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Hancock Collections & Archives

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Allan Hancock Foundation
Miscellaneous Publications

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Crampon, Jean E. Station Logs of the Velero IV. Part I June 1948 through December 1971 and Part II January 1972 through June 1985. 2 vols. 1537 p. 2005
Essays in the natural sciences in honor of Captain Allan Hancock on the occasion of his birthday, July 26, 1955. 345 p., front., 45 figs., 13 plates, 6 maps. 1955.
Essays in marine geology in honor of K.O. Emery, 201 p., front., 61 figs., 11 plates. 1963.
Hartman, Olga. Atlas of the Errantiate polychaetous annelids from California. 828 p., illus. 1968.
Hartman, Olga. Atlas of the Sedentariate polychaetous annelids from California. 812 p., illus. 1969.
Kolpack, Ronald and Dale Straughan. Biological and Oceanographical Survey of the Santa Barbara Channel Oil Spill. 2 volumes. 853 p. 1971.
Lachmann, Erich. The Erich Lachmann Collection of Historical Stringed Musical Instruments. 53 p. 1950.
Reish, D.J. and Kristian Fauchald. Essays on polychaetous annelids in memory of Dr. Olga Hartman. 60 p. 1977.
Savage, Jay M. A Handlist with Preliminary Keys to the Herpetofauna of Costa Rica. 111 p. 1980.

University of Southern California Centennial Publications 
McCulloch, Irene. Qualitative Observations on Recent Foraminiferal Tests with Emphasis on the Eastern Pacific.
    Part I 
    Part II 
    Part III 
676 pp., plates 49-248 (continuation of Allan Hancock Pacific Expedition, Volume 6, Plate Numbers 49-248). 1977.  Buckskin Bound.
McCulloch, Irene. Qualitative Observations in Recent Foraminiferal Tests with Emphasis on the Allan Hancock Atlantic Expedition Collections. Part IV, 217 pp., Plates 1-72. 1981. Buckskin Bound.

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