Classes Using Primary Sources in Special Collections

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University of Southern California



ARLT 100g Renaissance Travel Literature
Prof. Antonia Szabari

AHIS 343 Renaissance Art
Prof. Eunice Howe

AHIS 477 Studies in Visual and Material Culture
Prof. Daniela Bleichmar

CORE 103 History of Discovery in Biology
Prof. Dunn

English 395 Junior Honors Seminar
Prof. Dane

English 420 English Literature of the Middle Ages
Prof. Dane

English 455 Contemporary Prose
Prof. Muske

English 565 The Modernist Movement, 1914-45
Prof. Gottesman

Fine Arts 209A Photography
Prof. Dee Williams

Geography 326 Los Angeles Landscapes
Prof. Wolch

Geography 392 Geographical Analysis
Prof. Mapes

History 103G The Emergence of Modern Europe
Prof. Silverman

History 272 Native History and Historians
Prof. Martinez

History 300 Mapping the Past: explorations in History as Cartographic Knowledge
Prof. Phil Ethington

History 365 The Second World War
Prof. Dingman

History 402 History and Media
Prof. Nagle

History 465 America in the Cold War World, 1945-1991
Prof. Dingman

History 470 Spanish Inquisition in the Early Modern Hispanic World
Prof. Martinez

History 498 Senior Seminar
Prof. Mitchell

MDA 105 Cultural Forms and Values
Prof. Krieger

PLDV 275 Environment and Behavior
Prof. Hise

PLDV 315 Urban Sleuths: Exploring Cities
Prof. Hise

PLDV 414 Introduction to Physical-Spatial Design
Prof. Hise

SPAN 304 Spanish Survey of Fiction
Porf. Maura Crowley

 TO 103 The Process of Change in Science
Prof. Dunn

 TO 495 Thematic Options Senior Seminar
Various faculty



Arch 499 Introduction to Historic Preservation
Prof. Chusid

Arch 499 Los Angeles & the Destruction of Nature
Prof. Davis

BISC 425 History of Discovery of Biology
Prof. Dunn

CAAS 591 Research Methods in Communication
Prof. Altman

Classics Readings in Greek Literature
Prof. Richlin

English 510 Medieval English Literatures and Cultures
Prof. Dane

English 530 Restoration & 18th Century British Literature
Prof. Braudy

Fine Arts 513 Representation of Natural World
Prof. Harcourt

French 447 Decadence
Prof. Meeker

French 600 Rhétoriques des Arts II
Prof. Meeker

Geog. 525 Urban Historical Geography
Prof. Tom Jablonsky

History 680 Seminar in 20th Century U.S. History
Prof. Mitchell

History 506 Studies in Later Medieval History
Prof. Dales

History 570 Historical Scholarship on Pre-1860 North America
Prof. Peter Mancall

History 684 Seminar in U.S. and American Politics
Prof. Dingman

Music 473 Hymnology
Prof. Wilson

Music 473 Hymnology
Prof. Hanshumaker

Music 570 Introduction to Graduate Study
Prof. Brown

Music 687 Musicology Seminar
Prof. Johnson

PLUS 604 Qualitative Methods
Prof. Murray Krieger

Sociology 499 Sociology of Violence (Pt. 1): Violence in El Salvador
Prof. Gomez-Barris

Spanish 499 Research Seminar: Visual and Material Culture in Colonial Latin America
Prof. Bleichmar


Last updated:  September 19, 2007