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USC Authentication & Authorization


News & Announcements Concerning Authentication & Authorization

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05/03/2005 USC's participation in the Spring Internet2 membership meeting in Arlington, VA.
04/19/2005 USC's participation in the SURAgrid grid-building meeting in Atlanta, GA.
03/15/2005 USC's participation in the SURAgrid authN/authZ meeting in Atlanta, GA.
11/13/2004 USC's experience using KX.509 to provide access to grid resources, presented at NMI EDIT Authentication CAMP.
09/30/2004 Presentation of USC experience at NMI Testbed Workshop held in conjunction with the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in Austin, TX.
09/27/2004 Signet Early Adopters RFP
07/23/2004 Presentation of NMI background & conference attendance results to USC technical audience.
07/19/2004 USC authn/authz presentation at Dartmouth PKI Summit.
07/16/2004 ISI RA Created for USC PKI Lite CA
02/06/2004 USC Shibboleth origin operational
01/26/2004 PubCookie Used in Student Senate Election
01/11/2004 USC CA Reconstituted Under New CP/CPS
08/22/2003 USCGrid no longer accepts X.509 certificates signed by the Globus CA.