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Short Title List of Books published between 1800 and 1850

There are two types of entries linked from this page. A “Catalog Entry” is based on an entry created for the title in the original card catalog, and following the cataloging rules of the time. A “Bibliographic Description” is a full description of the book and its composition. Such descriptions are based on the rules of description laid out in Fredson Bowers’ Principles of Bibliographical Principles (first published in 1949), and Philip Gaskells’ A New Introduction to Bibliography (1972). These entries also include other useful information, such as references, subject keywords, physical location, and other locations within California.

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  1. Illiger, Johann Karl Wilhelm (1775-1813) Prodromus systematis mammalium et avium... Berolini: sumptibus C. Salfeld, 1811.
    LOCATION: QL352.I2 1811

  2. Versuch einer systematischen vollständigen Terminologie für das Thierreich und Pflanzenreich. Helmstadt: C.G. Fleckeisen, 1800.
    LOCATION: QH83.5.I3 1800

  3. India. Committee for the Investigation of the Coal and Mineral Resources. Report and abstracts of the proceedings of a committee for the investigation of the coal and mineral resources of India... Calcutta: Huttmann, 1841.
    LOCATION: fTN809.I4I4 1841

  4. Introduction to the study of birds. Introduction to the study of birds... London: Religious tract society, 1835.
    LOCATION: QL676.I6 1835

  5. Irvine, Alexander (1793-1873) The London flora... London: Smith, Elder and co., 1838.
    LOCATION: QK306.I7 1838


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