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Short Title List of Books published before 1800
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  1. Walter, Richard (1716?-1785) A voyage round the world, in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. Edinburgh: G. Alston, 1776.
    LOCATION: 910.41.W233v 1776

  2. Walter, Thomas (1740-1788) Flora caroliniana... Londini: sumptibus J. Fraser, 1788.
    LOCATION: QK125.W2 1788
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: CSU Fullerton; UCLA; UC Irvine; UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

  3. Weber, Friedrich (1752-1823) Nomenclator entomologicus secundum entomologiam systematicam ill... Chilonii et Hamburgi: apud C. E. Bohn, 1795.
    LOCATION: QL468.W42 1795

  4. Weinmann, Johann Wilhelm (1683-1741) Phytanthoza ichonographia ... Regenspurg, per H. Lentzum, 1737-1745.
    HOLDINGS: v. 1-4 of 6
    LOCATION: ffQK41.W44 1737

  5. Werner, Paul Christian Friedrich (1751-1785) Vermium intestinalium brevis expositionis continuatio secunda. Lipsiae: Apud Siegfried Lebrecht Crusium, 1786.
    LOCATION: QK393.W494 1786
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

  6. Wernischek, Jacob (1743-1804) Genera plantarum... Viennae Austriae: e Typographeo Kaliwodiano, 1763.
    LOCATION: QK92.W4 1763

  7. White, Charles (1728-1813) An account of the regular gradation in man, and in different animals and vegetables... London: printed for C. Dilly, 1799.
    LOCATION: fGN60.W5 1799
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: UCLA; UC San Francisco; UC Santa Barbara; UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library; Stanford University

  8. Whitehurst, John (1713-1788) An inquiry into the original state and formation of the earth. The 3d ed., rev. and cor. London: printed for W. Bent, 1792.
    LOCATION: QE501.W4 1792

  9. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig (1765-1812) Historia amaranthorum... Turici: impensis Ziegleri et fil., 1790.
    LOCATION: ffQK495.A48W7 1790

  10. Willughby, Francis (1635-1672) De historia piscium libri quatuor... Oxonii: Theatro Sheldoniano, 1686.
    LOCATION: fQL615.W742 1686
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: UCLA; UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

  11. Ornithologiae libri tres... Londini: J. Martyn, 1676.
    LOCATION: fQL673.W742 1676
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

  12. Withering, William (1741-1799) An arrangement of British plants. 3d ed. London, sold by G. G. & Robinson, 1796.
    HOLDINGS: Complete in 4 vols. in 2.
    LOCATION: QK306.W82 1796
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: San Diego State University; UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

  13. Woodville, William (1752-1805) Medical botany... London: J. Phillips, 1790-93.
    OTHER CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS: California Academy of Science; UCLA; UC San Francisco; UC Berkeley; Claremont College

  14. Wynne, John Huddleston (1743-1788) Evelina: a poem. London: printed by J. P. Coghlan for G. Riley and sold by J. Wilkie, 1773.
    LOCATION: SB117.E4

  15. Zschach, Johann Jacob. Museum N. G. Leskeanum... Lipsiae: in bibliopolio I. G. Mülleriano, 1788.
    LOCATION: QL463.Z82 1788


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