Bertolt Brecht Turns 100

This online exhibition celebrates the 100th birthday of Bertolt Brecht, one of the most influential playwrights and German writers of the twentieth century.

The exhibit provides background information about Bertolt Brecht, explores some of his experiences between 1941 and 1947 when he lived in Southern California, and showcases archival materials in the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library. A list of references is provided.

The exhibition "Bertolt Brecht Turns 100" premieres on February 10th - Brecht's birthday - but will continue to expand throughout 1998 as an ongoing celebration of Brecht's 100th anniversary year. Pages currently under construction include Brecht's friendship with exile composer, Hanns Eisler, and his return to Europe and his work with the Berliner Ensemble.

This photograph of Bertolt Brecht was taken in 1946 by Gerda Goedhart.

This exhibit was created by Marje Schuetze-Coburn,
Feuchtwanger Librarian, at the University of Southern California.

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