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Hua Li
1909 - 2001

Hua Li was born in 1909 in Macao. He earned his degree in civil engineering from the Tsing Hua University and a second degree in architecture from M.I.T. after immigrating to the U.S. in his late thirties. While he enjoyed an award-winning career as an architect, his real passions in life proved to be painting and photography. Throughout his long life he enlarged his portfolio of photographic prints, transparencies, sketches, and architectual drawings, winning prizes at various exhibits in the Boston area. Mr. Li died in Southern California in 2001 at the age of 91.

During the 1950s, Hua Li experimented with color photography and the effects of movement. A number of the resulting abstract images have been enlarged and framed for display in various locations in the Norris Medical Library.

Among the artwork donated to the Norris Library are one hundred black and white photographs, most of which were taken during Mr. Li's travels to Portugal, Tunisia, and Turkey during the 1960s. The photographs were printed on high quality tapestry paper, adding to the vintage look of the work. Approximately fifty of the photographs are currently on display in the library and the remainder will be rotated in periodically to allow the full collection to be viewed. The library's Hua Li collection represents a small portion of Mr. Li's extensive photographic work. The Getty Research Institute is currently cataloging more than 10,000 of Mr. Li's negatives and photographs.

Watercolors were also among Mr. Li's artworks, and reproductions of 25 of these pieces are now part of the library's collection. These are on display in the lower level conference room, outside the administrative offices, and in staff offices throughout the library.

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