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  • Dahl (Ingolf) papers (1001)
    The Ingolf Dahl papers contain the manuscripts, scores, and professional and personal papers of American composer and USC School of Music faculty member Ingolf Dahl (1912-1970). Dahl, one of USC's most distinguished faculty members, had a long and successful career in music both here in his adopted country and abroad. In 1938, Dahl immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Los Angeles where he found work as a composer and conductor for radio and film. In 1943, Dahl joined the faculty of USC. He remained a member of the faculty until his death.
  • Dahlquist (David) Washington, D.C. Gay Pride Rally Photographs (Coll2012.061)
    David Dahlquist photographs of a gay pride rally in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C., May 5, 1972. Includes images of Reverend Robert M. Clement, Rich Wandel, and Dr. George Weinberg.
  • Dank (Barry M.) Papers (Coll2011.032)
    Articles, correspondence, syllabi, and clippings documenting sociologist Barry M. Dank's professional involvement with the issue of social and personal acceptance of gay identity. In 1971, Dank, a professor at California State University, Long Beach, published an article in the journal Psychiatry that argued notions of homosexual deviance would wane in the face of increasing acceptance of same-sex sexuality as a legitimate way of life.
  • Das Gesundheitswesen Der Stadt Warschau report (6059)
    Report prepared for the German government on diseases and healthcare problems in Warsaw from September 1939 though March 1942 and potential epidemic situations. The bombing of Warsaw left about 40% of the city without fresh water or functioning sewers. The report, in three parts, targets Jews as part of the problem, records statistics about the Ghetto's population, and includes charts detailing births and deaths. Also included are two photographs of Nazi officials in front of the Warsaw Ghetto. Both photographs have handwritten annotations on the reverse. Part I was cleared for release as an administrative report; Parts 2 and 3 were for official German use only.
  • "Dave Eliot: Nudes" Exhibit Photographs (Coll2012.063)
    Nude photographic prints by Dave Eliot from the exhibtion "Dave Eliot: Nudes" at A Different Light Bookstore in Santa Monica, California, January 1989.
  • David (Mack) Collection (2037)
    Collection consists of 550 items of sheet music dating from 1924; screenplays and miscellaneous material including budgets, correspondence, contracts and advertising brochures related to films that composer Mack David (1912-1993) had worked on.
  • Davidson (Jon W.) papers (Coll2013.022)
    Correspondence, notes, intake logs, flyers and other material, 1985-1995, of Jon W. Davidson, former senior staff counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. As former head of the Lesbian and Gay Rights Project of the ACLU of Southern California, Davidson was instrumental in numerous ACLU legal actions on behalf of gay and lesbian civil rights. The bulk of the material consists of requests for assistance submitted to the ACLU chapter in the early 1990s.
  • Davis (Luther) Collection (2021)
    Collection consists of Scripts and production material for the 1969 television production of Arsenic and Old Lace by writer Luther Davis.
  • Davis (Richard) Papers (Coll2014.016)
    Bibliographic records, clippings, correspondence, court records, fliers, government ordinances, guidelines, mass mailings, medical records, notes, pamphlets, press releases, programs, and training records of Richard Davis, 1961-2012. The papers document Rick Davis' gay political activism in Minnesota in the 1970s, including with the Minnesota Committee for Gay Rights. The papers also document his work in Washington, D.C., in the early 1980s with the Right to Privacy Foundation.
  • De Wolfe (Billy) Collection (2118)
    Collection consists of clippings, scrapbooks, vaudeville photo album, musical arrangements, posters, awards, stills from stage, motion pictures, and television covering the period 1925-1974 from actor Billy De Wolfe (1907-1974).
  • Dean (Jessie E.) papers (0410)
    Jessie E. Dean was employed by the Los County Department of Charities from 1919 to 1943, and served as Supervisor in the successive Divisions of Outdoor Relief, County Welfare and Indigent Relief. A citation of appreciation from her fellow workers, found in this collection, noted that she was the first, or "near first" trained social worker to practice in Los Angeles. Certainly she was a founding member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers, begun in 1923, and also of its journal "The Lens", published from 1926-37. A 1916-17 bulletin of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, annotated in Dean's handwriting, indicates that she studied there and was taught by Edith Abbott and Sophonisba Breckinridge. The collection, made up of a miscellany of professional papers accumulated during Dean's career and preserved by a co-worker on her retirement, reflects the high level of personal dedication, social conscience, and moral conviction characteristic of social workers of her generation. A strong teaching ethic is evident in the detailed instructional outlines she compiled for the training of new "visitors" and student social workers. The collection contains descriptive annual reports for the County Welfare Division, from 1921-32 and for 1935, written by Dean for delivery to the Board of Supervisors by her Superintendent. In effect these long accounts are vivid essays on social welfare conditions prevailing in Los Angeles during the hectic population increase of the 1920s followed by the Depression. The gradually changing tone of the reports, as professional social workers found themselves transformed into emergency relief dispensers, indicates the difficult adaptation required of Dean and her co-workers in the early 1930s. Also included in the collection is a manuscript draft of a critical account of County Welfare operations in 1925, journals, reprints, pamphlets, articles, sermons, seminar notes and transcripts, reports, teaching materials and book excerpts and outlines, together with some examples of intake forms used by Dean's office during the Depression.
  • Dean (Roy) photographs (Coll2013.050)
    Photograph album mockups of Roy Dean's books A Time in Eden (1969) and Before the Hand in Man (1972) as well as black-and-white photographic prints used or considered in these or his other books. In addition to his photography, Dean was an actor in theater, television, and film, as well as a writer, director, and stage designer.
  • DeBrier (Samson) papers (Coll2014.005)
    Correspondence, notes, photographs, clippings, biographical material, and other personal papers, 1948-1995, from actor, artist, and raconteur Samson DeBrier, also known as Arthur Jasmine. After working as an actor in the 1910s and 1920s, most notably in the film Salome, the eccentric DeBrier remained in Hollywood and literati circles throughout his life and was known for hosting salons with creative locals in his Hollywood home. The bulk of the collection is correspondence sent to de Brier from 1954 to 1995.
  • Defore (Don) Collection (2075)
    Collection consists of 31 screenplays, 9 reels of TV film, 16 radio transcriptions of late 1940â??s programs. Also movie magazines, publicity materials, playbills, pressbooks, clippings, photos, business papers and personal items, of actor Don Defore (b. 1917). Collection covers the years 1947-1967.
  • DeLay (Theodore S.) collection of Armed Forces Radio Service memorandums, reports, and other material (0109)
    Research archive for a history of AFRS activity during World War II. The military radio service broadcast news and entertainment by shortwave wherever U.S. forces were engaged.
  • DeMille (Cecil B.) Collection (2099)
    Collection consists of scrapbooks, stills, and property appraisal. 17 stereopticon slides from Fool's Paradise, all related to the work of director Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959). Collection covers years 1920-1952.
  • DeMille (William C.) Collection (2008)
    Collection consists of scripts and essays written by director, writer, producer William C. DeMille (1878-1955) and his wife writer Clara Beranger (1886-1956). Also includes clippings, playbills, correspondence and miscellaneous production materials covering the years 1896-1953.
  • Derkum (Adam C.) Papers (0025)
    Civil service documents of the teaching career of a Welsh-born American (b.1874) in various Philippine Islands schools, ca. 1900-1925. In 1903 a young couple, Adam and Agnes Derkum, left Los Angeles to work as teachers in the Philippine Islands. A quarter of a century later, having held a number of different assignments in various provincial schools, the Derkums returned to this city with the four children they had raised overseas. Adam Derkum, who had studied at USC, later gave a collection of letters and documents about their Philippine years to the University.
  • Devine (Andy) Collection (2080)
    Collection consists of radio and television scripts for Wild Bill Hickock from 1951-1957, and related to the actor Andy Devine (1905-1977).
  • Diary of a Nazi Girl report (6064)
    Produced by Headquarters 52nd Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade, APO 654, US Army, this 13 typewritten, stapled pages, translated from German to English, is the second installment of the diary of a young girl in the Hitler Youth who lived in American-occupied territory (Monschau) towards the end of the Second World War. The document is titled "Annex to Daily Intelligence Summary: Diary of a Nazi Girl II". Stamped "SECRET" and translated by E.L.
  • Dick (Christian R.) collection of bookplates (0085)
    Ex-Libris in ring binders, boxed, and in envelopes, collected by former USC librarian (Miss) Christian R. Dick (1883-1954); correspondence; index.
  • Dick Whittington Studio negatives and photographs (0250)
    The "Dick" Whittington Studio was the largest and finest photography studio in the Los Angeles area from the mid-1920's to early 1980's. Specializing in commercial photography, the Whittington studio took photographs for nearly every major business and organization in Los Angeles; in so doing, the studio documented the growth and commercial development of Los Angeles. Clients included Max Factor, the Broadway, Bullocks, and May Co. department stores, the California Fruit Growers Association, Signal Oil, Shell Oil, Union Oil, See's Candies, Van de Kamp's bakeries, Forest Lawn, Sparkletts Water, CBS, Don Lee Television, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, real estate developers, construction companies, automobile, aircraft, and railroad companies, and drive-in theaters. Another notable client was the University of Southern California, which contracted with the Whittington studios for coverage of athletic and other events. The collection consists primarily of 500,000 negatives dating between 1923 and 1985.
  • Dickmann (Ken) papers and photographs (Coll2013.063)
    Personal papers, writings, theater production records, publicity material, correspondence, photographs, negatives, slides, and other material, circa 1920-1995, from Ken Dickmann. Materials document Dickmann's life as an Air Force veteran, writer, performer, director, publicist, and gay activist in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. The collection includes his published and unpublished articles related to theater and film criticism and issues in the gay community; material from his work in theater and public relations; and extensive photographs documenting his family and friends, theater and publicity career, drag performances, travel, and gay and lesbian communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Also included are the correspondence and writings of Dickmann's friend Ron Romovich.
  • Dieterle (William) Papers (2017)
    Collection consists of Advertising and publicity stills; research materials, outlines, memos, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous production items from 1935-1950 and related to the work of director William Dieterle (1893-1972).
  • Dignity/USA records (Coll2007.004)
    Records of Dignity/USA, the oldest organization for Roman Catholic members of the GLBT community, from it's founding in 1969 until the early 1990s. The materials include correspondence, minutes, motions, and work papers of the organization's Board of Directors and House of Delegates; records of Dignity's biennial National Conventions; correspondence files of Dignity officers, including Joseph Killian (Joe Gilgamesh), the first elected president of Dignity; and extensive subject files, containing correspondence, reports, press releases, notes, copies of magazine and newspaper articles, and other materials relating to Dignity's day-to-day operations, its efforts to obtain recognition from the Roman Catholic hierarchy, both within the United States and at the Vatican, of the spiritual needs of gays and lesbians, and its active participation in the secular movement for the recognition of GLBT civil rights. Additional materials include records of the regions and chapters into which Dignity is divided; the materials relating to the Los Angeles chapter, always the largest in the organization, are particularly extensive. The collection also includes a collection of photographs and slides documenting the history of Dignity, and extensive files of newsletters published by the national office and by each region and chapter.
  • Dime Novel catalogs and publications (0128)
    Sales catalogs dedicated to American dime novels, and journals that contain, either whole or in part, articles devoted to dime novels and their authors.
  • Documents of the Korean National Association Building (3302)
    The Korean National Association building dedicated in Los Angeles in 1938, served as the headquarters for several Korean organizations. Among these were the Korean National Association (Kungminhoe) itself, the United Korean Committee in America, the Korean Chamber of Commerce in America, the Korea Relief Society, and the newspaper Sinhan Minbo (New Korea). The documents in this collection are the records that have remained in the KNA building to the present day and document many of the major events of the first 60 years of Koreans in America. Additional information and an inventory may be accessed at:
  • Doniger (Walter) Collection (2034)
    Collection consists of television scripts and set drawings covering 1963 - 1968 episodes of Peyton Place, and related to writer, producer director Walter Doniger (b. 1917)
  • Doolittle (Harold L.) collection of art prints (0032)
    Prints by various artists, including John Taylor Arms and Arthur H. Heintzelman, from Harold L. Doolittle's collection; 41 prints from the Printmakers' Society of California (1922-64); about 150 prints by artists of the U.S. and Europe of the period 1915-1950; 38 original prints by Doolittle.
  • Dorr (William Ripley) Historical Society Collection (2013)
    Collection consists of Choral recordings and tapes made by St. Luke's Choristers founded in 1930 by William Ripley Dorr; stills from films in which Choristers appeared.
  • Dotson (Stephen) AIDS Project Los Angeles Candlelight Vigil Photographs (Coll2012.062)
    Stephen Dotson photographs of an AIDS Project Los Angeles candlelight vigil, undated.
  • Dow (Elizabeth) Photograph Album (Coll2012.114)
    Black and white photographic prints, letters, clippings, and assorted ephemera collected in a photograph album labeled on the inside cover with the name Elizabeth Dow, 1912-1924, undated. The pictures document family and friends in the early years of the 20th century in Illinois.
  • Drug Abuse and Alcoholism collection (0442)
    This artificially created collection contains research reports, information guides, and Los Angeles County and California state program proposals for drug and alcohol abuse prevention that were acquired by the Social Work Library of USC's School of Social Work. The holdings span the years 1952 to 1973, a time when drug abuse increased in California and the United States as a whole.
  • Dryer (John) Upton Sinclair photographs, clippings, and other materials (6040)
    Photographs and clippings by and about Upton Sinclair, created and collected by photographer John Dryer in the 1960s. Included are photographs of Sinclair taken by Dryer; two reels of an interview of Sinclair conducted by Dryer; copies of celebrity letters and a photograph of Einstein from Sinclair's originals; 6 color transparencies of Sinclair and his wife; and articles about Dryer and Sinclair from local newspapers. John Dryer was a portrait photographer who, in addition to photographing celebrities as diverse as Boris Karloff and Upton Sinclair, was the head of the medical photography department at Camarillo State Hospital. He photographed Sinclair in 1965.
  • DuBay (William H.) papers (0391)
    In 1966, William H. DuBay was suspended from the Los Angeles Archdiocese for opining his criticism of the Roman Catholic church. The collection includes materials related to DuBay's controversial tenure as a Roman Catholic priest and his suspension.
  • Dundes (Alan) articles (6007)
    Copies of articles written by Alan Dundes on various aspects of folkore and folkore history.
  • DuRay (Dennice) and Gladys L. Ragan letters received (Coll2008.067)
    Letters received by Dennice DuRay, 1951, and Gladys L. Regan, 1955-1958, both of Downey, CA, from male correspondents. The correspondences appear to have been initiated by DuRay and Ragan in response to advertisements placed in the personals sections of Los Angeles newspapers. Information, both in the letters and circumstantial, suggests that DuRay and Ragan may have been impostors, possibly even the same individual. The letters contain substantial discussion of sex, including homosexual acts, although the orientation of the men was predominantly heterosexual.