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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SAN and SANDS

How much do SANDS and SAN cost?

In order to access SANDS services, each individual user must have a Novell account, which costs $141.00 per year.

Storage space costs an additional $76.00 per gigabyte per year and may be allocated to a single user or shared by a group. All Novell accounts must have allocated storage spaceeither individual or departmental. For departments, the cost of one gigabyte of shared, departmental storage space is $217 for the first user and $141 for each additional user.

The cost of access to software is an additional $201.80 per year per user. Software resources are only available for Windows users.

I have an old machine with Windows 95/98/NT, can I use SANDS?

No. Your system must be running the Windows 2000 Professional Operating System or above to use SANDS.

Can I use SANDS with a Mac?

Storage and backup (SAN) are available to users who have the Mac OS 10.2 and above. SANDS application resources are NOT available to Mac users.

Do you support Mac OS 8 or 9?

No, your Mac operating system should be upgraded to at least Mac OS 10.2.

Will I use the same username and password for SANDS that I use for USC web mail?

You will have the same username for SANDS as you do for other ITS services, such as web mail. However, you will need to have a separate password to access SANDS.

Last updated:
November 17, 2006

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