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Database : Literature Online (LION)

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Literature Online (LION)

A fully searchable library of over 300,000 works of English and American literature, overseen by an academic Advisory Board. Broken into 4 parts: the Master Index, Literary Database, Reference Works, and Web Resources.

The databases USC has subscribed to within LION are as follows:

  • African-American Poetry (1750-1900)
  • American Poetry (1600-1900)
  • American Poetry 2 (1901-1997)
  • The Bible In English (990-1970)
  • Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare (1591-1911)
  • English Drama (1280-1915)
  • English Poetry (600-1900)
  • Eighteenth-Century Fiction (1700-1780)
  • Modern Poetry
  • Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
  • Cambridge Encyclopedia
  • King James Bible
  • Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged

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