Gerontology Library Group Study Room

Group Study Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

1. RESERVATIONS HAVE PRIORITY. If you are using a room and do not have a valid reservation, you must leave when asked by a group that has a valid reservation. To make a reservation, please submit the necessary information as indicated in the fields below.

2. On any calendar day, you may reserve a MAXIMUM two-hour time slot. If the room is not in use and there are no other pending reservations that day, you may use the room as long as necessary. If the room is in high demand - you may be asked to limit your use of the room to one hour.

3. Priority use is given to GROUPS OF TWO or more. If you are alone in a room another group of two or more may request and be granted use of the room. Please note that the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of the study room is 6 (six) persons and is not to be exceeded at any time.

4. There is a TEN MINUTE GRACE PERIOD. If you or the second person in your group arrives more than ten minutes after the start of your reserved time, then your reservation is invalid and another group may make use of the room.

To reserve the Group Study Room:
You will need to submit the following form, taking great care to provide us with your full name and current contact information. Please note that reservations are only accepted online and not taken over the phone or in person.

To cancel a reservation:

Please notify a staff member via email or by phone: (213)740-5990.
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