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Database : Science of Synthesis

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Science of Synthesis

Science of Synthesis full title is: Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations, is a reference work for preparative methods in synthetic chemistry. Based on the product of a reaction, it is written by authors with an intimate knowledge of their subject matter, which summarize the literature and reference research articles that demonstrate various techniques and transformations. The current version 3.8 contains 42 volumes and over 238,000 reactions!

  • Provides an *exclusive overview* of the synthetic chemistry literature.
  • Provides easy access to the best and most *reliable* synthetic methods in organic and organometallic chemistry.
  • Gives organic chemists examples of *evaluated* methodology reviewed by world-renowned experts.
  • Allows researchers to *tailor* their structure, text and reaction searches to accommodate their chemical information needs.

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