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Short Title List of Books published between 1800 and 1850

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  1. Ochsenheimer, Ferdinand (1767-1822) Die Schmetteringe von Europa. Leipzig: bey G. Fleischer dem Jungern, 1807-1835.
    LOCATION: QL555.A1O32 1807

  2. Oken, Lorenz (1779-1851) Allgemeine Naturgeschichte für alle Stände. Stuttgart: Hoffman, 1833-41.
    LOCATION: QH45.O38 1833

  3. Elements of physiophilosophy... London: printed for the Ray society, 1847.
    LOCATION: QH45.O39 1847

  4. Esquisse du Systeme d'anatomie, de physiologie et d'historie naturelle. Paris: chez Bechet Jeune, 1821.

  5. Universal-Register zu Okens Allgemeiner Naturgeschichte. Stuttgart: Hoffman, 1842.
    LOCATION: QH45.O38 1833 index

  6. Omalius d'Halloy, Jean Baptiste Julien d' (1783-1785) Precis elemetaire de geologie. Paris: A. Bertrand, 1843.
    LOCATION: QE26.O54

  7. Orbigny, Alcide Dessalines d' (1802-1857) Dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle... Paris: C. Renard, [n.d.]
    LOCATION: 570.3.O64d

  8. Histoire naturelle générale et particulière des crinoides, vivans et fossiles. Paris, [1840]-1858.
    LOCATION: fQL384.C8O64 1840

  9. Mollusques. Paris: Bertrand, [1841]-1853.
    LOCATION: 570.97291.S129h v.7-8

  10. Mollusques vivants et fossiles... Paris: Gide, 1845.
    LOCATION: QL403.O64 1845

  11. Paléontologie française... Paris: chez l'auteur, 1840-94.
    LOCATION: QE755.F8O72 1840

  12. Voyage dans l'Amerique Meridionale... Paris: Pitois-Levrault et cie, 1835-47.
    LOCATION: fF2223.O64 1835

  13. O'Reilly, Bernard. Greenland, the adjacent seas, and the north-west passage to the Pacific Ocean... New York: J. Eastburn, 1818.
    LOCATION: G650 1817 O62 1818

  14. Orfila, Matthieu Joseph Bonaventure (1787-1853) Traité des poisons ... Paris: Crochard, 1814-1815.
    LOCATION: RA1211.O75 1814

  15. Ortolani, Giuseppe Emmanuele. Statistica generale di Sicilia... Palermo: Dalla Reale stamperia, 1810.
    LOCATION: QK316.O78 1810

  16. Owen, David Dale (1807-1860) Letter of the secretary of the Treasury, communicating a report of a geological reconnoissance of the Chippewa land district of Wisconsin, and the northern part of Iowa. [Washington, 1848]
    LOCATION: QE73.O33 1844 v. 1

  17. Lectures on the comparative anatomy and physiology of the invertebrate animals... London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1843.
    LOCATION: QL363.O97 1843

  18. On parthenogenesis... London: J. Van Voorst, 1849.
    LOCATION: QH487.O96

  19. Report of a geological exploration of part of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois... Washington: GPO, 1840.
    LOCATION: QE78.7.O97 1840

  20. Report of a geological exploration of part of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois... Washington: GPO, 1844.
    LOCATION: QE73.O33 1844 v. 1

  21. Owen, Richard, Sir (1804-1892) Description of the skeleton of an extinct gigantic sloth, Mylodon robustus... London: printed by R. and J.E. Taylor, sold by J. van Voorst, 1842.
    LOCATION: fQE882.E2O8 1842

  22. Lectures on the comparative anatomy and physiology of the vertebrate animals... Part I. Fishes. London: printed for Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1846.
    LOCATION: QL639.O97 1846

  23. Monograph on the fossil Reptilia of the London Clay, and of the Bracklesham and other Tertiary beds... London: printed for the Palaeontographical society, 1849-80.
    LOCATION: fQE861.O79 1849

  24. On the archetype and homologies of the vertebrate skeleton. London: Van Voorst, 1848.
    LOCATION: QL689.B7P39 1871


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