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The Medical Faculty Women's Research Fund was originally developed to provide funds to women, primarily on the basis of need, for the initiation or continuation of projects of high scientific merit, and for the general advancement of the research activities and careers of women faculty members at USC. All proposals are reviewed by USC faculty members for scientific merit and are funded at a rate of approximately 30-50%.


General Guidelines:

The proposal should include a biosketch that addresses: a) length of time at USC, b) current funding, c) pending and/or planned grant applications, including those in which you are not the Principal Investigator (please indicate who is the PI) and d) the source of your salary. The science section of the application should not exceed 3 pages and should include the information detailed below for the specific award category. The budget may not exceed $3,000, and should include appropriate justification.


Categories of Awards:

1. Seed Money for a Pilot Project (include the following information):

          a. Specific Aims

          b. Background and Significance

          c. Experimental Design

          2. Interim Funds to Continue a Project (include the following information):

a. Specific Aims and Experimental Design of the original project

b. Purpose of the currently proposed studies (e.g., to generate new preliminary data, to complete present aims)

3. Attendance at a workshop or course (include the following information):

a. Purpose of workshop or course

b. How it will benefit your research

c. Budget or costs

Funds may be granted for purposes not detailed above if the following criteria are met: 1) The activity must enhance professional development; for example, to improve chances for independent funding, 2) Need must be demonstrated; that is, funds are not available from any other source, and other sources have been investigated, and 3) Justification must be clear. Although funding can be used for staff salaries, it is not granted for faculty salaries. Funds are also not granted for equipment not directly needed for scientific research, for an application from someone other than a woman faculty member at USC, and for teaching or clinical administrative purposes. At the end of the funding period, awardees are required to submit a brief report describing project goals, results, and publications or accomplishments.


Send applications to:      

Dr. Florence M. Hofman, President, MFWA Research Fund, HMR 322.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Hofman at 442-1153.

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