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  • Anglo-American Legal Tradition
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    Documents from Medieval and Early Modern England from the National Archives in London.
  • Congressional Record (2004-2007)
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    The official transcript of debates of the House and the Senate, printed and distributed by GPO and available on Congressional Universe in the daily edition.

    The Record is divided into four parts and paginated as follows in the daily edition.

    • The debate and other floor action of the House and of the Senate are paginated separately, with page numbers beginning "H" (as in H8793) for House debate and "S" (as in S3987) for Senate debate.
    • Material not spoken on the floor may appear in the Extension of Remarks (paged as in E2347) section that appears in the Record after the Senate and House floor debate sections. If a member speaking on the floor requests permission "to revise and extend my remarks," those revisions appear in the Extension of Remarks portion of the Record.
    • The fourth portion of the Record, known as the Daily Digest (paged as in D739), contains a brief synopsis of floor action in both the House and Senate and in all the committees that met on that day. The Daily Digest is especially useful for identifying each day's floor amendments and their disposition.

    Updated daily (available same day as printed version is released).

    Public access to this material is also available at Thomas, a service of The Library of Congress.

  • CQ Press Electronic Library
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    An integrated search environment for obtaining analysis on Congressional issues in the news and coverage of the status of bills, votes and amendments, floor and committee activity, and backroom maneuvering. This database searches the full-text of CQ Weekly, CQ Researcher, CQ Historic Documents, contact directories, a variety of reference books, and selected datasets focused on issues in U.S. politics and areas of public policy, such as, health care, education, economics, bioethics, environment, and society. Contents are created by more than 125 Capitol Hill reporters, editors, and researchers to provide non-partisan coverage and detailed analysis of issues facing Congress on a daily basis. Coverage is from 1972 to the present.
  • Federal Register (2003-2007)
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    The Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders, meeting notices, and other presidential documents. Searchable by Code of Federal Regulations citation.
  • Glassdoor
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    Glassdoor is free career resource that searches “over 20,000 job sites, newspapers, and company career pages” at once. Apply directly for millions of jobs. This database also provides access to company reviews and ratings written anonymously by employees and job seekers; salaries; and sample interview questions.
  • Global Legal Information Network
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    Provided by the Law Library of the Library of Congress, the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations. These GLIN members contribute the full texts of their published documents to the database in their original languages. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and, in many cases in additional languages, plus subject terms selected from the multilingual index to GLIN. All summaries are available to the public, and public access to full texts is also available for most jurisdictions.
  • HeinOnline Law Journal Library
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    HeinOnline is an ever-expanding, comprehensive, image-based collection of legal periodicals. This online database offers a number of search and browse features that make it a very useful tool for the legal researcher.
  • IBFD
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    The IBFD database, from the Amsterdam-based International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, provides tax information for countries throughout the world. Our subscription includes the Global Tax Surveys, Tax Treaties Database, Tax News Service, World Tax Journal, Bulletin for International Taxation, IBFD ebook Library, and many other resources useful for international tax research. Access is limited to 5 concurrent users.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson)
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    Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full Text™ is an excellent resource for attorneys, educators, business people, law librarians, students, paralegals and others involved with the law, providing complete coverage of the most important English language legal information, with international coverage of scholarly articles, symposia, jurisdictional surveys, court decisions, legislation, books, book reviews and more. Full text is available for over 400 periodicals, many of them peer-reviewed, as far back as 1994.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981 (H.W. Wilson)
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    Index of Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981 is a retrospective database that indexes over 750 legal periodicals published in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Content is also drawn from 38 printed compendia, which provides access to approximately 540,000 records. Coverage also includes: annual surveys of laws by jurisdiction; annual surveys of federal court cases; yearbooks and annual institutes.
  • IntelliConnect
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    CCH IntelliConnect provides online access to primary law and CCH analysis on Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Banking, Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property, Products Liability, Securities, and other legal topics. CCH offers an online tour to learn how to navigate and use the website. Rather than searching all content on CCH IntelliConnect, we recommend using the Browse option on the top left side of the screen and choosing the type of content and topic area you wish to search
  • Legislative Insight
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    ProQuest Legislative Insight is a Federal legislative history service that makes available thoroughly researched compilations of digital full text publications (all PDF format) created by Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of U.S. Public Laws. With the focus on the public law, ProQuest Legislative Insight will make available approximately 18,000 legislative histories covering laws from 1929 to the present. 9,000 of these are brand new and 4,000 (from 1969-1983) include new research. PDF documents included with the public laws include bills (all versions), legislative reports, documents, CRS reports, committee prints, speeches in the Congressional Record and presidential signing statements.
  • LexisNexis Academic
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    Database of full text online news, business, financial, legal, medical, biographical, government and domestic and international newspaper resources.
    Please check all license agreements posted on the Lexis/Nexis Website at Failure to follow the Terms & Conditions may result in revocation of the Lexis/Nexis license for the University of Southern California. Furthermore it is expressedly forbidden to write search scripts to search this databases.
  • LexisNexis State Capital
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    CIS State Capital Universe is the world's most comprehensive access to state government information from Congressional Information Service, Inc. The service provides access to:
    • state bills and laws
    • constitutions
    • proposed and enacted regulations
    • newspapers of record
    • articles about legislative issues affecting the states
    • legislature membership

    Users can search for information about one state, any combination of states, or all 50 states from a single source.

  • LLMC-Digital
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    LLMC is a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to the twin goals of, preserving legal titles and government documents on film, while making copies inexpensively available either in microfiche format or digitally through its on-line service /LLMC-Digital. /Currently 1,786legal titles for U.S. federal law and the law of U.S. states, U.S. territories,Anglo-American collections, foreign jurisdictions, international law and organizations, and multi-jurisdiction subject collections are available.
  • Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources 1600-1970
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    Statutes and codes from jurisdictions throughout the world.
  • Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926
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    Important works on international law, foreign law, and comparative law published between 1600-1926 in English and continental European languages.
  • Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926
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    The Making of Modern Law:Legal Treatises 1800-1926Visit the Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926. The Making of Modern Law is a fully searchable database of approximately 10 million pages and more than 21,000 works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on British Commonwealth and American law for research in British and United States legal history. The works, derived primarily from the special collections at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and York University in Toronto, cover every aspect of law and encompass a range of analytical, theoretical, and practical literature, with many being quite rare and generally unavailable at USC or anywhere in the southern California. The types of works included are classic treatises, casebooks, local practice manuals, form books, works for lay readers, pamphlets, letters, speeches, and others.
  • Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620–1926
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    Records of the American colonies, state constitutional conventions, state codes, city charters and more, 1620-1970.
  • Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600–1926
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    The Making of Modern Law: Trials 1600-1926 is a digital collection of more than 10,000 titles describing courtroom dramas published between 1600 and 1926. The two million pages of searchable content is derived from primary source documents located in the law libraries of Yale University, Harvard University, and the Library of the Bar of the City of New York. Included in the collection are unofficially published trial accounts, official trial documents, administrative proceedings, and arbitrations.The collection offers up content describing scandalous courtroom dramas and the daily lives of everyday people around the world, providing a rare historical glimpse into a given era.
  • National Journal Group's Policy Central
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    the National Journal Group is a leading source of nonpartisan reporting on the current political environment and emerging policy trends. Their Policy Central web site allows you to track the development of public policy with archives dating back to 1977; get forward-looking, twice-daily insight on the key players, behind-the-scenes deals, and political strategies and alliances in Congress; obtain coverage of the media's coverage of important developments from hundreds of print, online and broadcast sources; research the largest database of over 5,000 public opinion surveys on political races, important issues and national figures; and, track political and issue campaigns with streaming video of 3,500 television advertisements.
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    The web site’s mission is to promote “critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format.” Topics such as Sex and Gender, Religion, and Media and Entertainment have at least one pro/con issue. The "for" and "against" text is in two columns, preceded by a “Did you know” and followed by a background essay. Footnotes are embedded in the text with many live links.
  • Proquest Congressional
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    This database indexes and abstracts a broad spectrum of Congressional publications, including hearings (testimony), committee prints, reports, documents, and full text of bills and public laws. The database provides full-text access to the U.S. Statutes at Large from 1789 to the present. The U.S. Statutes at Large is a chronological compilation of federal laws, joint and concurrent resolutions, presidential proclamations, reorganization plans, and constitutional amendments.
  • Proquest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection (1824-2010)
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    A wealth of information is contained in the full-text of 78,639 published and unpublished hearings, including all oral statements, committee questions and discussion. Also includes are texts of related reports, statistical analyses, correspondence, exhibits and articles presented by witnesses or inserted into the record by committee members and staff
  • ProQuest Congressional: Unpublished Hearings Digital Collection 1973-1992
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    Unpublished Hearings, House, Indexing and Searchable PDFs.
  • ProQuest Criminal Justice
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    ProQuest Criminal Justice is a comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. As well as U.S. and international scholarly journals, it includes correctional and law enforcement trade publications, crime reports, crime blogs and other material relevant for researchers or those preparing for careers in criminal justice, law enforcement and related fields.
  • ProQuest CRS Reports
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    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) works exclusively as a reference and research service for the U.S. Congress. CRS prepares studies and issue briefs on a variety of topics providing background information for investigations and legislative proposals under study by Congress. Reports may take many forms: policy analysis, economic studies, statistical reviews, legal analyses, historical studies, chronologies, and two-page fact sheets.
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    An official source of United States Federal Legislative information. Includes:
    • House Floor This Week
    • House Floor Now
    • Quick Search of Text of Bills
    • Bill Summary & Status
    • BillText
    • Public Laws
    • Votes (House and Senate)
    • Congressional Record
    • Committee Information
  • U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978
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    U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978 is a fully searchable database of approximately 11 million pages and more than 350,000 separate documents related to the Supreme Court from 1832-1978.. Approximately 150,000 Supreme Court cases are featured, the majority consisting of those for which the Court did not give a full opinion. U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs comprises over 150,000 cases from the generation before the American Civil War to the decade of the Vietnam War and Watergate. It covers every aspect of law: civil rights law; constitutional law; corporate law; environmental law; gender law; labor law; legal history and legal theory; property law; taxation; trademark and intellectual property law, among other subjects.
  • USC Digital Library
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    The USC Digital Library (USCDL) is the digital repository for original research materials which have been selected for archiving by the Libraries. Content made available by the USCDL facilitates new and creative opportunities for scholarship and teaching by providing enhanced access to materials which feature and highlight the Libraries' holdings or from non-Library held collections identified in collaboration with members of the USC academic community. Accordingly, the USCDL provides a wealth of primary and original source material in a variety of formats. These may include, but are not limited to USC theses and dissertations; photographs; rare books, or portions thereof; manuscripts; source documents; sound recordings; moving images; data sets; 'born digital' documents; and digital representations of physical objects. USCDL content can be licensed or sub-licensed to parties outside of USC.