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Database : Congressional Record (2004-2007)

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Congressional Record (2004-2007)

The official transcript of debates of the House and the Senate, printed and distributed by GPO and available on Congressional Universe in the daily edition.

The Record is divided into four parts and paginated as follows in the daily edition.

  • The debate and other floor action of the House and of the Senate are paginated separately, with page numbers beginning "H" (as in H8793) for House debate and "S" (as in S3987) for Senate debate.
  • Material not spoken on the floor may appear in the Extension of Remarks (paged as in E2347) section that appears in the Record after the Senate and House floor debate sections. If a member speaking on the floor requests permission "to revise and extend my remarks," those revisions appear in the Extension of Remarks portion of the Record.
  • The fourth portion of the Record, known as the Daily Digest (paged as in D739), contains a brief synopsis of floor action in both the House and Senate and in all the committees that met on that day. The Daily Digest is especially useful for identifying each day's floor amendments and their disposition.

Updated daily (available same day as printed version is released).

Public access to this material is also available at Thomas, a service of The Library of Congress.

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