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Printing in the Library

The library provides four printers and charges per page.  Print jobs are deleted from the printers after 24 hours. Exercise caution when printing confidential documents, as privacy cannot be ensured.

In the Center for Health Professions (CHP) building, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy also provide printers that use the same system and charge the same fees as library printers.

Printer locations:

Norris Medical Library

  • Upper level - computer lab
    • NML_Upper_Level
    • NML_LAB_Color

  • Plaza level - across from loan desk (Note: There is only one printer, but it has two options based on the quality of the printout. High-quality printouts cost more and usually print slower)
    • NML_Plaza_Duplex
    • NML_Plaza_Duplex_High_Quality

  • Lower level - near the elevator
    • NML_Lower

Center for Health Professions

G33a – Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

  • ot-printer01
  • ot-printer02

G36 - Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

  • IHP_LAB_Duplex

Printer charges:

    $.05/page B & W
    $.05/side B & W duplex (double-sided)
    $.10/page B& W high quality
    $.10/side B& W duplex high quality (double-sided)
    $.25/page color

Printing requires a debit card that can be purchased from the card dispenser/regenerator next to the loan desk on the plaza level. The initial cost of a card is $1.00, of which $.50 goes to the one-time purchase of the card. This debit card can be reused and the value replenished for any amount up to $25.00 on the regenerator. If the debit card is lost, the amount remaining on the card will not be refunded.

Printing to Library Printers from Library Computers

On library computers, the default printer is set to the closest black and white printer.

Double-sided Printing

Select the NML_Plaza_Duplex or NML_Plaza_Duplex_High_Quality printer and use the application’s print function to set duplex printing. For example, for PowerPoint, set the print properties for layout to “flip on long edge” for portrait orientation. For IE, under printing preferences, set the "Finishing" tab to duplex. For Word, from the Print dialogue box, choose Properties, then select Preferred Layout Option to "Print on both sides".

Printing to Library Printers from Laptops on USC Wireless

You can print from your laptop to library printers from anywhere you’re connected to USC wireless.


  • USC wireless network connection
  • Windows laptops (Sorry, no Macbooks yet)
  • Internet Explorer only


Download the printer driver by clicking on "NML wireless printing" below. You only need to do this once for your laptop, but you need to download a separate driver for each printer you wnat to use. (Unfortunately, if you downloaded the driver before September1, 2011, then you will need to do it again.)

Use the print command in the application, i.e., IE, Word, etc. and select the printer:


If you’re not printing your document immediately, note the document name and time of printing, so you can select the correct print job, as all printouts from wireless are identified as from iUSR.

By clicking the link below, you agree to allow a printer driver be installed on your computer and to not hold Health Sciences Libraries or USC liable for any damage or lost productivity that may result from such action. 

You will need to allow the Active X controls to run and to allow Windows to install the printer driver.  You may have to adjust your security settings, but in most cases, you will be prompted by Windows to allow the actions.

Lower Level Printer

Plaza Level Printer

Plaza Level High Quality Duplex Printer

Upper Level Printer

Upper Level Color Printer

OT Printer 1

OT Printer 2


IHP LAB Duplex

If the printer installation fails, retry by adding to trusted sites and lowering security levels. Detailed instructions provided here.

For additional information contact the Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968.


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