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Hancock Collections & Archives

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Allan Hancock Foundation
Atlantic Expedition

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Report 1. 
Garth, J.S. Geographical account and station records of VELERO III in Atlantic waters in 1939. 106 p., 28 plates. 1945.
Report 2. 
Taylor, W. R. Caribbean marine algae of the Allan Hancock Expedition, 1939. 194 p., 20 plates. 1942.
Report 3. 
Hartman, Olga. Polychaetous annelids. 34 p., 3 plates. 1944.
Report 4. 
Fraser, C. McL. Hydroids of the 1939 Allan Hancock Caribbean Sea Expedition, 24 p., 3 plates. 1947.
Report 5. 
Osburn, R.C. Bryozoa of the Allan Hancock Atlantic Expedition, 1939. 66 p., 6 plates 1947.
Report 6. 
Gentry, H.S. Land plants collected by the Allan Hancock Atlantic Expedition, 1939. 46 p., 2 plates. 1948.
Report 7. 
Barnard, J.L. Amphipoda of the family Ampeliscidae collected by the VELERO III in the Caribbean Sea. 14 p., 2 plates. 1954.
Report 8. 
Haig, Janet. The Galatheidea (Crustacea Anomura) of the Allan Hancock Atlantic Expedition, with a review of the Porcellanidae of the Western North Atlantic. 46 p., 1 plate. 1956.
Report 9. 
Manning, R.B. Stomatopod Crustacea from the Atlantic coast of northern South America. 46 p., 11 plates. 1961.
Report 10. 
Caldwell, D.K., and Melba C. Caldwell. Fishes from the Southern Caribbean collected by the VELERO III in 1939. 61 p., 11 plates. 1964.
Series Completed.
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