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  • Cabaret (Dennis) papers (Coll2014.006)
    Organizational records, meeting agenda and minutes, reports, correspondence, political campaign records, bylaws, clippings and other material, 1986-1993, from Orange County AIDS activist, Dennis Cabaret. The collection includes material from the Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality (LIFE AIDS Lobby), the Log Cabin Republican Club, the Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO), and other gay and AIDS activist organizations.
  • Cadmus Editions Records (0131)
    Publisher's archives for the following Cadmus titles: A Short Guide to the High Places (Tom Clark, 1981) The Great Naropa Poetry Wars (Tom Clark, 1980) Nights We Put the Rock Together (Clayton Eshleman, 1980) Vision of the Fathers of Lescaux (Clayton Eshleman, 1983) Yellow Lola (Ed Dorn, 1981) Pillow Book of Carol Tinker (Carol Tinker, 1980) Tennessee Williams in Tangiers (Mohamed Choukri, 1979)* Disasters of War (Leighton Rollins, 1981) Early Routines (William Burroughs, 1981) *The Mohamed Choukri file is restricted.
  • Caiden (Gerald E.) articles (5277)
    Bound volumes of articles on public administration by USC School of Public Administration faculty member Gerald E. Caiden. Professor Caiden is a faculty member in the USC Price School of Public Policy, where he specializes in comparative and development administration, administrative theory, and the study of maladministration and bureaupathology.
  • California Association for Health and Welfare records (0405)
    The California Association for Health and Welfare records consist of executive committee minutes, planning materials and reports from regional and statewide conferences, newsletters, and miscellaneous Association publications. The majority of the material documents the planning of the Conference's annual organizational meetings held across the state, including the meeting held to discuss the fate of the organization in 1969. There are also materials produced by the California Conference of Social Work and the California Conference on Social Welfare.
  • California Association of Homes for the Aging records (0460)
    This small collection documents some of the activities of the California Association of Homes for the Aging, a statewide assocation of nonprofit housing and health care providers representing the needs of the elderly. Included are manuals for legislative action, materials for board members outlining program priorities, bulletins and newsletters, papers and reports, and minutes of board meetings. The materials date from the period 1964 to 1977.
  • California Association of School Social Workers records (0467)
    The California Association of School Social Workers records consist primarily of correspondence, 1927-1995, that documents the development of this organization from its roots in the California Association of Visiting Teachers. In addition to the correspondence, the records also contain meeting minutes, agendas, newsletters, programs, and reports. Among the subjects discussed are: the founding and role of the California State Association of Visiting Teachers and activities of its members; activities of the American Association of Visiting Teachers and its activities in California; membership requirements for the AAVT; training for visiting teachers in California; the establishment of training programs in California, specifically in cooperation with the USC School of Social Work; discussions of curricula for training programs; establishment of the National Association of School Social Workers California chapters, the School Social Work section of the National Association of Social Workers, and finally the California Association of School Social Workers.
  • California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners records (0465)
    The California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners records consists of memorandums, correspondence, minutes, and reports, 1946-1987 (bulk 1975-1980) that describe the primary activities of this body--licensing, examinations for certification, and professional standards and ethics for registered social workers and licensed clinical social workers.
  • California Board of Social Work Examiners and California Conference of Social Work State Committee on Social Work Education records (0404)
    The California Board of Social Work Examiners and California Conference of Social Work Education Committeee records consist primarily of correspondence and board meeting minutes, 1937-1961, that documents the activities of these two related entities. The records describe Board meetings, California legislation regarding the licensing of social workers, statistics on and evaluations of the social work licensing examination and state licensing codes. The latter part of the records contains information on the founding and activities of the California Conference of Social Work State Committee on Education, founded in 1951 with the goal of developing appropriate programs of education for future social workers.
  • "California Children" collection (0456)
    This small collection contains an almost complete run of "California Children," the monthly/quarterly bulletin of California's Department of Social Services, 1938-1944. Intended to provide an avenue for disseminating and sharing an understanding of childhood well being, the bulletins cover topics ranging from services for crippled children to music and mental hygiene. The bulletin was published monthly beginning January 15, 1938, then switched to quarterly publication in 1943 with volume 6. The collection contains a complete run of volumes 1, 3, 4 , and incomplete runs of volumes 2, 5, 6 and 7. Also included is an "Index to Past Issues" and an author, title, and subject index.
  • California Civic Light Opera Association records (0253)
    Papers, letters, reports, board meeting minutes books and records which relate to the formation and management of the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association (LACLO) and the subsequent California Civic Light Opera Association formed by the merger of the LACLO and the San Francisco Civic Light Opera Association.
  • California Coalition for Mental Health records (0468)
    The California Coalition for Mental Health records consists of correspondence, agendas, meeting minutes, financial information, flyers and brochures, 1983-1990, that document the activities of this non-profit organization whose purpose was to provide statewise leadership to ensure effective care and services for the mentally ill in California. Also included are records of the California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth (1983-1986).
  • California Democratic Council Collection (Coll2011.020)
    Meeting minutes, memos, correspondence, membership lists, bylaws, resolutions, reports, pamphlets, articles, newsletters, news releases, clippings, flyers, notes, and other material documenting the activities of the California Democratic Council (CDC), 1976-1981, mostly in regard to its Gay and Lesbian Caucus. The CDC is a voluntary affiliation of "grassroots" Democratic Party activist clubs, formed in 1953 by individuals interested in improving the Party's prospects in California. The California Democratic Council recognized its gay caucus in 1972, one of the first state party councils to do so.
  • California Federal Savings Bank newsletters (7013)
    Newsletters of the California Federal Savings Bank, the Cal Fed Telescope, the Cal Fed Eagle, and the Cal Fed California.
  • California Hands Across America records (0227)
    The records of the California office of Hands Across America include correspondence, memoranda, promotional materials, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. Held on May 25, 1986, Hands Across America was a benefit event staged to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness.
  • California Historical Society collection of historic postcards (0399)
    This small collection of postcards came to USC chiefly through the California Historical Society. Many of them appear to have originated with the same few families, based on notes and addresses on them. The images are of geographic subjects especially California, but there are also many European scenes and some non-geographical postcards.
  • California Historical Society collection of Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce records and photographs (0245.1)
    The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce materials document the activities of the organization from 1888 through the 1960s. Included in the collection are minutes from the Board of Director’s meetings, reports and publications from various government agencies and business, manufacturing and trade associations; a 35-year run of the Southern California Business Journal; exhibit and promotional graphics; and photographic materials, including prints, negatives, and slides.
  • California Historical Society collection of the California Department of Natural Resources' Los Angeles County Master Shoreline Plan records (0245.3)
    In 1947 a property appraisal was conducted along Santa Monica Bay for the purpose of estimating the fair market value of various shoreline parcels selected by the Regional Planning Commission of Los Angeles County for purchase by the State of California. The report, accompanied by tract maps and photographs, recommended the purchase of the selected parcels of land to the California State Park Commission. The records in this collection consist of a detailed appraisal report, a set of parcel maps, and a book of black and white photographs with typed descriptions of the properties.
  • California Historical Society collection of TICOR and C. C. Pierce photographs (0245.2)
    The collection reflects the activities of the California Historical Society’s Southern California Branch from the late 1970s through the early 1990s, a period when the Society established a History Center in Los Angeles devoted to collecting photographic and archival materials. The primary visual collection was the C.C. Pierce photographic collection, acquired by the Society from the Title Insurance and Trust Corporation (TICOR) in 1941. The collections served historians and researchers well into the 1980s, when the History Center closed. The CHS collection was transferred to the University of Southern California in 1990 on a long-term loan. The majority of the photographic materials have been digitized and incorporated into the USC Digital Library.
  • California Human Rights Advocates records (Coll2013.035)
    California State Legislature bills and resolutions, politician biographies, board of directors meeting minutes and agendas, press releases, bylaws, articles of incorporation, budget records, correspondence, job descriptions, contracts, fundraising records, reports, petitions, lobbying and mailing lists, position statements, clippings, lobby and staff reports, court records, brochures, newsletters, flyers, mock-ups of promotional material, and research records of the California Human Rights Advocates (CHRA), bulk 1977-1981. CHRA educated elected officials to the needs of their gay and lesbian constituents, lobbied for the passage of anti-discrimination assembly and senate bills, and battled against the passage of California Proposition 6, The Briggs Initiative, in 1978.
  • California March on Sacramento for Lesbian and Gay Rights records (Coll2012.182)
    Records created or collected by the Los Angeles Committee for the March on Sacramento regarding the California March on Sacramento for Lesbian and Gay Rights on January 13, 1980. The march goals focused on the passage of employment protection legislation for lesbian and gay people, primarily through assembly bill AB-1, and the cessation of violence against lesbian and gay people in society.
  • California Migrant, Transient, and Homeless Populations collection (0449)
    The California Migrant, Transient, and Homeless Populations collection consists of article offprints, booklets, unpublished papers, transcripts of hearings, newspaper clippings, one book, and twenty-two photographs spanning the years 1930-1992. All items in this collection (in one form or another) concern the rootless in society; especially prominent in these holdings are materials concerning migrant farm workers principally in California, but also in other parts of the nation. Other areas of interest are the homeless and transient youths. The "Cotton Survey" (1938) examined the living conditions of migrant farm workers and contains invaluable black-and-white photographs of farmers' camps in such places as Kern County. Also noteworthy are transcripts of testimony from Carey McWilliams, the famous editor of The Nation and authority on California ethnic groups, before state hearings on the migrant worker. The collection also contains an assembly of reports and papers from various private and public agencies on the homeless problem of the 80s and the 90s.
  • California Missions collection of inventories, reports, and other material (0374)
    The twenty-one documents in this collection, primarily inventories, account books, and annual reports from five California missions, show economic and social aspects of life at the missions. The documents, written in Spanish and dated from 1791-1846, provide information about the people living and working at the missions, including numbers of baptisms, marriages, births, and deaths; number and kinds of livestock and crops; descriptions of property and buildings; and accountings of debits and credits. The collection also includes documents reflecting financial and social transactions at multiple or unspecified missions.
  • California Public Welfare decisions (0447)
    This collection preserves court rulings, both from Federal and California state courts, on public welfare cases, and California Department of Benefit Payments memoranda and other documents regarding the implementation of these decisions. Many of the memoranda are stamped with the seal of the Stanislaus County Welfare Department, indicating that this material has some connection to this agency.
  • California Social Welfare Archives oral histories (0607)
    The CSWA Oral History Collection numbers one hundred interviews with persons important in the history of social work in southern California and in the nation. Examples of interviewees include Carmelita White, the first African-American graduate of the USC School of Social Work, in 1932; George Nickel, one of the leaders in the advancement of social welfare in California, from his entrance into the profession during the Great Depression until his death (1990); and Charles Schottland, Social Security Commissioner during the Eisenhower administration and head of the U.S. Children's Bureau. Many of the interviews have been digitized:
  • California Social Welfare Archives records (0412)
    The records of the California Social Welfare Archives include letters, fundraising documents, event planning materials and programs, and other materials relevant to the organization and functioning of the Archives as an organization. The initial collection covers the period from the CSWA's foundation in 1979 as the California Social Welfare Heritage through the beginning of the 21st century.
  • California Social Welfare collection of reports, newsletters, and other materials (0440)
    This artificial collection consists of various publications issued by California social welfare agencies. The collection was probably created, at least in part, from materials held in the USC School of Social Work Library, which were then transferred to the California Social Welfare Archives.
  • California State Military Forces letters, photographs and portfolio (7023)
    This small collection consists of a ceremonial book documenting the School of the Line and Staff of Camp Hopkins, October Session 1942; letters to and orders for the officers of the 1st Aero Squadron of the California State Militia, headquartered in Griffith Park, regarding a program for enlisting recruits, the operation of an air base at Manzanar, and promotion orders; and photographs, presumably of members of the Squadron. The collections appears to have been assembled by Captain John F. B. Carruthers, who served as chaplain at Camp Hopkins School of the Line and Staff. Camp Harry L. Hopkins, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, was the training center for the California State Guard. The School of the Line and Staff was established in September 1942.
  • California State Relief Administration reports and printed materials (0466)
    This small collection of reports and articles provides some information about the state of public welfare in California at the end of the 1930s. The material primarily discusses unemployment and services for the unemployed; it also includes a report evaluating the State Relief Administration with recommendations for reallocating functions and activities.
  • Caltrans District 7 records (0352)
    The records contains reports either used or created by the District 7 office of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Caltrans District 7 is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of over 1000 highway and freeway miles in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
  • Camp Camp records (Coll2012.132)
    Correspondence, steering committee records, photographs, negatives, clippings, publicity material, evaluation forms, floppy disks, and other material, 1996-2007, from "Camp" Camp, an annual one-week summer camp in Maine for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults. Founded in 1996 by William Cole, an eco-friendly real estate developer based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Camp Camp was created to provide an LGBT community-oriented vacation structured similarly to outdoor summer youth camps. The collection documents Camp Camp activities and publicity, as well as correspondence with past and returning campers.
  • Canal Zone railroad crosstie (0070)
    Section of railroad crosstie from the first railroad in Panama; "It was necessary to bore holes for the spikes owing to hardness [of the lignum vitae used for the tie]".
  • Canalli (John) photographs and video recordings (Coll2009.007)
    Photographs, video recordings, and personal papers, circa 1978-2010, from gay independent filmmaker John Canalli. The bulk of the photographs documents Canalli and his friends attending drag queen events in San Francisco. The video recordings include DVDs and videocassettes of Canalli's film productions, including Wigstock documentaries and outtakes, the documentary Heroism : A Community Responds, programs from the Gay Cable Network, and excerpts from unfinished works.
  • Cantwell (Alan) papers (Coll2009.008)
    Correspondence, articles, books, clippings, ephemera and audiovisual materials collected and created by Alan Cantwell during the course of his research relating to the theory that the AIDS epidemic is a man-made creation, its link to cancer bacteria, and the Hepatitis B experiments conducted on gay men from 1978-1981. The materials also discuss biological warfare, radiation, genocidal issues, and HIV. Included are a number of articles and books written by Cantwell as well as research material he used for his body of work. The authors of the research material include Robert Gallo, Virginia Livingston and Robert Strecker.
  • Capobianco (William) papers (Coll2013.102)
    Correspondence, screenplays, drafts, clippings, photographs, health records and other personal documents relating to gay screenwriter William J. Capobianco (1947-1992), who co-wrote Tenebrae (date unknown) and Medea (1978). The collection includes other screenplays and short story drafts, as well as correspondence with Joe Callahan and David Sherlock. Photographs document the retail store LA Leathers in Los Angeles.
  • Carr (Gerald P.) papers (6009)
    Letters, itineraries, receipts and clippings from Colonel Gerald P. "Jerry" Carr's 1976 trip to France, Hungary, Sweden, East Germany, and Washington, D.C. on behalf of NASA and the State Department. Carr is an engineer, retired Colonel in the United States Marine Corps, and former NASA astronaut. He was commander of Skylab 4 (third and final manned visit to the Skylab Orbital Workshop, November 1973-February 1974).
  • Carrel (Jack) Papers (Coll2014.021)
    Meeting minutes, membership records, fliers, programs, correspondence, bylaws and constitutions, clippings, handbooks, organizational guidelines, calendars, financial records, reports, grant records, publicity photographs, and notes of the Altanta Gay Center and Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity created and/or collected by Jack Carrel, 1980-1994. Jack Carrel worked at the Atlanta Gay Center, circa 1980-1986, and was a member of Delta Lambda Phi, circa 1987-1994.
  • Carrier (Joseph M.) papers (Coll2007.001)
    Correspondence, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, research notes, journal reviews, conference materials, and published reference materials documenting Carrier's anthropological field research, particularly in the years 1970-1990, on homosexual behaviors of men of Spanish and Indian ancestry in Mexico and of Hispanic and Vietnamese males in Southern California and his work with the Orange County Health Agency AIDS Community Education Project (ACEP).
  • Carroll (Pat) Collection (2120)
    Collection consists of storyboards, correspondence, scripts and production materials pertaining to the work of actress Pat Carroll (b. 1927) in television commercials, from 1967-1975.
  • Carter (Rick) Collection (2289)
    Collection contains the papers of production designer Rick Carter (b. 1952), who frequently works with directors Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. Movies represented in this collection include Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump.
  • Cassady (G. Edward, M.D. and Margaret Elizabeth, R.N.) Lewis Carroll collection of ephemera (0392)
    The G. Edward Cassady, M.D. and Margaret Elizabeth Cassady, R.N. Lewis Carroll collection of ephemera is that part of the Cassady collection which is not catalogued separately as the books and other Carroll artifacts are. The ephemera consists chiefly of articles and miscellaneous publications saved by George and Linda Cassady, a collection to which is added regularly.
  • Catholic Youth Organization annual reports and manuals (0478)
    This small collections consists of the Catholic Youth Organization's Annual Reports for 1963, 1964 and 1966, 2 copies of the CYO's Neighborhood Day Camp Staff Manual, the 1974 Staff Manual appendix, and an administrative document outlining the mission, purpose, and structure of the organization (circa 1960s).
  • Cavener (Jim) papers (Coll2013.096)
    This collection primarily consists of Jim Cavener's reviews of theater, artists and art exhibits, music, and community news and events of the Greater San Bernandino Area from 1987-1997. Clippings from Upland Magazine, Rancho Cucamonga News, Inland Valley Daily Empire and Ontario Daily Report as well as performing arts clippings comprise the bulk of the materials. The collection also includes event flyers, photographs of theater productions, correspondence, and general LGBT articles.
  • Ceci (Lou) March on Washington Photographs (Coll2012.012)
    Lou Ceci hotographs of the 1987 March on Washington, including images of the AIDS quilt display.
  • Center for Healthy Aging records (0414)
    The Center for Healthy Aging is a Santa Monica based organization whose main goal is to provide health advice and counselling for senior citizens who might otherwise not be able to afford such care. The Center began in 1976 under the name of Senior Health Peer Counseling; the name was changed to Center for Healthy Aging in 1995. The collection presently contains materials from the governing board meetings, correspondence of the Center's two executive officers, Bernice Bratter (1976-1985) and Monika White (1985-the present), some publications, materials relating to grants and to cooperative efforts between the Center and other charitable organizations on the Westside of Los Angeles.
  • Century Freeway records (0228)
    Century Freeway, officially named the I-105 Glenn M. Anderson (Century) Freeway Transitway, extends for 17.3 miles in a west-east direction, from Sepulveda Blvd near the Los Angeles International Airport to the I-605 Freeway. The freeway traverses nine cities in the County of Los Angles and interchanges with four freeways: Interstate Routes 405, 110, 710, and 605. Planning for the Century Freeway began in 1958 and it took 35 years to build. The freeway opened to the public in 1993. The collection includes reports, studies, meeting minutes, photographs, and court documents related to the planning and building of the freeway.
  • Chaplin (Saul) Collection (2015)
    Collection consists of Scripts and production items for some 1950's MGM films such as Can-Can, High Society, Teahouse of the August Moon, etc., covering the work of songwriter and music director Saul Chaplin (1912-1997), cover 1953-1960.
  • Charnow (David) Upper Westsider papers (Coll2013.004)
    Electronic bulletin board printouts from The Backroom, 1987-1990, a New York-based computer bulletin board service (BBS) co-moderated by David Charnow. Known as the Upper Westsider, Charnow was instrumental in establishing and maintaining "Survivors," a section of the The Backroom BBS that served as a discussion forum for people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Chen (Dr. Theodore Hsi-en) Papers (3266)
    The Theodore H.E. Chen Papers are administrative and faculty papers from Dr. Chen's chairing of the East Asian Studies Center and its predecessors from 1960-71. There are some materials from the 40s and 50s, and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings on Dr. Chen's career. Theodore H.E. Chen (Ph.D. '39) was chairman of USC's Department of Asian Studies from 1940 to 1968, and from 1960 to 1971 he directed the East Asian Studies Center, in support of which he had obtained the first federal grants. He also secured outside funding for a project to help train and advise high school teachers of Chinese and Japanese. A native of Fuzhou, China, he was president of Fukien Christian University in 1946 and 1947 while on leave to participate in postwar rehabilitation. He also helped organize Tunghai University in Taiwan as a representative of the United Board of Christian Colleges. He was the author of nine books, including Thought Reform of Chinese Intellectuals, Maoist Educational Revolution and Chinese Education since 1949. Dr. Chen died May 7, 1991.
  • Chicago newspapers about William McKinley (0305)
    This is a small collection of newspapers published in Chicago between 1898 and 1901 that contain front-page articles about President William McKinley, primarily his election and his assassination. Included are editions of the Chicago Daily Tribune, the Sunday Times-Herald, the Elgin Daily News,and the Chicago Record-Herald. The newspapers are extremely fragile.
  • Childhood play activities questionnaires (Coll2012.165)
    Completed questionnaires of childhood play behavior as reported by adult male homosexuals and heterosexuals, and female homosexuals and heterosexuals, circa 1977. These completed questionnaires formed the basis for the study "Childhood Play Activities of Male and Female Homosexuals" by Edward A. Grellert, Michael D. Newcomb, and P.M. Bentler, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. II, No. 6, 1982.
  • Christian Missionaries Publications (0182)
    Publications of French and German missionary groups, reporting on their work in Africa and the Far East. Collection includes extended runs of Nachrichten aus der Bruer-Gemeinde, Bruder (Missions-Blatt fur Kinder), and Les Missions d'Afrique for the period 1860-1925.
  • Christopher (Paul) collection of Carl W. Knight's photographs (0321)
    The Paul Christopher collection of Carl W. Knight's photographs consists mainly of photographs, negatives, and slides of portraits and scenic views of Missouri and Southern California. In addition to the images, there are a few textual items that include financial documents, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous ticket stubs and pamphlets that Knight collected. The date span of the collection ranges from 1920 to 1970.
  • Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee (New York, N.Y.) Collection (Coll2011.023)
    Clippings, news releases, flyers, newsletters, event calenders, articles, correspondence, photographs, negatives, organizational lists, meeting minutes, reports, and other material documenting the activity of the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee (CSLDC), 1970-1985. The Committee organized the first gay pride events in New York in 1970 to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969. Many photographs of the pride parade may be found in folders dated 1971-1973.
  • Christopher Street West Association Records (Coll2012.134)
    Photographs, slides, clippings and analyses of press coverage, fliers, resolutions, certificates, and award plaques from the Christopher Street West Association (CSW). Formed in 1970 CSW was the first pride organization in the United States to obtain a city permit for its parade. In 1973 the parade was suspended, in the following year the parade resumed and a festival was added to the celebration. The parade was held on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles until 1978, after which it was moved to Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
  • Cinema Library Clipping Files (1998)
    Collection consists of Name files, subject files, and production files of news clippings on subjects in motion pictures and television. Includes reviews and production information. Begun in-house during 1940s and enhanced through a number of donations.
  • Cinema-Television Photo Archive Stills Collection (2000)
    Collection consists of approximately 200,000 images from among 20,000 film titles, covering the years 1913 to the present.
  • Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park records (0320)
    The Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park was founded in 1965 to organize public and official awareness and to raise support to preserve the park land as public open space, and to develop it for recreational activities. The mission and efforts of this vibrant "grass roots" organization are ongoing, and the Committee will continue to add materials which document its activities. The collection consists of nine boxes of records dating back to the Committee's early history in the 1960s. It was donated by the 2004 Board of Directors of the Committee.
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks reports and brochure (0450)
    The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks reports and brochure contains three items, two of which are reports on the City of Los Angeles' recreational infrastructure. One examines the immediate post-World War II era and is dated 1946, while the other dates from 1980; both are concerned with the improvements of city recreational facilities. The brochure (circa 1940s) outlines available recreation facilities and activities for senior citizens.
  • Clark (Robert) St. Louis Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.123)
    Photographs of the St. Louis pride parade from 2000 and 2001 from an unidentified photographer.
  • Clark (Tom) Papers (0151)
    Drafts and galleys of Writer: A Life of Jack Kerouac and The Exile of Celine; Kerouac chronology; notes for the 1986 Olson Lectures; holograph notebooks; typescript poems and articles by Clark (b.1941).
  • Clark's (Robert) Photographic Portraits of Presumed Gay and Bisexual Men (Coll2012.139)
    Two sets of black-and-white photographic prints of presumed gay men, bisexual men, and men who have sex with men, circa 1850-1937. Each of the sets is prefaced with itemized descriptions depicting the reason for the photograph's inclusion in the collection.
  • Clarke (K. Garrison) collection of photographs of Southern California and Baja California, Mexico (0322)
    The collection consists of 128 black and white reprints of images taken by K. Garrison Clarke between 1948 and 1975. Most of the images are taken in and around Los Angeles County. A sizable amount of photographs are from a 1961 photo shoot at Jungleland USA, an animal training center in Thousand Oaks, CA that housed animals used in Hollywood films. Images from a commercial experiment at Oxnard and the Channel Islands (1965) and photographs from a shoot for Mexico West Coast Magazine in Baja California (1965) are also included.
  • Clayonian Literary Society Lecture Committee records (0101)
    The Clayonian Literary Society was charged with inviting notable persons of the day to speak at its meetings. George Long Hutchings, a banker, was chairman of the Clayonian Society of Newark, New Jersey at least until 1871. Some of the club's speakers included G. W. Curtis, Anna E. Dickinson, Bret Harte, and Frederick Douglass, among many other authors, musicians, actors, abolitionists, and activists. The collection is comprised of "acceptance" as well as "rejection" letters of the luminaries who were invited to address the literary society, as well as many signed receipts.
  • Clifford (A.M.) Papers (0133)
    Economic surveys and "war loan" data, ca. 1943, from the office of a Los Angeles investment counselor.
  • Coalition for Human Rights (Los Angeles) Records (Coll2011.025)
    Flyers, organizational statements, meeting minutes, organizational correspondence, newsletters, clippings, and mailing lists documenting the founding and activities of the Coalition for Human Rights (Los Angeles). The Coalition was formed in 1977 largely in response to anti-gay and anti-feminist initiatives by Anita Bryant, Phyllis Schaffley, and California State Senator John Briggs. Much of the material focuses on the Coalition's work organizing opposition to California Proposition 6 Briggs Initiative in 1978.
  • Coalition for Human Rights (San Francisco) Records (Coll2011.026)
    Publicity, meeting minutes, clippings, flyers, newsletters, organizational statements, correspondence, notes, and member lists documenting the Coalition for Human Rights (San Francisco), founded in 1977 to "represent the community of lesbians and gay men" toward the end of building a society free of "discrimination and oppression based on sex and sexual orientation."
  • Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights (New York) Records (Coll2011.027)
    Correspondence, flyers, newsletters, articles, meeting minutes, organizational forms, legal documents, legislation drafts, city council member lists, meeting rosters, clippings and other material documenting the activities, 1977-1990, of the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights (New York). Between 1977 and 1986, the Coalition's primary focus was to secure passage by the New York City Council of legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
  • Coast to Coast Times records (Coll2011.021)
    Typescripts and editorial content, correspondence, advertising information, personnel records, distribution records, financial records, notes, negatives, and publicity material, 1972-1979, from the bi-monthly gay and lesbian newsmagazine, Coast to Coast Times and its predecessor Pacific Coast Times, based in West Hollywood, California.
  • Collection on Indonesian Languages (0192)
    Research materials on Balanese and other South East Asian languages, acquired for the University by Professor John Lansing (anthropology).
  • Collection on J. Paul Getty (0091)
    Clipping service scrapbooks on the later life of Getty (1892-1976), the construction of the Getty Museum in Malibu, and the settlement of his estate; clippings and photographs of the museum; album of letters, 1955-56, to Getty regarding his book, Collector's Choice.
  • Collins (Don) Photographs (Coll2012.059)
    Don Collins photographs include images of Ray Broshears at the Christopher Steet West pride parade, June 1972, and of Phillip Burton, William E. Beardemphl, William Milliard, Eldo Powell, and John Foran speaking at candidates night at the Gay Voters League, October 1972.
  • Colt (Samuel) Collection (2018)
    Collection consists of Books, miscellaneous theatre programs, letters, piano score and unpublished manuscript by actor Lionel Barrymore, covering the years 1911-1959. Samuel Colt is the son of actress Ethel Barrymore.
  • (Combs) Carmen papers (0490)
    The Carmen Combs papers contains reports, conference proceedings, committee minutes, studies, seminar and institute materials, pamphlets, analyses of problems and topics, legislation, speech transcripts, and memoranda to Court Referees, and personal notes. The documents generally focus on the welfare of children. There is much attention given to the juvenile court system.
  • Committee for Homosexual Freedom (San Francisco) Collection (Coll2011.028)
    Press statements, seminar outline, correspondence, photographs, clippings, flyers, legal documents, notes and other material documenting the activities of the Committee for Homosexual Freedom (CHF) in San Francisco, 1969-1980, which protested employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The collection includes photographs of demonstrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • Community Chest and Welfare Federation of Los Angeles Area records (0461)
    The Community Chest and Welfare Federation of Los Angeles Area records contains reports (both annual and research), minutes, by-laws, and other administrative materials that document the higher level functions of these non-profit organizations during formative phases of their history, the late 1920s through the early 1960s.
  • Community Relations Conference of Southern California records (0401)
    The records of the Community Relations Conference--which lasted longer than any other such group in the nation--include full minutes for the first ten annual meetings, with executive committee, board of directors and delegate assembly minutes covering the following 31 years. Correspondence files for successive executive directors of the Conference display the range of their influential acquaintance, and their skill and patience in advocacy and mediation. Correspondence with well known figures, particularly in liberal or left wing circles of the era, appears often--from Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas to Carey McWilliams, both of whom addressed the Conference. Also found are references to energetic young members of the Conference, such as Kenneth Hahn, Tom Bradley, Edward R. Roybal, and Maxine Waters, who later would become political leaders. Materials in some fifty files reflect the work of the Conference's standing committees in such basic areas as fair housing and equality of opportunity in employment and education, and in other areas needing special attention, such as immigration legislation, equity in city planning, fair political practices, and the eradication of racism in law enforcement. Also collected here are publications of the Community Relations Educational Foundation (CREF), including its Guide to Civic Responsibility, its directories of Legal Resources, and of "Employment and Training Resources for Los Angeles and Vicinity", together with Community Intelligence Bulletins on ethnic and racial minorities in the area.
  • Comprehensive Bibliography of Homosexuality work papers (Coll2008.007)
    Photocopy typescript and bibliographic cards for the Comprehensive Bibliography of Homosexuality, projected but never completed by W. Dorr Legg (1904-1994) and Wayne R. Dynes (1934-), and intended to supersede Vern L. Bullough, Barrett W. Elcano, W. Dorr Legg, and James Kepner, ed., An Annotated Bibliography of Homosexuality (1976).
  • Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Los Angeles County plans and reports (0441)
    This small collection contains reports and planning documents issued by the Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Los Angeles County, either independently or in conjunction with other agencies, 1972-1976.
  • Conaway (Connie) letters (7014)
    Letters and postcards from Corporal Art Harm to Connie (Vernacaleen) Conaway (Haught). Although primarily love letters, the letters and postcards also contain details about Corporal Harm's basic training at Fort Murphy, Florida. The letters begin in May 1943 and end in September 1943. Also included is a photograph of Corporal Harm, inscribed to Connie and dated June 22, 1943; a telegram; and a letter from Cyrus Lounsbury. Connie was born in Oklahoma, but was living in Los Angeles by 1943. She died in Los Angeles in 1998.
  • Concerned Americans for Individual Rights (CAIR) records (Coll2008.056)
    Position papers, correspondence, financial reports, planning papers, press releases and other materials relating to Concerned Americans for Individual Rights (CAIR), an organization of moderate to conservative gay and lesbian members of the Republican party formed by Bruce Decker to work to change the negative image of the GLBT community within the party and to counter the rising influence of the Religious Right. The materials date from the foundation of the organization in the spring of 1984 until the spring of 1985.
  • Connors (Chuck) Collection (2121)
    Collection consists of television scripts for shows and series featuring actor Chuck Connors (1921-1992); scrapbooks of clippings and publicity materials; awards and plaques; instrumental score for The Rifleman; political files pertaining to Richard Nixon.
  • Conrad (Douglas) collection (Coll2013.095)
    Photographs, a transcript, typescripts, clippings, and promotional flyers and pamphlets documenting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in Hungary, Poland and Serbia, 1991-2005, collected by San Francisco gay activist, Douglas Conrad. The collection includes documents from Shades of Red and Pink, an oral history project begun by Conrad to document GLBT people in Eastern European countries.
  • Conti (Steve) collection of Sascha Brastoff photographs (Coll2006.008)
    15 photographs of artist and designer Sascha Brastoff, primarily in drag, from circa 1940 to circa 1965.
  • Cooper (Gladys) Collection (2022)
    Collection consists of scripts, contracts, programs, correspondence, scrapbooks and clippings relating to 25 motion pictures (1916-1960), 5 radio programs (1935-54) and 90 plays (1905-1968) which actress Dame Gladys Cooper (1888-1971) optioned or appeared in.
  • Coors Boycott Committee Collection (Coll2011.029)
    Correspondence, memoranda, resolutions, flyers, articles, clippings, reports, sworn statements, newsletters, publicity, photographs, pamphlets, petitions, and ephemera documenting the activities of the Coors Boycott Committee (CBC), 1975-1997. Based in Los Angeles, the CBC advocated and coordinated gay and lesbian support for a boycott of Coors beer to protest the company's discriminatory employment and financial practices.
  • Corbett (Elizabeth) papers (0148)
    Correspondence between novelist Elizabeth Corbett (b. 1887, Aurora, Ill., d. 1981, New York, NY) and Laura Burmeister; includes typescript poems.
  • Corbin (Joan) papers (Coll2013.012)
    The collection primarily consists of drawings and poetry created by Joan Corbin, 1937-1987, as well as biographical material written about her, circa 1995-2013. Joan Corbin, pseudonym Eve Elloree, planned, designed, and illustrated ONE Magazine as an editorial staff member, 1953-1954, and art director, 1954-1963.
  • Cork (John) collection (2594)
    The John Cork collection contains a wide variety of both produced and unproduced material related to the James Bond phenomenon. Primarily, the collection focuses on the James Bond films from 1962 (Dr. No) until 2002 (Die Another Day), and their impact on worldwide society and culture. Contents of the collection include scripts, call sheets, photographs, periodicals, clipping files, fan magazine content, merchandise, and other collected material. Much of the material comes from Cork's research while producing official "making of" documentaries, as well as other published works as an author and filmmaker.
  • Corry (Guy) Photographs (Coll2012.060)
    Guy Corry photographs consist of one image of a peace rally at the San Francisco Civic Center, circa late 1960s, and nine images of the 1974 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day, including one image of Reverend Ray Broshears leading the Helping Hands group in the parade.
  • Cory (Donald Webster) Papers (Coll2011.022)
    Correspondence, clippings, articles, legal documents, publicity, notes, and a dissertation excerpt documenting the literary activity of author and early gay rights advocate Donald Sagarin, who wrote under the pseudonym Donald Webster Cory in the 1950s. Cory was the author of the book The Homosexual in America (1951).
  • Cotten (Joseph) Collection (2115)
    Collection consists of six scrapbooks relating to films in which actor Joseph Cotton (1905-1994) appeared; includes miscellaneous stills and photographs. Collection covers 1931-1962.
  • Coudron (Victor) papers (6000)
    Poems, plays, novels by French author Victor Coudron. The majority are manuscripts. Also includes notes made by the author, correspondence with an editor, and clippings.
  • Coulter Dry Goods Company records (0008)
    Family history of B. F. Coulter, photographs, business correspondence, clippings; photographs of window and counter displays. The family business was founded in 1878 in Los Angeles and flourished until the 1960s.
  • Council of Social Agencies of Los Angeles records (0480)
    The Council of Social Agencies of Los Angeles records consist of meeting minutes, reports, and correspondence and memorandums, 1929-1947, created and collected by this welfare organization. The minutes are primarily those of the Executive Committee, and describe the higher level administrative activites of the Council. The reports consist of summaries of the activities of the various Council divisions, as well as research reports produced by these divisions on such topics as Los Angeles social agencies, social welfare organizations, and social conditions.
  • Council on Religion and the Homosexual collection (Coll2008.065)
    The collection consists of miscellaneous materials relating to the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, founded in San Francisco in 1965, primarily for the period 1965-1973.
  • Craig (Robert F.) papers and photographs (Coll2012.177)
    Personal and professional papers, photographs, negatives, slides, film, audiocassettes, a videocassette, and other material from businessman, publisher, and gay activist, Robert F. Craig, 1934-2000. Perhaps best known as owner of the Los Angeles-based gay newsmagazine, Frontiers, Craig was also instrumental in organizations such as Christopher Street West, Valley Business Alliance, Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality (LIFE AIDS Lobby), and the West Hollywood Incorporation Committee. Materials document his activism in the gay community, personal life, military service, personal relationships, travels, and businesses he operated.
  • Crawford et al. v. Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles et al. records (0234)
    Crawford et al. v. Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles et al. was a case in which the California Supreme Court ordered the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to formulate a feasible plan to desegregate its schools. In 1977, the LAUSD came up with a plan that was later deemed one of, if not the most, drastic plans of mandatory student reassignment in the nation. The collection consists of court case transcripts, court exhibits, depositions, reports, office memos, correspondence, articles clippings, notes, files from the superintendent's office, plans considered in desegregating schools, and other miscellaneous documents from the time the defense was being prepared. The collection dates from 1976-1980.
  • Cray (Ed) papers (0202)
    Ed Cray (b. 1933) is a veteran journalist and associate professor of journalism at USC. The collection includes Volumes 1-18 (1949-67) of the liberal West Coast political weekly/monthly Frontier Magazine, edited by Phil Kerby. Cray often wrote for the publication. Also included are posters, photographs by Cray, and notes, typescripts and correspondence on Cray's publications, California politics and American foreign policy.
  • Cross (Steve) Orange County Pride Festival Photographs (Coll2012.013)
    Steve Cross photographs of Orange County's first Gay and Lesbian Pride festival held in 1989 at Centennial Park in Santa Ana, California.
  • Cruising (motion picture) Collection (Coll2011.030)
    Flyers, clippings, articles, correspondence, article draft, screenplay excerpts, news releases, photographs, production schedule, film publicity, and notes documenting controversy regarding the film Cruising (1980), a crime-drama that elicited opposition from gay and lesbian activists for its portrayal of homosexuality. The collection documents actions directed against the production and release of the film, as well as controversy within the gay and lesbian community over the issue of censorship.
  • Cukor (George) Collection (2001)
    Collection consists of telegrams, correspondence, photographs, stills and a television script covering the years 1932-1963 and related to the work of director George Cukor (1899-1983).
  • Culp (Gladys H.) papers (0408)
    This collection consists of material documenting Gladys Culp’s undergraduate and graduate work at USC, and materials related to her career in social work with the Bureau of Public Assistance of the County of Los Angeles, especially in the 1960s.
  • Curzon (Daniel) Papers (Coll2011.031)
    Clippings, correspondence, publicity, articles, book reviews, interviews, flyers, and photographs documenting literary activities of gay novelist, playwright, journalist, and scholar, Daniel Curzon. The emphasis of the collection is on the critical reception of novels published by Curzon, 1974-1986.