Into The Next Millennium:TOADS '97

The latest release of TOADS is our most comprehensive yet!

TOADS, the Total Online Application Development System, now gives developers every design and interface option they could ask for. This programming-free development tool accelerates the time it takes to build a complete system. Entire processes can be created and updated on the fly!

TOADS gives you a wide spectrum of interface options. Starting with the ability to develop for character-based terminals, TGc the TOADS GUI Client- and VB/TOADS- the Visual Basic TOADS client- provide developers with the option to create such an authentic Windows look and feel that users won't be able to tell the difference!

Also, new to TOADS '97, TOADS gives developers the power to 'publish' TOADS processes as forms on the World Wide Web. Now the 35+ million people on the web can be brought straight to your desktop!

If you're a current TOADS customer, click here to request more information about the TOADS '97 upgrade!

If this is the first time that you've visited us and you're interested in the TOADS product, click here to request additional information about the Total Online Application Development Suite!



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