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Databases for Complementary Therapies

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Complementary Therapies

  • Books@Ovid Purchased eBooks
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    Access to 300+ major texts and handbooks in primary care, nursing, pharmacology, and internal medicine.
  • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
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    Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database allows the user to search or browse for a wide variety of names of products, as well as interactions, effectiveness, and diseases and conditions.Each product monograph in the Database and its associated Safety Ratings, Effectiveness Ratings, and Interaction Ratings are supported by the best available scientific evidence. This evidence is systematically identified, critically evaluated, and applied using the same standards used to evaluate evidence related to other therapies. Evidence that is highly relevant and valid is given greater weight than evidence that is less relevant or reliable. When evidence does not exist or is severely deficient, which is often the case, this deficiency is clearly acknowledged in the Database with a statement indicating a lack of data.