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Web Site Checklist

The following are general guidelines for developing Web sites at USC. Designers should check with schools for department-specific requirements.

All USC Web authors are responsible for adhering to the policies governing the use of Web resources at USC. This page highlights three essential requirements for university Web sites:

  1. A link to the USC home page
  2. Contact information
    (e.g., email or Web form)
  3. An official USC logo
    (in adherence to USC Graphic Identity Program Guidelines)

Web sites that do not satisfy this checklist are not eligible for web addresses or inclusion in the USC's search index.

University Web sites include those sponsored and maintained by academic and administrative units; student, faculty, or staff organizations; or their appointed designates.

Link to USC Home page

All university Web sites should contain a link to the USC home page ( This requirement can be fulfilled by linking the text "University of Southern California" in the branding bar at the top of every page (see the Graphic Identity Program for information on branding bars).

Contact Information

Each university Web site must provide an effective feedback mechanism (e.g., email or Web form) allowing visitors to communicate with the group responsible for the site. Such feedback mechanisms must be monitored regularly, and a site representative should either issue a response or route messages to an appropriate party in a timely manner. As with other forms of information and communication, appropriate university officials are accountable for Web sites in their area of responsibility.

The USC Identity Program

The USC Graphic Identity Program Guidelines - which govern how USC logos, symbols, and trademarks may be used - are in full force in the Web environment. Further information about the USC Identity Program and its guidelines is available online (

Every home page, service and publication on USCweb MUST have an identifying USC mark to show its university affiliation. "Home page" here is defined as the top-level page for each school, department, program or organization. Ready-to-use USC Identity graphics are available on the Identity Program Web site.

Last updated:
July 15, 2013

Web Publishing Documentation

The use of all USC computing resources is governed by the USC Computing Policies.