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Short Title List of Books published between 1850 and 1899

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  1. Waagen, Lukas (1877- ) Namens- und Sachregister für sämtliche Bände von Edward Suess' Antlitz der Erde.
    LOCATION: f551.S944a v.3 pt.2

  2. Wachsmuth, Charles (1829-1896) Revision of the Palaeocrinoidea. Philadelphia: W. P. Kildare, printer, 1879-86.
    LOCATION: QE782.W114 1879

  3. Wadsworth, Marshman Edward (1847-1927) Report on the Copper Falls Mine, Keweenaw Co., Michigan. Boston: J. Robinson, 1879.
    LOCATION: TN443.M5W33 1879

  4. Wagler, Johann Georg (1800-1832) Wagler's Six ornithological memoirs from the Isis, ed. by P. L. Sclater. London: printed by Taylor and Francis, 1884.
    LOCATION: QL671.W6W2 1884

  5. Wagner, Hermann (1840-1894) Die Familien der Halbgräser u. Gräser (Juncaceen, Cyperaceen u. Gramineen)... Bielefeld: A. Helmich, 1854-55.
    LOCATION: 586.W133f

  6. Führer ins Reich der Cryptogamen... Bielefeld: A. Helmich, 1853-54.
    LOCATION: QK505.W134 1853

  7. Wagner, Nicolas. Die Wirbellosen des weissen Meeres... Bd. 1. Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1885.
    LOCATION: fQL281.W134 1885

  8. Wagner, Rudolph (1805-1864) Icones physiologicae... Leipzig: Voss, 1852.
    LOCATION: [rare uncat.]

  9. Walker, Francis (1809-1874) Characters of undescribed Lepidoptera Heterocera. London: E. W. Janson, 1869.
    LOCATION: QL545.W27 1869

  10. Insecta Britannica: Diptera. London: Reeve and Benham, 1851-56.
    LOCATION: QL535.4.W228

  11. Insecta Saundersiana... London: J. Van Voorst, 1856.
    LOCATION: QL468.2.W34 1856

  12. Insecta Saundersiana... Homoptera. London: J. Van Voorst, 1858.
    LOCATION: QL468.2.W34 1858

  13. Notes on Chalciciae. pt.1-7. London: E. W. Janson, 1871-72.
    LOCATION: QL568.C4W2 1871

  14. Wall, George Parkes. Report on the geology of Trinidad... London: Printed for H. M. Stationery Off., Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1860.
    LOCATION: QE226.T8W3 1860

  15. Wall, William S. History and description of the skeleton of a new sperm whale, lately set up in the Australian Museum... Sydney: reprinted by order of the Trustees, C. Potter, Govt. printer, 1887.
    LOCATION: QL737.C435W3 1887

  16. History and description of the skeleton of a new sperm whale, lately set up in the Australian Museum... Sydney: reprinted by order of the Trustees, C. Potter, Govt. printer, 1890.
    LOCATION: QL737.C435W3

  17. Wallace, Alfred Russel (1823-1913) The action of natural selection on man. New Haven, Conn.: C. C. Chatfield & co., 1871.
    LOCATION: 575.01.C782o

  18. Contributions to the theory of natural selection... 2d ed. with corr. and additions. New York: Macmillan and co., 1871.
    LOCATION: QH366.W19 1871

  19. Darwinism... London and New York: Macmillan and co., 1889.
    LOCATION: QH366.W2 1889

  20. The geographical distribution of animals... New York: Harper, 1876.
    LOCATION: QL101.W18

  21. [The geographical distribution of animals. German] Die geographische Verbreitung der Thiere. Dresden: Zahn, 1876.
    LOCATION: QL101.W1815 1876

  22. Island life... New York: Harper & Brothers, 1881.
    LOCATION: QH85.W18 1881

  23. The Malay Archipelago... New York: Harper & brothers, 1869.
    LOCATION: DS601.W18 1869

  24. Wallem, Fredrik Meltzer, (1837- ) Den Internationale Fiskeriudstilling i London, 1883... Bergen: Griegs bogtrykkeri, 1885.
    LOCATION: SH343.S8I6 1883

  25. Wallengren, Hans Daniel Johan (1823-1894) Skandinaviens dagfjärilar. Malmö: B. Cronholm, 1853.
    LOCATION: QL555.S3W3 1853

  26. Waller, Augustus Désiré (1856- ) On Animal electricity. London: Longmans, Green and co., 1897.
    LOCATION: QP341.W198 1897

  27. Walling, Henry Francis. Official topographical atlas of the state of Massachusetts. Boston: Stedman, Brown & Lyon, 1871.
    LOCATION: f912.744.W211o

  28. Ward, Harry Marshall (1854-1906) Diseases of plants... London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York: E. & J. B. Young, 1896.
    LOCATION: SB731.W26 1896

  29. Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906) Catalogue of casts of fossils, from the principal museums of Europe and America... Rochester: Benton & Andrews, 1866.
    LOCATION: QE716.W24 1866

  30. Catalogue of specimens of mollusca and braciopoda for sale at Ward's Natural Science Establishment. Rochester, N.Y.: press of Robert W. Lace, [between 1870-1890?]
    LOCATION: QL406.W258 1870

  31. Ward's Natural Science Establishment, inc. Catalogue of the college collection of paleontology. Rochester, N.Y.: Withall & Lace, 1891.
    LOCATION: QE716.W268 1891

  32. Wardle, Thomas, Sir (1831-1909) Handbook of the collection illustrative of the wild silks of India... London: printed by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswood, for H. M. Stationery off., 1881.
    LOCATION: SF543.W37 1881

  33. Warming, Eugenius (1841-1924) A handbook of systematic botany... London: S. Sonnenschein & co.; New York: Macmillan & co., 1895.
    LOCATION: QK45.W277 1895

  34. Warner, John. Studies in organic morphology... Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1857.
    LOCATION: QH351.W3

  35. Warren, Benjamin Harry. Taxiderms... 2nd ed. Harrisburgh: C. M. Busch, State printer of Pennsylvania, 1896.
    LOCATION: QL63.W287 1896

  36. Warren, John Collins (1778-1856) The Mastodon giganteus of North America. Boston, 1852.
    LOCATION: fQE882.U7W3 1852

  37. The Mastodon giganteus of North America. 2d ed. Boston, 1855.
    LOCATION: fQE882.U7W3 1855

  38. Remarks on some fossil impressions in the standstone rocks of Connecticut River. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1854.
    LOCATION: QE845.W3 1854

  39. Wasmann, Erich (1859-1931. Kritisches Verzeichniss der Myrmekophilen und termitophilen Arthropoden... Berlin: F. L. Dames, 1894.
    LOCATION: QL513.T3W3 1894

  40. [Watercolors of fishes] 169 paintings in two volumes, mostly painted at Nice about 1865-66.
    LOCATION: [rare uncat.]

  41. Waterton, Charles (1782-1865) Essays on natural history... London: F. Warne & co.,; New York: Scribner, Welford & co., 1871.
    LOCATION: QH81.W36 1871

  42. Watkins. [Twenty-two photographs of Yosemite Valley] Marked in longhand as received June 5
    1895. In a portfolio.
    LOCATION: [rare uncat.]

  43. Watson, E. Y. Hesperiidae indicae... Madras: Vest and Co., 1891.
    LOCATION: QL561.H5W3 1891

  44. Watson, Hewett Cottrell (1804-1881) Topographical botany... 2d ed., cor. and enl. London: B. Quaritch, 1883.
    LOCATION: QK306.W342 1883

  45. Watson, Sereno (1826-1892) Bibliographical index to North American botany... Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1878.
    LOCATION: Z5358.N86W3

  46. Watson, William (1858-1925) Orchids... London: L. U. Gill, 1890.
    LOCATION: SB409.W34 1890

  47. Weber, Max Wilhelm Carl (1852-1937) Zoologische Ergebnisse einer Resie in niederländisch Ost-Indien. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1890-1907.
    LOCATION: QL321.W375 1890

  48. Weed, Clarence Moores (1864- ) Insects and insecticides... Hanover, N.H.: published by the author, 1891.
    LOCATION: SB931.W39 1891

  49. Weir, James (1856-1906) The dawn of reason... New York: The Macmillan co., 1899.
    LOCATION: BF671.W4 1899

  50. Weismann, August (1834-1914) Die Entwicklung der Dipteren... Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1864.
    LOCATION: QL531.W45 1864

  51. Essays upon heredity and kindred biological problems... Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1889.
    LOCATION: QH431.W42 1889

  52. Essays upon heredity and kindred biological problems... 2d ed. Oxford: Clarendon press, 1891-92.
    LOCATION: QH431.W42 1891

  53. The germ-plasm... New York: C. Schribner's sons, 1893.
    LOCATION: QH431.W428 1893

  54. Studien zur Descendenz-Theorie. Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1875-1876.
    LOCATION: QL562.W428 1875

  55. [Studien zur Descendenz-Theorie. English] Studies in the theory of descent London: Low, Marston, Searles & Rivington, 1880-1882.
    LOCATION: QH361.W45 1880

  56. [Studien zur Descendenz-Theorie. English] Studies in the theory of descent... London: S. Low, Marston, Searles & Rivington, 1882.
    LOCATION: QH366.W36 1882

  57. Ueber den Einfluss der Isolirung auf die Artbildung. Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1872.
    LOCATION: QH380.W42 1872

  58. Ueber die Dauer des Lebens... Jena: G. Fischer, 1882.
    LOCATION: QP85.W4 1882

  59. Werneburg, Johann Wilhelm Adolf (1813-1886) Beiträge zur Schmetterlingskunde... Erfurt: H. Neumann, 1864.
    LOCATION: QL555.A1W4 1864

  60. Der Schmetterling und sein Leben... Berlin: J. Sprinter, 1874.
    LOCATION: QL542.W49 1874

  61. West Columbia Mining and Manufacturing Company Second semi-annual report of the Board of Directors... Cincinnati: printed at the Ben Franklin Book and Job Office, 1854.
    LOCATION: TN805.Z6W515 1854

  62. Second semi-annual report of the West Columbia Mining and Manufacturing Company... Cincinnati: printed at the Ben Franklin Book and Job Office, 1854.
    LOCATION: TN805.Z6W516 1854

  63. Statement of the affairs of the West Columbia Mining and Manufacturing Company... [Cincinnati?: West Columbia Mining and Manufacturing Co., 1855.
    LOCATION: TN805.Z6W47 1855

  64. Westerlund, Carl Agardh (1831-1908) Fauna der in der paläarctischer Region... Lund: H. Ohlsson, 1884-90.
    LOCATION: QL425.A1W47 1884

  65. Westwood, John Obadiah (1805-1893) The butterflies of Great Britain... London: G. Routledge and sons, pref. 1854.
    LOCATION: QL555.G7W47 1855

  66. Descriptions of some new exotic species of moths... [London: The Society], 1881.
    LOCATION: QL542.W52 1881

  67. On two Gynandromorphous specimens of Cirrochroa Acris, Doubleday... [London: The Society], 1880.
    LOCATION: QL561.N9W4 1880

  68. Revisio insectorum familiae mantidarum, speciebus novis aut minus cognitis descriptis et delineatis. London: Gurney and Jackson, 1889.
    LOCATION: fQL508.M2W3 1889

  69. Thesaurus enotmologicus Oxoniensis... Oxford: at the Clarendon press, 1874.
    LOCATION: fQL468.2.W53 1874

  70. Wheatley Mine Company. Statement of the Wheatley Mining Company. [S.l.: s.n., 1854?]
    LOCATION: TN453.Z6W54 1854

  71. Wheeler, George Montague (1842-1902) Annual report upon the geographical surveys of the one hundredth meridian... Washington: GPO, 1876.
    LOCATION: QE74.G37 1876

  72. Report upon the Third International Geographical Congress and Exhibition at Venice, Italy, 1881. Washington: GPO, 1885.
    LOCATION: fG56.I6 1881

  73. Whewell, William (1794-1866) Influence of the history of science upon intellectual education. Boston: Gould and Lincoln, 1854.
    LOCATION: Q125.W555 1854

  74. Novum organon renovatum... 3d ed., with large additions. London: J. W. Parker and son, 1858.
    LOCATION: Q175.W55 1858

  75. On the philosophy of discovery... London: J. W. Parker and son, 1860.
    LOCATION: Q175.W553 1860

  76. Whidborne, George Ferris. A monograph of the Devonian fauna of the south of England… London: printed for the Palaeontographical society, 1889-1907.
    LOCATION: f560.172.W572m [NOS 12-9-93]

  77. White, Adam (1817-1879) A popular history of birds. London: Reeve, 1855.
    LOCATION: QL673.W44 1855

  78. White, Andrew Dickson (1832-1918) A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom. New York: Appelton, 1899.
    LOCATION: BL245.W5 1899

  79. White, Charles Abiathar (1826-1910) Contributions to paleontology, nos. 1-8. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1879-1800.
    LOCATION: QE711.W583 1879

  80. Contributions to the paleontology of Brazil... Rio de Janeiro?, 1888.
    LOCATION: fQE752.B8W6 1888

  81. Report on the carboniferous invertebrate fossils of New Mexico... [Washington, D.C., 1881]
    LOCATION: fQE74.W6 1881


  82. White, Cliff. Bibliography of North American invertebrate paleontology... Washington: GPO, 1878.
    LOCATION: QE74.M678 no.10

  83. White, Gilbert (1720-1793) The natural history and antiquities of Selborne. London: Macmillan, 1875.
    LOCATION: QH138.S4W5 1875

  84. The natural history of Selborne. London: Bell and Daldy, 1862.
    LOCATION: QH138.S4W5 1862

  85. The natural history of Selborne. London: Scott, 1887.
    LOCATION: QH138.S4W5 1887

  86. White, John Williams (1849-1917) The beginner's Greek book. Boston: Ginn & co., 1892.
    LOCATION: PA258.W6 1892

  87. Whitfield, Robert Parr (1828-1910) Brachiopoda and Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan clays and greensand marls of New Jersey. Trenton: J. L. Murphy, 1886.
    LOCATION: fQE747.N5 v.1

  88. Whitfield, Robert Parr (1828-1910) Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan clays and greensand marls of New Jersey. Trenton: J. L. Murphy, 1892.
    LOCATION: fQE747.N5 v.2

  89. Whitman, Charles Otis (1842-1910) Methods of research in microscopical anatomy and embryology. Boston: B. Whidden, 1891.
    LOCATION: QH231.W6 1891

  90. Whitney, Josiah Dwight (1819-1896) Earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain-building. Cambridge: University press, 1871.
    LOCATION: QE521.W61 1871

  91. Geographical and geological surveys. Cambridge: Welch, Bigelow, and co., 1875.

  92. Report of a geological survey of the upper Mississippi lead regions. Albany, N.Y., 1862.
    LOCATION: TN453.A5W6 1862

  93. The United States: facts and figures illustrating the physical geography of the country, and its material resources... Boston: Little, Brown, 1889.
    LOCATION: GB121.W45

  94. The United States: facts and figures illustrating the physical geography of the country, and its material resources. Supplement I. Boston: Little, Brown, 1894.
    LOCATION: GB121.W45 Suppl.1

  95. Whitney, William Dwight (1827-1894) Language and the study of language... 5th ed. New York: Scribner, Armstrong, 1872, c1867.
    LOCATION: P121.W6 1872

  96. Oriental and linguistic studies... New York: Scribner, Armstrong, 1873-1874.
    LOCATION: P27.W5 1873

  97. Whittlesey, Charles (1808-1886) Geology and minerals... Cleveland: Fairbanks, Benedict & co., printers, 1866.
    LOCATION: QE127.W5

  98. Wied, Maximilian, Prinz von (1782-1867) Verzeichniss der auf seiner Reise in Nord-Amerika beobachteten Säugethiere... Berlin: Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung (G. Parthey), 1862.
    LOCATION: QL715.W64 1862

  99. Wiedersheim, Robert Ernst Eduard (1848- ) Elements of the comparative anatomy of vertebrates... 2d ed. London: Macmillan, 1897.
    LOCATION: QL805.W6413 1897

  100. Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Anatomie der Wirbelthiere... Jena: G. Fischer, 1883.
    LOCATION: QL805.W64 1883

  101. Wigand, Albert (1821-1886) Der Darwinismus und die Naturforschung Newtons und Cuviers... Braunschweig: F. Vieweg und Sohn, 1874-77.
    LOCATION: QH367.W65 1874

  102. Wilcox, Earley Vernon. Spermatogenesis of caloptenus femurrubrum and cicada tibicen. Cambridge, Mass.: printed for the Museum, 1895.
    LOCATION: QL1.H3 v.27 no.1

  103. Wilde, O. Die Pflanzen und Raupen Deutschlands. Versuch einer lepidopterologischen Botanik. Berlin: E. S. Mittler, 1860-61.
    LOCATION: QL555.G4W5

  104. Wilder, Burt Green (1841-1925) Anatomical technology as applied to the domestic cat... New York: A. S. Barnes and co., 1882.
    LOCATION: QL812.W677 1882

  105. The Wilder quarter-century book. The Wilder quarter-century book... Ithaca, N.Y.: Comstock publishing, 1893.
    LOCATION: QL3.W66 1893

  106. Wilkinson, Samuel James (1815?-1903) The British tortrices. London: J. Van Voorst, 1859.
    LOCATION: QL561.T8W659 1859

  107. Wilks, W. A short historical sketch of the Royal horiticultural society... [London: W. H. Smith & son., n.d.]
    LOCATION: 630.62.W688s

  108. Willcox, Mary Alice (1856- ) Pocket guide to the common land birds of New England. Boston: Lee and Shepard, [c1895]
    LOCATION: QL683.W67 1895

  109. Wille, Nordal (1858-1924) Beiträge zur Entwickelungsgeschichte der physiologischen Gewebesysteme bei einigen Florideen. Halle: Druck von E. Blochmann & Sohn in Dresden, 1887.
    LOCATION: f589.411.W698b [NOS 9-8-94]

  110. Willey, Arthur (1867- ) Amphioxus and the ancestry of the vertebrates... New York: Macmillan, 1894.
    LOCATION: QL611.W7

  111. Zoological results based on material from New Britain, New Guinea, Loyalty islands and elsewhere, collected during the years 1895, 1896 and 1897. Cambridge, Eng.: University Press, 1898-1902.
    LOCATION: QL3.W7 1898

  112. Williams, Benjamin Samuel (1822-1890) Select ferns and lycopods... [2d ed.] London: The author, 1873.
    LOCATION: 587.3.W721s 1873 [NOS 8-19-94]

  113. Williams, Henry Shaler (1847-1918) A synopsis of a course of lectures on the elements of historical paleontology... Ithaca, N.Y.: Andrus & Church, 1886.
    LOCATION: QE715.W724

  114. Williams, J. David. America illustrated. Boston: DeWolfe, Fiske & co., [1883]
    LOCATION: fE168.W735 1883

  115. Williams, Samuel Gardner. Applied geology. New York: Appleton, 1886.
    LOCATION: TN260.W7 1886

  116. Williams, Thomas (1819-1865) The structure, functions, and diseases of the lungs. London: J. Churchill, 1857-
    LOCATION: QL848.W728 1857

  117. Williamson, John (1857-1884) Fern etchings. Louisville, Ky.: J. P. Morton and co., 1879.
    LOCATION: QK525.5.N67W56 1879

  118. Ferns of Kentucky... Louisville: printed by J. P. Morton & co., 1878.
    LOCATION: QK525.W73 1878

  119. Williamson, Martha Burton (1843-1922) An annotated list of the shells of San Pedro bay and vicinity. Washington: GPO, 1892.
    LOCATION: Q11.U55 no.898

  120. Williamson, William Crawford (1816-1895) On the recent Foraminifera of Great Britain. London: printed for the Ray society, 1858.
    LOCATION: fQL368.F6W6 1858

  121. The succession of life on the earth... New York: Macmillan and co., 1877.
    LOCATION: QH366.W732 1877

  122. Williston, Samuel Wendell (1851-1918) Manual of the families and genera of North American Diptera. 2d ed. rewritten and enlarged. New Haven: J. T. Hathaway, 1896.
    LOCATION: QL535.1.W7 1896

  123. Wilmot, Sydney Marow Eardley- (1847- ) Our journal in the Pacific... London: Longmans, Green, and co., 1873.
    LOCATION: E27.W73 1873

  124. Wilson, Edmund Beecher (1856-1913) An atlas of the fertilization and karyokinesis of the ovum... New York: pub. for the Columbia University Presss by Macmillan and co., 1895.
    LOCATION: fQL965.W5 1895

  125. The cell in development and inheritance. New York: Macmillan, 1896.
    LOCATION: QH581.W75

  126. Wilson, Scott Barchard. Aves hawaiienses... London: R. H. Porter, 1890-99.
    LOCATION: f598.2.W753a [NOS 1-23-95]

  127. Winchell, Alexander (1824-1891) Michigan: being condensed popular sketches of the topography, climate and geology of the state. [Claremont, N.H.]: printed by the Claremont Manufacturing Co., 1873
    LOCATION: GB126.M5W5

  128. Winnecke, Charles G. A. Journal of the Horn scientific exploring expedition, 1894... Adelaide: Bristow, 1897.
    LOCATION: 508.94.W776j

  129. Winnertz, Johann. Beitrag zu einer Monographie der Sciarinen. Wien, 1867.
    LOCATION: QL537.S357W5 1867

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    LOCATION: fQL444.M375M4 1895

  152. List of the lepidopterous insects collected in Cachar by Mr. Wood-Mason... Calcutta: printed by J. W. Thomas, at the Baptist Mission Press, 1887.
    LOCATION: QL556.I4W66 1887

  153. Report on the tea-mite and the tea-bug of Assam. London: printed by Taylor and Francis, 1884.
    LOCATION: SB608.T3W6

  154. Some account of the 'Palan byoo' or 'Teindoung bo' (Paraponyx oryzalis)... Calcutta: printed by the Supt., Govt. printing, India, 1885.
    LOCATION: SB608.R5W6

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