Quaker Tracts:
A Collection of 109 Pamphlets in 16 Volumes


List of Works By, About or Published by Women
Arranged by Name

Compiled by
Melinda K. Hayes, Librarian
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Backhouse, Deborah
Backhouse, James, 1794-1869. A memoir of Deborah Backhouse, of York: who died the tenth of the twelfth month, 1827, aged thirty-four years. York: printed by W. Alexander & son, Castlegate, 1828. Volume 12 Pamphlet 2

Bell, Deborah, 1688 or 9-1738. A short journal of the labours and travels in the work of the ministry, of that faithful servant of Christ, Deborah Bell. London: James Phillips, George Yard Lombard Street, 1776.
Includes "The Testimony of John Bell concerning his Wife Deborah Bell": p. ix-xxviii. Volume 11 Pamphlet 1

Brayton, Patience Greene, 1733-1794. A short account of the life and religious labours of Patience Brayton: late of Swansey, in the state of Massachusetts, mostly selected from her own minutes. New York, printed ; London: reprinted and sold by William Phillips, George-Yard, Lombard-Street, 1802. Volume 10 Pamphlet 2

Brook, Mary, ca. 1726-1782. Reasons for the necessity of silent waiting, in order to the solemn worship of God: to which are added, several quotations from Robert Barclay's Apology, by Mary Brook. The 2nd ed. London: printed and sold by Mary Hinde, at no. 2, in George-Yard, Lombard-Street, 1774. Volume 2 Pamphlet 2

Chandler, Rachel. A letter from Rachel Chandler, to ministers and elders. London: printed at the Bible in George-Yard..., 1766. Volume 4 Pamphlet 11

Darby, Abiah, 1716-1794. Useful instruction for children, by way of question and answer: in two parts, by Abiah Darby. 6th ed. London: printed and sold by J. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1795. Volume 13 Pamphlet 4

Hinde, Mary, printer.
Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713. A collection of poems on various subjects, by Thomas Ellwood. 2nd ed. London: printed and sold by Mary Hinde [177-?] Volume 4 Pamphlet 1

Holme, Benjamin, 1683-1749. A serious call in Christian love to all people, to turn to the spirit of Christ in themselves: that they may come to have a right understanding of the things of God, and be enabled thereby to serve him acceptably: with some observation son the following heads; 1. The universality of God's love in sending his son to die for all men. 2. The holy scriptures. 3. Worship. 4. Baptism. 5. The Supper. 6. Perfection. 7. The resurrection. 8. Swearing, by Benjamin Holme. The fourteenth ed. London: printed and sold by Mary Hinde, [177-?] Volume 7 Pamphlet 1

Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705. A brief and serious warning to such as are concerned in commerce and trading: who go under the profession of truth, to keep within the bounds thereof, in righteousness, justice and honesty towards all men, written by Ambrose Rigge, in the year 1678 ; and now re-printed, together with the advices of several yearly-meetings of like tendency ; by order of the last Yearly-Meeting in London. London: printed by Mary Hinde ..., 1771.
Includes: "Extracts from the yearly-meeting-epistles, and minutes [1675-1771]": p. 9-20. Volume 4 Pamphlet 3

Hume, Sophia, 1702-1774. A caution to such as observe days and times: to which is added an address to magistrates, parents, masters of families, &c, by Sophia Hume. 5th ed. London: sold by J. Ridley... G. Kearsly... and W. Richardson and L. Urquhart..., MDCCLXVI [i.e. 1766] Volume 4 Pamphlet 6

Killam, Hannah.
Continuation of the appendix to the Second report of the Committee on African Instruction
. London: printed by Harvey, Darton and Co., 1824.
Consists of extracts from letters from "Hannah Killam and John Thompson, dated the 21st of 2nd Mo. and the 8-11th of 3rd Mo. 1824." Volume 3 Pamphlet 7

Neale, Mary, 1717-1757. Some account of the life and religious exercises of Mary Neale, formerly Mary Peisley, principally compiled from her own writings. 2nd ed. Dublin:: Printed by John Gough, successor to R. Jackson, no. 20, Meath-Street, 1795. Volume 14 Pamphlet 1

Some account of the life and religious exercises of Mary Neale, formerly Mary Peisley, principally compiled from her own writings. 2nd ed. Dublin:: printed by John Gough, successor to R. Jackson, no. 20, Meath-Street, 1795. Volume 16 Pamphlet 1

Smelt, Caroline Elizabeth, d. 1817.
Waddel, Moses, 1770-1840. Memoirs of the life of Miss Caroline Elizabeth Smelt: who died, 21st September, 1817, in the city of Augusta, Georgia, in the 17th year of her age. Compiled from authentic papers furnished by her friends, and published at their bequest, by Moses Waddel. 2nd ed. New York, printed: Liverpool: re-printed and sold by R. Tilling, 1820. Volume 15 Pamphlet 1

Weston, Mary.
A short account of Mary Weston, Jun. late of Upton, in the county of Essex: particularly the favoured state of her mind during her last illness, published at the request of her father
. London: printed and sold by Darton and Harvey, no. 55, Gracechurch-Street, 1799. Volume 10 Pamphlet 6

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