University of Southern California
USC Authentication & Authorization


Mailing Lists Related to Authentication & Authorization

There are two main mailing lists related to authentication and authorization for electronic services at the University of Southern California.


When a request is made for the USC CA to issue a certificate for a host or persistent service, one requirement is that there be a valid email address submitted that will be subscribed to this list.

Announcements pertaining to the authentication and authorization services will be emailed to this list. For instance, if the Web ISO service may be temporarily unavailable, an announcement will be sent out over this mailing list.

The AUTHX-ANNOUNCE-L email address for a certificate must be kept up-to-date. If it is found that an email address has become invalid, any USC-CA-issued certificates associated with it will be revoked. The owner(s) of the host and/or persistent service will have to apply for a new certificate.


This mailing list is meant as a community forum for all those in the USC community interested in authentication and authorization for electronic services. It will be casually monitored by support staff, but is not moderated. It is meant as a means of discussion for users mutually interested in this topic.

This mailing list is not meant as a way to ask for direct technical support.

Subscription to this list is open, and may be requested by sending an email containing the command:

SUBSCRIBE AUTHX-DISCUSS-L firstname lastname
in the body of the email to Note: firstname and lastname in the actual email should be the subscriber's actual first name and last name. The list processing software will pick up the email address of the new subscriber from the From: field of the received email.