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Configuring SANDS for Windows

Prior to Configuration

Make sure that your equipment meets the minimum system requirements for SANDS. See the System Requirements page, available through the right-hand menu.

You must have an active SANDS account and know the name of your context and the preferred server that is provided with the account. If you do not know this information, please call Tina Walsh at 740-2957.

You will need an active USCNet connection.

Please note that you should have your Windows XP Professional Setup CD available for the configuration process.

The Configuration Process

In order for your Windows machine to access SANDS, you must first configure your machine for use on USCNet. Instructions on configuring your machine for USCNet can be found at

Once you have configured your machine for USCNet, you can then download the Novell client, which is needed to access the SANDS environment.

Before continuing, save anything you are currently working on, and quit all open applications.

Download the SANDS client

You have now successfully installed the SANDS client. You will see the Novell Client Login window everytime you restart the machine. You are now ready to login.

Accessing Applications

When you log into the SANDS environment through the Novell client login window, a Novell-delivered Applications window will appear. This window contains the applications that you have access to in SANDS.


To protect the applications from being copied from the network, ITS has keyed certain applications to ensure that SANDS applications are used only by customers who have paid for them. A KeyAccess client automatically runs on your computer upon login, allowing you to access keyed applications.

If you have trouble accessing keyed applications, you can manually start KeyAccess by going to the Novell-delivered Applications window and double clicking the Key Access icon.

Note: ITS regularly upgrades components of the Novell client remotely from the server. You may see a message to inform you when this occurs. It will require you to reboot your machine.

Accessing Storage Space (SAN)
SANDS offers the ability to save files on a file server so that files can be accessed from any computer running SANDS. This space is available as a network drive on your computer (usually U:\) and will be labelled with your username. In Windows 2000, double-click My Computer. You should see the drive labelled with your username. In Windows XP, click the Start menu and select My Computer. You should see the drive labelled with your username. You can use this drive to save files onto the server.

Changing Your SANDS Password
For security reasons, you should change your password on a regular basis. You are also required to change your password when using your SANDS account for the first time.

Getting Help

If you need further assistance you may send email to the Customer Support Center at or call 213-740-5555.

Last updated:
October 01, 2008

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