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Databases for Biology

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  • Alt-HealthWatch
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    Alt-HealthWatch is a full-text and image database focusing on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to healthcare and wellness. It offers nearly 50,000 articles from 160 international peer-reviewed journals, academic and professional publications, magazines, reports, proceedings, association and consumer newsletters, plus hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, original research and book excerpts. The database provides in-depth coverage on both professional and consumer levels across the full spectrum of more than two hundred therapies, modalities and perspectives addressed by integrated medicine and covered by "Alternative Medicine." Subject areas covered include: Acupuncture, Mind-Body Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Creative Therapies, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Energy Medicine, Body Work, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Childbirth, Cross-Cultural Therapies, and Veterinary Medicine. Updated quarterly.
  • ArticleFirst
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    Contains the table of contents pages and holdings information from more than 13,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture. Although most of the journals are published in English, journals in other languages are also included. Updated daily.
  • Begell Digital Library
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    The Begell Digital Library Collection is a consolidated and peer-reviewed collection of leading academic, research, and applied work in the fields of engineering and biomedical sciences.
  • BioMedCentral
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    Original peer-reviewed research articles from over 200 science, technology, and medicine titles made freely and permanently accessible online.
  • BioMedCentral Open Access
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    Original peer-reviewed research articles from over 200 science, technology, and medicine titles made freely and permanently accessible online.
  • BioOne 1 & 2
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    BioOne is a full-text online aggregation of over 80 high-impact, peer-reviewed bioscience research journals, covering the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. The titles are published by scientific societies and other nonprofit organizations, and most have, until now, been available only in print.
  • Biosis Citation Index
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    Life sciences and biomedical research covering pre-clinical and experimental research, methods and instrumentation, animal studies, and more. Access content from journals, meetings, patents, and books. Search precisely with BCI indexing and enhanced MeSH terms. Backfiles available to 1926.
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
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    This resource includes access to all six of their journals; their Protocols; and the Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology. This is especially strong for molecular biology topics.
  • Company of Biologists
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    The Company of Biologists is a non-profit organization whose objectives are the advancement and promotion of research in, and the study of, all branches of biology. The site provides access to their four journals, plus information for traveling fellowships for biology graduate students and grant information for scientists and organizations.
  • Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
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    This website provides Darwin's complete publications, many handwritten manuscripts and the largest Darwin bibliography and manuscript catalog every published. Most of these materials are online for the first time, such as the 1st editions of the Voyage of the Beagle, Descent of Man, Zoology of the Beagle and all six editions of Origin of Species.
  • Current Contents Connect
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    Part of Web of Knowledge, Current Contents is a multidisciplinary current awareness Web resource providing access to complete bibliographic information from over 8,000 of the world's leading scholarly journals and more than 2,000 books. Users can also search a premium collection of evaluated scholarly Web sites and access evaluated, full-text Web documents in three general resource types: preprints, funding information and research activities.
  • eBooks on EBSCOhost
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    This web site provides access to the full-text content of 4,274 e-books purchased by the USC Libraries from netLibrary. The books are searchable by both author and title. In addition, all books included in this collection are accessible through Homer.
  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
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    Over 4,300 specially commissioned articles explaining key concepts in the life sciences.
  • Essential Science Indicators (ESI)
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    Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is one of ISI/Thomson's Web of Knowledge databases that provides more aggregate citation analysis than do the citation indices. "Types of data featured in ESI include most cited author rankings, institutional (university, corporate, government research lab) rankings, national rankings, and journal rankings....The data in ESI are limited to ISI-indexed journal articles only." ESI is updated bimontly (every other month).
  • Faculty of 1000
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    Faculty of 1000 Biology and Faculty of 1000 Medicine have merged into one product entitled Faculty of 1000.

    Faculty of 1000 (F1000) identifies and evaluates the most important articles in biology and medical research publications. Articles are selected by a peer-nominated global 'Faculty' of the world's leading scientists and clinicians who then rate them and explain their importance. F1000 Medicine Reports and F1000 Biology Reports are open access review journals that add an extra dimension to F1000, providing peer-reviewed reports on emerging themes in biology and medicine. F1000 Section Heads ensure coverage of the latest advances by selecting topics and nominating experts to provide context for the evaluated literature. The journals are indexed and/or abstracted by PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, Embase, Global Health and CAB Abstracts.

  • Illustrata: Natural Sciences
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    This database includes natural science content from searchable tables, figures, graphs, charts and other illustrations from the scholarly research and technical literature by employing “deep indexing”. Search results can be viewed in full, in either thumbnail or enhanced format, along with the caption, author and source information and additional index terms that can be used for further searching. A link back to the parent record provides a summary view of all the objects associated with that paper.
  • Journals@Ovid LWW Legacy Archive
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    Ovid provides access to biomedical databases and full-text journals. Databases include MEDLINE, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, EBM Reviews, AIDSLINE, CancerLit, BioEthicsLine, Health and Psychosocial Instruments, HealthSTAR and Journals@Ovid.
  • JoVE Science Education
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    JoVE Science Education is the video database dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations.
  • LexisNexis Academic
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    Database of full text online news, business, financial, legal, medical, biographical, government and domestic and international newspaper resources.
    Please check all license agreements posted on the Lexis/Nexis Website at Failure to follow the Terms & Conditions may result in revocation of the Lexis/Nexis license for the University of Southern California. Furthermore it is expressedly forbidden to write search scripts to search this databases.
  • Life Science Dictionary
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    Searchable and browsable glossary contains terms associated with genetics, biochemistry, general biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine.
  • MEDLINE (Ovid)
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    The database, produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is most frequently utilized for health sciences topics. It contains citations from more than 3,900 English and foreign language journals in the basic and clinical sciences and encompasses the printed Index Medicus, the Index to Dental Literature, and the International Nursing Index. Includes full-text articles from approximately 1400 journals.
  • National Ocean Service
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    The National Ocean Service (NOS) studies, monitors, and protects coastaland marine areas in the United States. The NOS web site offers detailedinformation about the agency’s activities, including access toeducational videos and weekly podcasts on various coastal sciencetopics. The site also hosts more than 1,000 up-to-date nautical charts,tide level data updated every 10 minutes, and beautiful photography inan image gallery. Teachers will find games, activity suggestions, andlesson plan ideas for students in grades 3-12. This site is an excellentresource for students, teachers, mariners, and anyone interested inAmerica’s coastal ecology.
  • PapersFirst
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    Published information received by The British Library Document Supply Center.
  • ProceedingsFirst
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    Citations of every congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received at The British Library. Updated 24 times a year.
  • ProQuest Agricultural Science Collection
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    The collection contains agricultural science related full-text articles, granular access to figures and tables within articles, and the entire range of bibliographic records from AGRICOLA. AGRICOLA is the definitive bibliographic database to agricultural science literature.
  • ProQuest Biology Journals
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    This database provides access to a wide range of biology topics including some of the most popular information resources for users in academic, government and public research environments.
  • Quertle
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    Quertle is an innovative website for searching and investigating the biomedical literature. It is geared to life science professionals, including researchers and health care providers, and is designed to save time and effort in finding the needed literature.

    Quertle simultaneously searches multiple sources of life science literature, including the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE and TOXLINE.

  • Science Citation Index Expanded
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    The Science Citation Index, a part of the Web of Science, is a multidisciplinary database of bibliographic information indexed so that you can search for specific articles by subject, author, journal, and/or author address. Because the information stored about each article includes the article's cited reference list (often called its bibliography), you can also search the databases for articles that cite a known author or work.

    The Science Citation Index (SCI) indexes 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines, covering approximately 2,100 more journals than its print and CD-ROM counterparts, with all cited references captured.

  • SciFinder
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    SciFinder (SFS) and its web-version of SciFinder (SF):
    • Provide access to Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry of more than 22 million chemical substances
    • CA databases with references to more than 15 million articles and patents (one of USC's best patent resources)
    • CHEMCATS database of nearly 400,000 commercially available chemicals from more than 300 suppliers
    • CHEMLIST, a database of key domestic and international regulatory information.

    Available from Sunday 2:00 am until Saturday 6:00 pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

    If you would like access to Scifinder, please include the following information:

    • Faculty and Staff: USC email address, contact information (department or school information, research field, building and room number)
    • Students: USC email address, name of advisor, contact information (department or school information, research field, building and room number)

  • Scirus
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    Scirus searches an international collection of institutional repositories and other resources, so it can be a good way to find technical reports, preprints, and other less common publications. Scirus includes basic and advanced search functions, and sorts results into journals vs. web sites. Elsevier ScienceDirect journals are prominently featured in the journal results, with direct links. USC subscribes to the majority of ScienceDirect titles, so Scirus is a good way to search those online journals. For more detailed information, see this electronic resources review in the online peer-reviewed journal Issues in Science and Technology Libraries
  • Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE)
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    The Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment is from the AAAS Science and is both a Web site and an online journal devoted to the topic of cell signaling. Signal transduction refers to the biochemical processes by which cells respond to cues in their internal or external environment.
  • Web of Science
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    Web of Science (a.k.a. Web of Knowledge): Provides citations covering over 10,000 high-impact journals in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities, as well as international proceedings coverage for over 120,000 conferences. Includes:Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-Expanded); Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI); Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI); Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science (CPCI-S); Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (CPCI-SSH); Index Chemicus (IC); and Current Chemical Reactions (CCR-Expanded). Powerful tools include cited reference searching, Citation Maps, and the Analyze Tool.
  • Zoological Record
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    Zoological Record indexes more than 5,000 serials, as well as books, conferences, and reports. It includes all aspects of animal research, including ecology, biodiversity, evolution, physiology, taxonomy, etc.