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Database : Bungei Kurabu. Meiji hen (文芸俱楽部. 明治篇)

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Bungei Kurabu. Meiji hen (文芸俱楽部. 明治篇)

Published by Hakubunkan 博文館 in 1895-1933, Bungei Kurabu 文芸倶楽部 is a major literary journal of the time, in which you'd find works by Higuchi Ichiyo, Izumi Kyoka, Tayama Katai, etc. This electronic version contains its 284 issues in full text covering the period of Meiji from 1895 January to 1912 December. The database also indexes (index only) two other important journals of modern Japan: Taiyo 太陽 (1895-1928; 531 issues) and Daiichi Koto Gakko Koyukai Zaisshi 第一高等学校校友会雑誌 (1890-1944; 380 issues), and a part of Chuo Koron 中央公論 (滝田樗陰旧蔵近代作家原稿集).

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