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Databases for Public Health & Epidemiology

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Public Health & Epidemiology

  • Books@Ovid Purchased eBooks
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    Access to 300+ major texts and handbooks in primary care, nursing, pharmacology, and internal medicine.
  • Cancer Mortality Maps & Graphs
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    Provides interactive maps, graphs (which are accessible to the blind and visually-impaired), text, tables and figures showing geographic patterns and time trends of cancer death rates for the time period 1950-1994 for more than 40 cancers.
  • Future Medicine
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    a gateway to objective and authoritative information on medical advances in the post-genomic era, delivering concise, forward-looking perspectives on the scientific, clinical, economic and policy issues in modern healthcare. Future Medicine is part of the Future Science Group, an expanding group of independent companies active in the field of scientific information and endeavor.
  • Health & Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI)( Ovid )
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    Provides ready access to information on measurement instruments (i.e., questionnaires, interview schedules, checklists, index measures, coding schemes/ manuals, rating scales, projective techniques, vignettes/scenarios, tests) in the fields of health, psychosocial sciences, organizational behavior, and library and information science.
  • International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM)
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    The international standard diagnostic classification for epidemiological and many health management purposes. Includes general analysis of population groups and monitoring of incidence and prevalence of diseases and other health issues relating to other variables. Used in classifying diseases recorded on health documents, including death certificates and hospital records, that provide the basis for the national mortality and morbidity statistics by WHO Member States.
  • MEDLINE (Ovid)
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    The database, produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is most frequently utilized for health sciences topics. It contains citations from more than 3,900 English and foreign language journals in the basic and clinical sciences and encompasses the printed Index Medicus, the Index to Dental Literature, and the International Nursing Index. Includes full-text articles from approximately 1400 journals.
  • Science Citation Index Expanded
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    The Science Citation Index, a part of the Web of Science, is a multidisciplinary database of bibliographic information indexed so that you can search for specific articles by subject, author, journal, and/or author address. Because the information stored about each article includes the article's cited reference list (often called its bibliography), you can also search the databases for articles that cite a known author or work.

    The Science Citation Index (SCI) indexes 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines, covering approximately 2,100 more journals than its print and CD-ROM counterparts, with all cited references captured.