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Since 2013, USC has been transitioning from USC Web Mail to Microsoft Office 365 for USC faculty, staff and affiliates. 

From June 30, 2014, students will access their USC email by logging into and clicking the Gmail link under Google Apps at USC. For more information about Google Apps for students, see information on the USC Information Technology Services (ITS) web site.

You must obtain and activate your USC computer account before using USC email. Answers to frequently asked questions about USC email are provided below.

What is my email address?
Your email address is composed as follows:, e.g.,
Your mail server is
For further details, see information on the ITS web site.

I’m sure I’m putting in my correct username and password, but I’m not able to get into my account. What should I do?
If you are a new user of USC Microsoft Office 365 email, then change your password at before going to the email site the first time.
For Office365, you need to use your entire email address for your username, e.g.,
If it still does not work, call the Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968.

How do I check my email?
You can access USC email through various programs (Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, etc.) or you can use USC Microsoft Office 365 email through most web browsers. Online documentation is available from the USC Information Technology Services (ITS). Copies of the documentation are also available in the library's Technology Support Center and computer lab.
Computers are available throughout the library to check your USC email.

What if I already use a different e-mail address?
If you already have an email account with another Internet Service Provider, we recommend that you forward your mail from your USC account. Important messages may be sent to your USC address from the university, ITS, the Norris Library, and others.
To forward mail from the Office 365 Web Access (OWA) interface, go to options under settings cog and look for the “Forward your email” option.

Still need help?
For additional help, contact the library's Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968 or

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