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Short Title List of Books published between 1800 and 1850

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  1. Tabula phycologica. Tabula phycologica... Nordhausen: gedruckt auf Kosten des Verfassers, 1845-1871.
    LOCATION: QK566.T114

  2. Targioni-Tozzeti, Antonio (1785-1856) Analisi chimica delle acque minerali di Chianciano eseguita nel 1832. Firenze: Galletti, 1833.
    LOCATION: TD387.C532T185 1833

  3. Temminck, Coenraad Jacob (1778-1858) Manuel d'ornithologie... 2. éd., considérablement augm. et mise au niveau des découvertes nouvelles. Paris: G. Dufour, 1820-1840.
    LOCATION: QL673.T4 1820

  4. Monographies de mammalogie... Paris: G. Dufour et E. d'Ocagne, 1827-41.
    LOCATION: fQL703.T28 1827

  5. Temple, Edmond. Travels in various parts of Peru... London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830.
    LOCATION: F3423.T28

  6. Tenore, Michaele (1781-1861) Sylloge plantarum vascularium florae neapolitanae hucusque detectarum. Neapoli: ex Typographia Fibreni, 1831.
    LOCATION: QK316.T31

  7. Terver, Ange Paulin (1798-1875) Catalogue des mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles...Paris: chez J. B. Baillière, 1839.
    LOCATION: QL427.A355T332

  8. Teschemacher, James Englebert (1790-1853) A concise application of the principles of structural botany to horticulture... Boston: C. C. Little and J. Brown, 1840.
    LOCATION: SB93.T33 1840

  9. Thacher, James (1754-1844) The American orchardist... 2d ed., much improved. Plymouth, Mass.: E. Collier, 1825.
    LOCATION: SB355.T36 1825

  10. A practical treatise on the management of bees... Boston: Marsh and Capen, 1829.
    LOCATION: [rare uncat.]

  11. Theile, Friedrich Wilhelm (1801-1879) Traité de myologie et d'angéiologie... Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1843.
    LOCATION: QP102.T376 1843

  12. Theophrastus. De historia plantarum, libri decem, Graece... Oxonii: S. Collingwood, 1813-14.
    LOCATION: QK41.T486 1813

  13. Thesaurus conchyliorum. Thesaurus conchyliorum... London: Sowerby, 1847-1887.
    LOCATION: QL404.S73 1847

  14. Thompson, John Vaughan (1779-1847) Zoological researches and illustration... Cork: printed for King and Ridings, 1828-1834.

  15. Thompson, William (1805-1852) The natural history of Ireland. London: Reeve, Benham and Reeve, 1849-1856.
    LOCATION: QL257.T4 1849

  16. Report on the fauna of Ireland: Div. Vertebrata. London: Richard and John E. Taylor, 1841.
    LOCATION: QL606.55.I73T478 1841

  17. Report on the fauna of Ireland: Div. Invertebrata. London: Richard and John E. Taylor, 1844.
    LOCATION: QL606.55.I73T478 1841

  18. Thompson, Zadock (1796-1856) History of Vermont... Burlington: pub. for the author, by C. Goodrich, 1842.
    LOCATION: F49.T48 1842

  19. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837) The British flora... London: printed for the author by J. Whiting, 1812.
    LOCATION: QK306.T51 1812

  20. Thorpe, Charles. British marine conchology... London: E. Lumley, 1844.
    LOCATION: QL425.T5 1844

  21. Thunberg, Carl Peter (1743-1828) Fauna Americae meridionalis. Upsaliae: excudebant Palmblad, 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  22. Fauna brasiliensis [!] Upsaliae: excudebant Palmblad, 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  23. Fauna cayanensis. Upsaliae: excudebant Palmblad, 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  24. Fauna chinensis. Upsaliae: excudebant Palmblad et c., 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  25. Fauna gvineensis. Upsaliae: excudebant Palmblad et c., 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  26. Fauna Japonica. Upsaliae: excudebant Regiae academiae typographi, 1822.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  27. Fauna Japonica continuata. Upsaliae: excudebant, Regiae academiae typographi, 1823.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  28. Fauna Novae Hollandiae. Upsaliae: excudebant Regiae academiae typographi, 1822.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  29. Fauna surinamensis. Upsaliae: excudebant Regiae academiae typographi, 1822.
    LOCATION: 595.7.T535d

  30. Flora Capensis... Upsalie: Litteris J. F. Edman, 1807-1813.
    LOCATION: QK396.T535 1807

  31. Tiedemann, Friedrich (1781-1861) Anatomie der Röhren-Holothurie des pomeranzfarbigen Seesterns und Stein-Seeigels... Landshut: J. Thomann, 1816.
    LOCATION: ffQL384.H7T54 1816

  32. Titford, William Jowit. Sketches towards a Hortus botanicus americanus... London: printed for the author by C. Stower, published by Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1811-12.
    LOCATION: fQK109.T617 1811

  33. Tocque, Philip (1814-1899) Wandering thoughts, or Solitary hours. London: T. Richardson, 1846.
    LOCATION: F1122.T6

  34. Torrey, John (1796-1873) Catalogue of North American genera of plants... New York, Sleight & Robninson, printers, 1831.
    LOCATION: QK110.T69 1831

  35. A catalogue of plants, growing spontaneously within thirty miles of the city of New-York. New York: Lyceum of Natural History of New York, 1819.
    LOCATION: QK177.T685

  36. A flora of North America... New York: Wiley & Putnam, 1838-1843.
    LOCATION: QK110.T69 1838

  37. A flora of the northern and middle sections of the U. S. Vol.1. New York: Swords, 1824.
    LOCATION: QK117.T7 1824

  38. A flora of the state of New-York... Albany: Carroll and Cook, printers to the Assembly, 1843.
    LOCATION: QK177.T69

  39. Treviranus, Gottfried Reinhold (1776-1837) Ueber den innern Bau der Arachniden... Erstes Heft. Nürnberg: J. L. Schrag, 1812.
    LOCATION: QL451.T7

  40. Treviranus, Ludolf Christian (1779-1864) Allii species quotquot in horto botanico Wratislaviensi coluntur recensuit... Wratislaviae: typis universitatis, 1822.
    LOCATION: QK495.L72T813 1822

  41. De ovo vegetabili ejusque mutationibus observationes recentiores. Wratislaviae: typis Universitatis, 1828.
    LOCATION: QK665.T813

  42. Symbolarum phytologicarum, quibus res herbaria illustratur, fasciculus I. Gottingae: sumtibus Dieterichianis, 1831.
    LOCATION: QK45.T81 1831

  43. Von der Entwicklung des Embryo und seiner Umhullüngen im Pflanzen-ey. Berlin: in der Realschulbuchhandlung, 1815.
    LOCATION: QK665.T82

  44. Trimmer, Joshua (1795-1857) Practical geology and mineralogy. London: Parker, 1841.
    LOCATION: QE26.T83 1841

  45. Practical geology and mineralogy... Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1842.
    LOCATION: QE26.T83 1842

  46. Tschudi, Johann Jakob von (1818-1889) Untersuchungen über die Fauna Peruana. St. Gallen: Scheitlin und Zollikofer, 1844-46.
    LOCATION: fQL248.T88 1844

  47. Tuckerman, Edward (1817-1886) Enumeratio methodica Caricum quarundam... Schenectadiae: I. Riggs, 1843.
    LOCATION: 584.841.T896e

  48. Enumeratio methodica Caricum quarundam... Schenectadiae: I. Riggs, 1843.
    LOCATION: QK495.C997T89

  49. An enumeration of North American Lichenes... Cambridge, Mass.: J. Owen, 1845.
    LOCATION: QK587.T8 1845

  50. Tulk, Alfred (d. 1891) Anatomical manipulation... London: J. Van Voorst, 1844.
    LOCATION: QL812.T9 1844

  51. Tuomey, Michael (1805?-1857) Report on the geology of South Carolina... Columbia: printed and published for the state by A. S. Johnston, 1848.
    LOCATION: QE161.T8 1848

  52. Turner, Dawson (1775-1858) Fuci... London: printed by J. M'Crerry for John and Arthur Arch, 1808-19.
    HOLDINGS: Complete in 4 v.
    LOCATION: fQK566.T997 1808

  53. A synopsisi of the British fuci. Yarmouth: J. White, 1802.
    LOCATION: QK569.F95T87 1802

  54. Turton, William (1762-1835) A conchological dictionary of the British Islands. London: J. Booth, 1819.
    LOCATION: QL425.G7T88 1819

  55. Conchylia insularum Britannicarum... London: M. A. Nattali, dedication 1822.
    LOCATION: QL425.G7T9 1822

  56. A manual of the land and fresh-water shells of the British Islands... A new ed., thoroughly rev. and much enl.... London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1840.
    LOCATION: QL425.G7T9 1840

  57. Tytler, Patrick Fraser (1791-1849) Historical view of the progress of discovery on the more northern coasts of America... 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1833.
    LOCATION: f1060.T984 1833


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