systems' drive to remain abreast of the latest technologies and philosophies that shape the future of computing solutions:

IBM - USC Software Systems is the primary subcontractor for the development of the software supplied to the GAMS, Grant Application and Management System, Consortium. The GAMS Consortium is comprised of several of the United States leading research universities. These universities use the GAMS software, developed with TOADS, to gain an edge in the intensely competitive quest for federal grant funding. The GAMS software also helps Consortium universities streamline the management process of grant funding so that the revenue generated by grants can be more efficiently and effectively put to use.

VMARK - Since becoming a reseller of VMARK's respected UniVerse multidimensional database, USC Software Systems has remained one of VMARK's highest selling organizations. The special relationship between USC Software Systems and VMARK has also allowed for the growth and innovation of the TOADS product. For many years now since TOADS first moved off of Prime, UniVerse has been the most optimal database for TOADS development.

PIXEL - USC Software Systems is also a reseller of Termite, an advanced GUI PC client solution. Since forming a strategic partnership with Pixel, TOADS has brought the ease of point-and-click use to end users and developers internationally. The Termite product provided the launch pad for further explorations into GUI solutions that have spawned the development of not just TGC, but also the soon-to-be released VB/TOADS.

PICK Systems - After an overwhelming demand for TOADS on PICK at the 1996 International Spectrum show in Anaheim, California, USC Software Systems sought out PICK Systems for their support in a conversion to the PICK database. PICK, a long respected and internationally favored database, provided USC Software Systems with an opportunity to quiet the fears of PICK users of System Builder who wanted to remain on the PICK database but didn't feel that they could rely on any further releases of SB for PICK. TOADS, every bit as powerful and comprehensive an approach to application development as System Builder, would provide PICK users with the option to remain on their database of choice.

These are only a few examples of the partnerships USC Software Systems has developed to keep TOADS users in touch with the latest technologies and solutions. If your organization would like to enlist the services or software of USC Software Systems for their own solution, contact us today!


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