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Personal Journal Binding

The Norris Medical Library provides a drop-off point for USC health sciences personnel using Kater-Crafts Bookbinders for binding personal material.

Preparing Journals For Binding

    1. Arrange the issues in proper sequence (e.g., January on top, December on the bottom).
    2. Check the volume number and dates carefully. Include all supplements and extra issues. If there is an index published that is not included in one of the issues, include it at the end of the volume.
    3. If a volume is missing issues, indicate in special instructions "bind as is" or "bind incomplete".
    4. If gathered issues are more than 2-1/2" thick, split the volume into two parts for binding.
    5. Complete all of the information on the personal-binding form. Make copies for your files.
    6. Secure each volume with rubber bands and pack volumes in sturdy cardboard boxes with lids.
    7. Place copies of the personal binding form inside the box. Keep copies for your files.
    8. Close the box(es). Using a black marker, clearly label each box on the outside with the requester's name and the words, "PERSONAL BINDING".
    9. Deliver the boxes to the Norris Medical Library Serials office packed and ready for pickup by the second Thursday of the month.


Minimum Billing $75.00  
Periodicals Custom Standard

Up to 12" in height

$35.00 25.00

Over 12" in height

$35.00 + $5.50 per inch $25.00 + $5.50 per inch

Up to 12" in height


Over 12" in height

$25.00 + $5.50 per inch  

Prices are subject to change. United Parcel Service (UPS) charges will be included in your invoice from Kater-Crafts. Payment is made directly to Kater-Crafts.

Return of Bound Journals

    1. Kater-Crafts takes approximately 4-5 weeks to process a binding shipment.
    2. Kater-Crafts will return the shipment directly to your office or home via UPS; they will not deliver the journals to the Norris Medical Library.

Status of Binding Order

    1. Direct questions about your binding order to Kater-Craft Bookbinders, 4860 Gregg Road, Pico Rivera, CA 90660, (562) 692-0665
    2. The Serials office does not keep records of personal-binding orders.
    3. The library is only a pickup point for your binding shipment. It is not responsible for the quality of work, turnaround time, or loss of materials.

Please make copies as needed. For additional information, call the Norris Library Serials office, (323) 442-2838.

Revised 11/20/08


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