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Short Title List of Books published before 1800

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  1. Oeder, Georg Christian (1728-1791) Elementa botanicae. Hafniae: typis Fratrum Philibert, 1764-66.
    LOCATION: SB91.A2O24 1764

  2. Icones plantarum sponte nascentium in regnis Daniae et Norvegiae, in ducatibus Slesvici et Holsatiae, et in comitatibus Oldenburgi et Delmenhorstiae... Havniae: typis Nicolai Molleri, [1761] 1764-1883.
    HOLDINGS: Complete in 10 v.
    LOCATION: fQK608.D4O28 1761

  3. Olivi, Giuseppe (1769-1795) Zoologia adriatica... Bassano [Venezia: G. Remondini e f., stampatori] 1792.
    LOCATION: QL362.O55 1792
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: California Academy of Science; CSU Long Beach; UCLA

  4. Olivier, Guillaume Antoine (1756-1814) Encyclopédie methodique. Histoire naturelle: insectes. Paris: Panckoucke, 1789-1830.
    HOLDINGS: v. 1-7 only. Lack atlases
    LOCATION: QL463.O45 1789
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: California Academy of Science

  5. Entomologie... Paris: Baudouin, 1789-1808.
    HOLDINGS: Complete in 8 v.
    LOCATION: fQL573.O6 1789

  6. Orta, Garcia de (16th cent) Dell' historia de i semplici aromati, et altre cose che vengono portate dell' Indie Orientali pertinenti all'uso della medicina... Venetia: [Giovanni Salis] 1616.
    LOCATION: RS169.O76 1616
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library


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