Letter of Transmittal from the Commission to the Governor

December 2, 1965

Dear Governor Brown:

We herewith transmit the report of the Governor's Commission on the Los Angeles Riots.

During the 100 days since you gave us our charge, our Commission has held 64 meetings during which we have received testimony and statements from administrators, law enforcement officers, and others of the State government, of Los Angeles County and city government, and of certain nearby cities also. Additionally, we have received information from representatives of business and labor, and residents of the area where the riots occurred as well as individuals who exercise leadership among these residents. We have heard spokesmen for the Mexican-American minority and social workers and others concerned with minority problems. We have engaged consultants and experts who have reported on particular areas of our concern. In addition, we and our staff have reviewed many reports on Negro problems prepared by government agencies, by universities, and by private institutions.

Transcripts of testimony, depositions, reports of interviews and staff and consultant studies all will be deposited in an appropriate public depository as soon as practicable so that these records can be available to those interested.

Our conclusions and our recommendations are the distillation of the information received from these sources, together with our own observations of existing physical and sociological conditions. We wish to emphasize that, in compliance with your directive, we have been absorbed in the study of the problems in our Negro community. However, we are deeply conscious that the Mexican-American community, which here is almost equal in size to the Negro community, suffers from similar and in some cases more severe handicaps than the Negro community. Also, we are mindful that there are many others within our community living in conditions of poverty and suffering from unemployment and incapacity. In designing programs to assist the Negro, the needs of others must not be overlooked.

We recommend that the Commission reconvene periodically to review actions taken to implement the recommendations in our report, with the next meeting to be held in the summer of 1966.


The Governor's Commission on the Los Angeles Riots
      John A. McCone, Chairman
      Warren M. Christopher, Vice Chairman
      Judge Earl S. Broady, Member
      Asa V. Call, Member
      The Very Rev. Charles S. Cassasa, Member
      Reverend James Edward Jones, Member
      Dr. Sherman M. Mellinkoff, Member
      Mrs. Robert G. Neumann, Member

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