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Short Title List of Books published before 1800

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  1. Necker, Noel Joseph de (1729-1793) Corollarum ad Philos. botanicam Linnaei spectans... Neowedae ad Rhenum: apud Societatem Typographycam, 1790.
    LOCATION: QK91.P5 1790

  2. Elementa botanica... Neowedae ad Rhenum, Societatem typographicam, 1790.
    HOLDINGS: Complete in 3 vols.
    LOCATION: QK93.N367 1790
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: California Academy of Science; Stanford University

  3. Physiologia muscorum... Manheimii: Schwan, 1774
    LOCATION: QK535.N4 1774

  4. Nozeman, Cornelis (d. 1786) Nederlandsche vogelen... Amsterdam: by Jan Christiaan Sepp, boekverkoper, 1770-1829.
    LOCATION: ffQL674.N96 1770


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