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Databases for German Language & Literature; Exile Literature

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German Language & Literature; Exile Literature

  • Bertolt Brecht Werke
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    Bertolt Brecht's work has always provoked heated discussion, though today he is viewed as principally a classicist and a rationalist. Bertolt Brechts Werke im World Wide Web is an ideal instrument for research and will revolutionise the academic study of Brecht's oeuvre. All texts follow the Grosse kommentierte Berliner und Frankfurter Ausgabe. The notes provide information on the background to each work, its textual history and reception, and give details of Brecht's collaborators, sources and models, as well as comments on individual points.
  • Digitale Bibliothek deutscher Klassiker
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    The Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker series has been in publication since 1981. It covers 31 works of major authors spanning eleven centuries and includes 16 collections of historical, philosophical, theological, political and art history texts. Collections of essays, speeches and other non-literary material add context and background material.
  • German Lyrick Poetry (Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universalbibliothek)
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    The electronic version of Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universal-Bibliothek covers almost 500 years of German lyric poetry and includes the work of over 500 authors from the 15th to the 20th century. Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universal-Bibliothek is published with the co-operation and support of Philipp Reclam jun., Stuttgart and covers all volumes of German poetry published within Reclams Universalbibliothek since 1945
  • Kafkas Werke
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    Kafkas Werke (Kritische Ausgabe) is an electronic version of the critical edition of his complete works: Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe, Schriften und Tagebücher. This collection is 15 volumes and includes highly regarded critical material. New research material is added regularly to the Web edition by the editorial board, creating the most comprehensive and up-to-date version of Kafka's works ever published.
  • Literature Criticism Online
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    LCO is comprised of 10 collections of English-language scholarly and popular commentary on literary works in most languages ranging from the classical to Shakespeare to contemporary publications. Covers not only novels but also poetry, short stories, and drama. Entries are in-depth and include bibliographies. Search by key words, author, title, or browse by works, authors, and topics.
  • Oxford Dictionaries Online
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    OLDO provides fully searchable, completely comprehensive bilingual dictionaries, and unique study materials. It features over 4 million words, phrases, and translations. Includes Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish into and out of English with pronounciation software.
  • Oxford Text Archive
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    The Oxford Text Archive (OTA) collects, catalogues, preserves and distributes high-quality digital electronic texts and other literary and language resources for research and teaching. It currently holds thousands of texts in more than 25 different language (e.g., Middle High German, Ancient Greek, and Sanskrit).
  • Schillers Werke
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    Friedrich Schiller's (1759-1805) literary works, his writings on history, and his philosophical and critical works have been extremely influential. Schillers Werke comprises the whole of the Nationalausgabe, the finest and most complete critical edition of his works, letters, and conversations.
  • USC Digital Library
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    The USC Digital Library (USCDL) is the digital repository for original research materials which have been selected for archiving by the Libraries. Content made available by the USCDL facilitates new and creative opportunities for scholarship and teaching by providing enhanced access to materials which feature and highlight the Libraries' holdings or from non-Library held collections identified in collaboration with members of the USC academic community. Accordingly, the USCDL provides a wealth of primary and original source material in a variety of formats. These may include, but are not limited to USC theses and dissertations; photographs; rare books, or portions thereof; manuscripts; source documents; sound recordings; moving images; data sets; 'born digital' documents; and digital representations of physical objects. USCDL content can be licensed or sub-licensed to parties outside of USC.