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TGc: The Missing Link

1. Do you need to make the most of every one of your computing platforms, but find it impossible to make Macintosh, Windows, or X-Windows networks compatible?

When TOADS was first designed in the early 1980's, character based terminals dominated the field as THE choice for business computing solutions. Today, PCs, Macs, and UNIX platforms provide the most common computing solutions for businesses, and not all of these platforms are truly compatible with each other. This incompatibility often limits the choices available to a business because choosing only one platform means having to miss out on the advantages others offer.

TGc blends seamless integration with compatibility, allowing businesses to decide for themselves again which platform best meets their needs. TGc uses the strengths of the system it is installed on to support the preferences of the user instead of making the user learn another interface design. Windows, Macintosh, and X-Windows can all run TGc. You no longer need to buy different terminal software packages, TGc provides a one-step solution.

2. Do you demand the speed, ease-of-use, and functionality of point-and-click graphical interfaces?

Point-and-click, pop-up menus, windows, and buttons have become the buzzwords for new expectations of interface technology. Keyboard intensive commands no longer appeal to users. Instead, using a PC's mouse to click on a desired portion of the screen or to enter data seems a much more attractive option.

TGc is a true graphic user interface that is easy to use, and powerfully functional. A convenient tool bar makes it easy to move forward and backward through pages, update, save information, and quit. Complete access to on-line help is just a click away. And because TGc draws on the client PC's processor and not the server's, you can manipulate your data lightning quick.

3. Does your server often respond slowly because of heavy traffic?

TGc doesn't require your server to carry the burden of your entire network. Instead of relying on the server to carry-out commands and redraw screens, TGc performs these tasks itself. Using a client PC's own processor, TGc cuts down on server traffic and considerably speeds up server response time.

4. What is TOADS?

TOADS stands alone as the only 4GL that provides truly programming free solutions. With it, developers can create incredibly sophisticated applications without writing a single line of code. The latest release, TOADS '97, still provides the fastest 4GL you can buy.

5. How is TGc integrated with TOADS?

TGc enhances all of the innovative features that make TOADS an award winning 4GL. TGc's unique design encapsulates TOADS so that, no matter what system it runs off of, TGc interacts with TOADS transparently. This approach reduces conflicts and takes pressure off the server as well as the network. With TGc, TOADS responds faster and productivity increases.
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