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Short Title List of Books published between 1800 and 1850

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  1. Natural history of quadrupeds. Natural history of quadrupeds... New York: Harper & Brothers, 1839.
    LOCATION: QL706.N28.

  2. The Naturalist's library. The Naturalist's library... Boston: Phillips, Sampson and Co., 1849.
    LOCATION: QL50.N37 1849

  3. Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel (1776-1858) Genera et species asterearum... Norimbergae: sumtibus Leonardi Schrag, 1833.
    LOCATION: QK495.C76N4 1833

  4. Naturgseschichte der europaischen Lebermoose... Berlin: A. Rucker, 1833-38.
    LOCATION: QK557.5.N4 1833

  5. Das System der Pilze und Schwamme... Wurzburg: in der Stahelschen Buchhandlung, 1816-17.
    LOCATION: QK603.N382 1816

  6. Systema laurinarum. Berolini: sumptibus Veitii et Sociorum, 1836.
    LOCATION: QK495.L375N38

  7. Plantae medicinales... Düsseldorf: in der lithographischen Anstalt Arnz & co., 1828.
    LOCATION: ffQK99.A1N38 1828

  8. Nestler, Christian Gottfried (1778-1832) Commentatio botanico-medica de Potentilla... Parisiis: ex typis Didot junioris, 1816.
    LOCATION: QK495.R78N468 1816

  9. New Jersey Geological Survey. Description of the geology of the state of New Jersey... Philadelphia: C. Sherman & co., printers, 1840.
    LOCATION:QE141.A1 1840

  10. Report on the geological survey of the state of New Jersey... Philadelphia: Desilver, Thomas & co., 1836.
    LOCATION: QE141.A1 1836

  11. New York (State). Natural History Survey. Palaeontology of New-York ... Albany: Printed by C. Van Benthuysen, 1847-94.
    LOCATION: fQE747.N6N522 1847

  12. Newman, Edward (1801-1876) A familiar introduction to the history of insects... London: J. van Voorst, 1841.
    LOCATION: QL463.N52 1841

  13. The system of nature... 2d ed. London: Van Voorst, 1843.
    LOCATION: QH45.2.N552 1843

  14. Nicollet, Joseph Nicolas (1786-1843) Report intended to illustrate a map of the hydrographical basin of the upper Mississippi river... Washington: Blair and Rives, 1843.
    LOCATION: F597.N64 1843

  15. Nilsson, Sven (1787-1883) Petrificata suecana formationis cretaceae, descripta et iconibus illustrata. Pars prior, vertebrata et mollusca sistens. Londini Gothorum: ex officina Berliniana, 1827.
    LOCATION: fQE734.N71

  16. Skandinavisk fauna. Lund, C.W.K. Gleerup, 1842-58.
    LOCATION: QL286.N8

  17. Nitzsch, Christian Ludwig (1782-1837) System der Pterylographie. Halle: Eduard Anton, 1840.
    LOCATION: QL697.N73 1840

  18. Nordmann, Alexander von. Mikrographische Beiträge zur Naturgeschichte der wirbellosen Thiere. Berlin: Reimer, 1832.
    LOCATION: QL757.N67 1832

  19. North Georgia gazette. The North Georgia gazette, and winter chronicle. no.1-21; Nov.1, 1819- Mar.20, 1820. London: J. Murray, 1821.
    LOCATION: 508.98.P265j

  20. Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle. Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle, appliquée aux arts, à l'agriculture, à l'économie rurale et domestique, à la medecine, etc... Nouv. éd. presqu' entièrement refondue et considérablement augmentée. Paris: Chez Deterville, 1816-19.
    LOCATION: QH13.N3 1816

  21. Nuttall, Thomas (1786-1859) The genera of North American plants, and a catalogue of the species, to the year 1817. Philadelphia: printed for the author by D. Heartt, 1818.
    LOCATION: QK110.N9 1818

  22. A manual of the ornithology of the United States and of Canada... The land birds. Cambridge, Mass.: Hilliard and Brown, 1832.
    LOCATION: QL681.N88 1832

  23. A manual of the ornithology of the United States and of Canada... The water birds. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and co., 1834.
    LOCATION: QL681.N92 1834

  24. The North American sylva... Philadelphia: R.P. Smith, 1853.
    LOCATION: QK481.M635 1853


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