Evidence-Based Decision Making Links

Evidence-Based Centers
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health
Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry, Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford, England
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto
Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health
Centres for Health Evidence

The Cochrane Collaboration
The Cochrane Library

The Cochrance Center, UK
Evidence-Based Health Informatics, HIRU at McMasters
Evidence-Based News, National Center for Dental Hygiene Research
Evidence-Based Medicine Resource Center
McMaster Occupational Therapy Evidence-Based Practice Research Group
National Institute for Clinical Excellence

CEBM, Focusing Clinical Questions
Duke/UNC Tutorial, The Well-Built Clinical Question
EB Clinical Practice Tutorial, Designing an Answerable Question

Searching for Evidence
LINKS to Sources of Evidence
Where to find the Evidence, Rochester Tutorial
Searching for the Best Clinical Evidence in Journals, CEBM Oxford
The Literature Search, Duke/UNC Tutorial
Finding the Best Clinical Literature, UIC
PEDro: The Physiotherapy Evidence Database
National Library of Medicine's Gateway
PubMed-Free Version of Medline
SUMSearch meta-search engine for EBM

Searching the Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews
Hardin Meta Directory
Google Health Co-op

Consort Statement for International Report Standards
-------Meta-analysis of RCTs conduct and reporting, QUOROM
-------Meta-analysis of observational trials conduct and reporting, MOOSE
Criticial Appraisal Skills Programme, CASP

Critical Appraisal Checklists, CASP
Critical Appraisal Checklists, ARIF
Critical Appraisal Duke/UNC Tutorial
Critical Appraisal and Using the Literature
Critical Appraisal of Bio-Medical Literature
Critical Appraisal Resources from Scharr
Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop Slides, ARIF
Critical Appraisal Topics (CATS), CEBM, Oxford
Critical Appraisal Tools, CEBM, Oxford
Critical Analysis Tutorial, CEBM, Toronto
EBM Toolkit and Critical Appraisal Worksheets, Alberta
EBM Toolbox, CEBM, Oxford
Tools- CEBM, Toronto
How to Read a Paper
How to Read a Paper: The Medline Database

Levels of Evidence, CEBM, Oxford
Numbers Needed to Treat, ScHARR
Ovid Resource of the Month
Research Methods Guide, The Evidence Pyramid
ScHARR Web Resources
Teaching Critical Appraisal: No Quick Fixes Article by Sackett
User's Guides to Evidence-Based Practice, Centres for Health Evidence

User's Guides to the Medical Literature
Statistics Resources