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Short Title List of Books published between 1850 and 1899

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  1. Tableaux pour l'enseignement primaire des sciences naturelles. Tableaux pour l'enseignement primaire des sciences naturelles. 2e éd. Paris: E. Deyrolle, [n.d.]
    LOCATION: QH45.T113

  2. Tanner, Zera Luther (1835-1906) Deep-sea exploration... Washington: GPO, 1897.
    LOCATION: VM453.T36

  3. Tarr, Ralph Stockman (1864-1912) Elementary geology. New York: Macmillan, 1897.
    LOCATION: QE28.T18 1897

  4. Taschenberg, Ernst Ludwig (1818-1898) Entomologie für Gärtner und Gartenfreunde... Leipzig: E. Kummer, 1871.
    LOCATION: SB931.T37 1871

  5. Praktische Insekten-Kunde... Bremen: M. Heinsius, 1879-80.
    LOCATION: QL482.G3T3

  6. Tate, George (1805-1871) The history of the borough, castle, and barony of Alnwick. Alnwick: H. H. Blair, 1866-69.
    LOCATION: DA690.A4T2 1866

  7. Tate, Ralph (1840-1901) A plain and easy account of the land and fresh-water mollusks of Great Britain... London: R. Hardwicke, 1866.
    LOCATION: QL425.G7 T28 1866

  8. Tatnall, Edward (d. 1898) Catalogue of the phaenogamous and filicoid plants of Newcastle county, Delaware... Philadelphia: Collins, printer, 1860.
    LOCATION: QK132.T3 1860

  9. Taurigna, Alphonse. Manuel pratique de l'éducateur de vers à soie... Deuxième édition, revue et augmentée. Paris: C. Albessrd et Bérard, 1860.
    LOCATION: SF549.T3 1860

  10. Taylor, John William. Monograph of the land & freshwater Mollusca of the British isles. Leeds: Taylor brothers, 1894-1921.
    LOCATION: QL425.G7T3 1894

  11. Taylor, Richard Cowling (1789-1851) Statistics of coal... 2d ed., rev. and brought down to 1854, by S. S. Haldeman. Philadelphia: J. W. Moore, 1855.
    LOCATION: TJ800.T25 1855

  12. Tegetmeier, William Bernhard (1816-1912) Pigeons... London; New York: G. Routledge and sons, 1868.
    LOCATION: SF465.T4 1868

  13. Tennessee. Office of Geologist and Mineralogist. Report of the state geologist. 1854-1859. Nashville, 1855-1859.
    LOCATION: QE165.A14 1855

  14. Tenney, Sanborn (1827-1877) Elements of zoölogy... New York: Scribner, 1875.
    LOCATION: QL48.T27 1875

  15. Geology... Philadelphia: Butler, 1860.
    LOCATION: QE28.T29 1860

  16. Natural history of animals... New York: Scribner, 1866.
    LOCATION: QL48.T25 1866

  17. Tepper, John Gottlieb Otto. Common native insects of South Australia... Adelaide: E. S. Wigg & Son, 1887-90.
    LOCATION: QL487.T314 1887

  18. Teylers Museum. Catalogue des collections géognostico-minéralogiques... Haarlem, 1889.
    LOCATION: f549.074.T356c

  19. Catalogue systématique de la collection paléontologique... Harlem: Les héritiers Loosjes, 1863-67.
    LOCATION: QE716.T4 1863

  20. Catalogue de la bibliothèque. Harlem: Héritiers Loosjes, 1885/88-19??
    LOCATION: Z936.H12 1885

  21. Theobald, Frederick Vincent (1868-1930) An account of British flies (Diptera). London: E. Stock, 1892.
    LOCATION: QL535.4.T38

  22. Thielens, Armand (1833-1878) Flore médicale belge. Bruxelles: Lacroix, 1862.
    LOCATION: QK99.T43 1862

  23. Voyage en Italie, mai-juin 1874... Tirlemont: P. J. Stevens, 1874.
    LOCATION: QL406.T4

  24. Voyage en Italie et en France, mai-juin 1874. [Belgium?], 1874.
    LOCATION: DG427.T55 1874

  25. Thomassen, J. H. Geschichte und System der Natur... Cöln: E. H. Mayer, 1872.
    LOCATION: QH45.T464 1872

  26. Thompson, D'Arcy Wentworth (1860-1948) A bibliography of Protozoa, sponges, Coelenterata, and worms, including also the Polyzoa, Brachiopoda and Tunicata, for the years 1861-1883... Cambridge: The University press, 1885.
    LOCATION: Z7996.P9T4

  27. Thompson, John Wallace (1844- ) Sketches, historical and descriptive, of noted Main horses, past and present... Portland: Hoyt & Fogg, 1874.
    LOCATION: SF290.M35T56 1874

  28. Thomson, Carl Gustav (1824-1899) Hymenoptera Scanidnaviae. Lundae: typis expressit H. Ohlsson, 1871-78.
    LOCATION: 595.79.T482h

  29. Thomson, Charles Wyville, Sir (1830-1882) The depths of the sea... London: Macmillan and co., 1873.
    LOCATION: QL121.T48 1873

  30. The voyage of the 'Challenger': the Atlantic... London: Macmillan and co., 1877.
    LOCATION: Q115.C4T482 1877

  31. Thomson, James (1828-1897) Arcana naturae... v.1. Paris: Londres et New York: J.-B. Baillière et fils, 1859.
    LOCATION: fQL573.T483 1859

  32. Typi Buprestidarum musaei thomsoniani. Paris: Deyrolle, 1878.
    LOCATION: QL596.B8T5 1878

  33. Typi cetonidarum... Paris: E. Deyrolle, 1878.
    LOCATION: QL596.C43T483 1878

  34. Voyage au Gabon... Paris: au bureau du trésorier de la Société entomologique de France, 1858.
    LOCATION: fQL434.57.G2T483 1858

  35. Thomson, John Arthur (1861-1933) Outlines of zoology. 3d ed., rev. Edinburgh: Pentland, 1899.
    LOCATION: QL47.T45 1899

  36. Thorell, Tord Tamerlan Teodor (1830-1901) Primo saggio sui ragni birmani. Genova: Tip. del R. Istituto sordo-muti, 1887.
    LOCATION: 595.4.T488p

  37. Remarks on synonyms of European spiders. Upsala: C. J. Lundström, 1870-73.
    LOCATION: QL457.4.T488 1870

  38. Studi sui ragni malesi e papuani. Genova: tipografico del R. Istituto sordomuti, 1877-92.
    LOCATION: QL458.4.T5 1877

  39. Thorne, Richard Thorne, Sir (1841-1899) Report and papers on the cultivation and Hancock Library Storage of oysters and certain other molluscs in relation to the occurrence of disease in man... London: printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, by Eyre and Spottiswood, 1869.
    LOCATION: RA602.O9T5

  40. Thurston, Edgar (1855-1935) Catalogue of the Batrachia salientia and Apoda (frogs, toads, and caecilians)
    of southern India.
    Madras: Madras government museum, 1888.
    LOCATION: QL667.T58 1888

  41. Notes on the pearl and chank fisheries and marine fauna of the gulf of Manaar. Madras: printed by the Superintendent, Govt. press, 1890.
    LOCATION: QL638.C26T53 1890

  42. Tierreich. Das Tierreich: eine Zusammenstellung und Kennzeichnung der rezenten Tierformen. 1. Lfg.- . Berlin: R. Friedländer und Sohn, 1896-

  43. Tilden, Josephine Elizabeth (1869-1957) A contribution to the bibliography of American algae. Minneapolis: Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota, 1895.
    LOCATION: QK571.T57

  44. Timbs, John (1801-1875) Curiosities of science, past and present... 3d ed.; 8th thousand. London: C. Lockwood and co, 1862.
    LOCATION: Q162.T5 1862

  45. Toepler, Josephus Leopoldus Augustus. De Myriapodum anatomia cum ceteris articulatorum animalium classibus comparata. Bonnae: formis Caroli Georgi, 1862.
    LOCATION: QL449.9.T642 1862

  46. Topinard, Paul (1930-1911) Science and faith... chicaago: Open court Pub. Co., 1899.
    LOCATION: HM55.T68 1899

  47. Topographical map of Central California. Topographical map of central California. [New York]: J. Bien, engr., 1873.
    LOCATION: GA413.A14 1873

  48. Toni, Giovanni Battista de (1864-1924) Sylloge algarum omnium hucusque cognitarum. Patavii: sumptibus auctoris, 1889-1924.
    LOCATION: QK567.T66

  49. Tracy, Roger Sherman (1841-1926) The essentials of anatomy, physiology, and hygiene. New ed., rev. & enl. New York: American Book co., c1886.
    LOCATION: QP36.T73 1886

  50. Traquair, Ramsay Heatley (1840-1912) The ganoid fishes of the British Carboniferous formations. Pt.I. Palaeoniscidae. London: printed for the Palaeontographical society, 1877-1914.
    LOCATION: fQE852.S4T7 1877

  51. Treat, Mary Lua Adelia (Davis) Allen (1835- ) Injurious insects of the farm and garden. New York: Orange Judd, 1882.
    LOCATION: SB931.T78

  52. Trevor-Battye, Aubyn Bernard Rochfort. Icebound on Kolguev... 3d ed. Westminster: A. Constable and co., 1895.
    LOCATION: DK501.T81 1895

  53. Trimen, Roland (1840-1916) South-African butterflies... London: Trübner & co., 1887-89.
    LOCATION: QL557.T83 1887

  54. Tripp, Franz Josef. British mosses... London: G. Bell and sons, 1874.
    LOCATION: QK543.T75 1874

  55. Trouessart, Édouard Louis (1842-1927) Catalogus mammalium tam viventium quam fossilium. Nova ed. (prima completa). Berolini: R. Friedländer & Sohn, 1898-99.
    LOCATION: QL708.2.T859 1898

  56. La géographie zoologique. Paris: Baillière, 1890.
    LOCATION: QL101.T7 1890

  57. Truan y Luard, Alfredo. Die Diatomaceen der Polycystinenkreide von Jérémie in Hayti Westindien. Berlin: R. Friedländer, 1888.
    LOCATION: fQK569.D54T7

  58. Trutat, Eugène. Traité élémentaire du microscope... Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1883.
    LOCATION: QH205.T874 1883

  59. Tryon, George Washington (1838-1888) American marine conchology... Philadelphia: the author, [pref. 1873]
    LOCATION: QL415.T875 1873

  60. List of American writers on recent conchology... New York: Baillière brothers, 1861.
    LOCATION: Z7996.M7T83

  61. Manual of conchology... Philadelphia: published by the author, 1879-1897/8.
    LOCATION: QL408.T86 1879

  62. Manual of conchology... Philadelphia: published by the author, 1885-1935.
    LOCATION: QL430.4.T86 1885

  63. A monograph of the order Pholadacea... Philadelphia: Merrihew & Thompson, printers, 1862.
    LOCATION: QL430.7.M9T875 1862

  64. Structure and systematic conchology... Philadelphia: the author, 1882-84.
    LOCATION: QL403.T88

  65. Structure and systematic conchology... Philadelphia: the author, 1882-84.
    LOCATION: QL403.T88 1882

  66. Synonymy of the species of Strepomatidae (melanians) of the United States... New York: Baillière brothers; London: H. Baillière, [1865]
    LOCATION: QL402.A2 v.3

  67. Tryon, Henry. Report on insect and fungus pests no.1. Brisbane: J. C. Beal, government printer, 1889.
    LOCATION: SB922.Q8T7 1889

  68. Tubeuf, Karl, freiherr von (1862-1941) Diseases of plants induced by cryptogamic parasites... London; New York: Longmans, Green & co., 1897.
    LOCATION: SB733.T8 1897

  69. Tuckerman, Edward (1817-1886) General lichenum... Amherst: E. Nelson, 1872.
    LOCATION: QK587.T89 1872

  70. Lichens of California, Oregon and the Rocky mountains... Amherst: J. S. & C. Adams, 1866.
    LOCATION: 589.1.T896l

  71. A synopsis of the North American lichens. Boston: S. E. Cassino, 1882-88.
    LOCATION: QK587.T91 1882

  72. Tuomey, Michael (1805?-1857) Pleiocene fossils of South-Carolina... Charleston, S.C.: Russell & Jones, 1857.
    LOCATION: fQE740.T92 1857

  73. Turner, Lucien McShan. Contributions to the natural history of Alaska... Washington: Govt. print. off., 1886.
    LOCATION: fQH105.A4U5 1866

  74. Tutt, James William (1858-1911) British butterflies... London: G. Gill & sons, 1896.
    LOCATION: QL555.G7T967 1896

  75. British moths. London: G. Routledge and sons, 1896.
    LOCATION: QL555.G7T8 1896

  76. The British noctuae and their varieties. London: Swan, Sonnenschein & co., 1891-92.
    LOCATION: QL561.N7T87 1891

  77. Tylor, Alfred (1824-1884) Colouration in animals and plants... London: printed by Alabaster, Passmore, and sons, 1886.
    LOCATION: QL767.T95 1886

  78. Tyndall, John (1820-1893) Fragments of science for unscientific people... New York: D. Appleton and co., 1872.
    LOCATION: Q171.T96

  79. Heat considered as a mode of motion... New York: D. Appleton and co., 1863.
    LOCATION: QC257.T98 1863

  80. Tyrrell, Joseph Burr (1858-1957) Report on a part of northern Alberta, and portions of adjacent districts of Assinoboia and Saskatchewan. Montreal: Dawson brothers, 1887.
    LOCATION: QE186.T92 1887

  81. Report on a part of northern Alberta. Montreal: Dawson, 1887.
    LOCATION: 557.123.T993r

  82. Report on north-western Manitoba. Ottawa: S. E. Dawson, 1892.
    LOCATION: 557.127.T993r

  83. Tyson, James (1841-1919) The cell doctrine... Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1870.
    LOCATION: QH581.T8 1870

  84. Tyson, Philip Thomas (1799-1877) Geology and industrial resources of California. Baltimore: Minifie, 1851.
    LOCATION: F864.T9 1851

  85. Report of the Secretary of War, communicating information in relation to the geology and topography of California. Washington, 1850.
    LOCATION: QE73.O33 1844 v.4


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