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  • Eaton (John) Papers (Coll2011.033)
    Unpublished poetry, correspondence, screenplay, scripts, personal journal notes, and prose fiction by John Eaton, 1980-1984. Eaton worked as a writer-publicist for theatre companies in Houston and Los Angeles.
  • Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency of Greater Los Angeles records (0473)
    The Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency of Greater Los Angeles records contain reports, minutes, and memorandums that document some of the activities of this agency between 1964 and 1970, specifically the administration of Head Start programs and the Teen-Post program. The collection also contains reports produced by the Agency.
  • Eddy (Arnold) scrapbooks on the University of Southern California Ice Hockey Team (0380)
    One scrapbook and pages from a second covering the University of Southern California hockey team, 1930-1938 and 1938-1940. Also included is a photocopy of a "Ice Hockey Trip" covering events from December 9, 1938, to January 2, 1939 . These scrapbooks were created by Arnold Eddy, USC alumnus and staff member.
  • Edelman (Ed) Photographs (Coll2012.106)
    Official photographs with captions of Supervisor Ed Edelman across his twenty years in office, 1974-1994.
  • Edmondson (Hugh A.) papers (0353)
    The Hugh A. Edmondson papers contains documents regarding Dr. Edmondson's impact on the USC School of Medicine and the advancements he made in the medical field, particularly in pathology. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, notes, budgets, programs, medical documents, publications, historical documents, academic documents, legal papers and other texts related to Dr. Edmondson's professional career and personal life.
  • Edwards (Brian) matchbook scrapbooks (Coll2014.022)
    Two scrapbooks primarily containing matchbook covers from gay bars thoughout California and Japan, 1961-1981, compiled by Brian Edwards. Also included in the scrapbooks are flyers, invitations, napkins, 3 color photographs, and other memorabilia.
  • Edwards (Neil) photography collection (Coll2007.003)
    474 photographic prints and 3910 slides created circa 1964-1969 by male physique photographer Neil Edwards, as well as 420 photographs and 909 slides collected by Edwards and created circa 1950-1970 by Athletic Model Guild, Bruce of Los Angeles, Calafran Enterprises, Champion Studios, Jay Mitchell, and Times Square Studio, and others. The collection also includes Edwards' business records, including model releases and notes on models, miscellaneous physique publications, 1958-1968, and erotic drawings and writings.
  • Edwards (Ward) papers (0327)
    Papers of Dr. Ward Edwards, Director of the Social Science Research Institute and Professor of Psychology and of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California. Prior to coming to USC in 1973, he spent 15 years at the University of Michigan as Professor of Psychology, Head of the Engineering Psychology Labaoratory, and Associate Director of the Highway Safety Research Institute. He died in 2005. Edwards' research interests were in the fields of behavioral decision theory and decision analysis since 1948.
  • Eisenshtat (Sidney) papers (4000)
    USC alumnus Sidney Eisenshtat was a prolific Los Angeles architect best known for his innovative modern synagogues and Jewish educational buildings, although he also designed many noteworthy commercial structures and schools, as well as residential projects, during his long career spanning from the late 1930s to the early 1980s. In May 1999, USC received his collection of office and personal materials that includes project-related documents, correspondence, drawings, photographs, and ephemera.
  • Eisler (Hanns) papers (0207)
    This rich collection contains Hanns Eisler's personal and business correspondence from his years in Southern California (1942-48). In addition the archive contains a few biographical documents and photographs. The collection also contains several recordings for films on records by Hanns Eisler.
  • El Nido Services and Lodges records (0409)
    The El Nido Services and Lodges records cover the practical details of El Nido's operations, 1930-1980, documenting its real estate management, zoning battles, tax questions, insurance and "disaster preparedness" provisions, and occasional personnel problems of this social service agency. Originally a project of the Los Angeles Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, the Section established a Children's Bureau in Los Angeles in 1925, and three years later built a camp for underprivileged and "pre-tubercular" girls in Laurel Canyon. Control of El Nido eventually passed to the Council of Jewish Women of Los Angeles, Inc., and during the 1970s, with the increasing diversity of Los Angeles' communities, control of El Nido passed from the Section to a new Board of Directors. By 1981, the El Nido organization that these records document no longer existed; it became known, in 1981, as Children, Youth and Parent Counseling.
  • Ellenberger (Allan R.) collection on Ramon Novarro (Coll2008.050)
    Correspondence, drafts, research notes, photographs, audiotaped interviews, newspaper and film magazine clippings, videotapes, and miscellaneous graphic materials produced and collected by Allan R. Ellenberger in the course of researching his biography of film actor and silent screen romantic idol Ramon Novarro (1899-1968), published in 1999 as Ramon Novarro; A Biography of the Silent Film Idol, 1899-1968; With a Filmography.
  • Elliott (Doug) papers (Coll2013.111)
    USC Lambda Alumni Association records, vacation scrapbooks, gay theater show fliers, photographs and other documents from University of Southern California alum and educator Doug Elliott (1924-2008). The collection contains fliers and programs for the Highways Performance Space, Celebration Theatre, the Gay Games and other gay organizations. Photographs document Elliott's various trips abroad and in the United States.
  • Elysian Fields Collection (Coll2011.034)
    Catalogs, order forms, booklists, clippings, press releases, receipts, newsletters, and correspondence documenting business activity, circa 1972-1990, of Elysian Fields, a largely mail-order bookseller specializing in out-of-print gay and lesbian literature. Located in Elmhurst, New York, Elysian Fields was operated by George Fisher, whose customers included individuals and institutions both domestic and international.
  • Emler (Ron) Photographs and Greeting Cards (Coll2013.079)
    Photographic prints and greetings cards documenting the travels, personal life, extended family, friends, and civic activities of Ron Emler during the 1990s . He was a long-time partner of Joseph Carrier and a Redondo Beach School District teacher and counselor.
  • Engelman (Harry) papers (0424)
    The collection consists mostly of correspondence, ephemera, and materials such as newspaper clippings related to Engleman's career in social work and to his personal life.
  • English (Ada) papers (0343)
    Miss English was USC President Rufus B. von KleinSmid's long time secretary. This collection contains a photograph of a young Miss English, a 1941 booklet commemorating her 20th anniversary as secretary, letters congratulating her upon her retirement in 1964, and other correspondence.
  • Erickson (Reed L.) papers (Coll2010.001)
    Legal papers, correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, pamphlets, publicity material, photographs, clippings, research material, financial records, manuscripts, handwritten notes, audiotape, ephemera and other material from philanthropist and female-to-male transgender/transsexual individual, Reed Erickson (1912-1992). Having built his wealth through oil investments and other entrepreneurial endeavors, Erickson founded the Erickson Educational Foundation (EEF) in 1964, a charitable foundation primarily created to support transgender, transsexual, and gender identity research and services. The bulk of this collection is related to the activities of the EEF, research material on gender identity, as well as Erickson's relationship with the gay and lesbian organization, ONE, Incorporated, which he supported financially for nearly twenty years. The collection also includes some material on Erickson's personal life, including material related to Erickson's children, his former wives, and his health- and drug-related complications in the last years of his life.
  • Esselstyn (Kathy) San Francisco Gay Community Center Photographs (Coll2012.042)
    Kathy Esselstyn photographs of the Lavendar Star Players rehearsing for the May Day production at the Gay Community Center in San Francisco, April 26, 1977; and a self defense/karate class taught by Cynthia Hales at the Gay Community Center in San Francisco, April 27, 1977.
  • Evans (Eric Scott) and Jerome Maxwell Strum papers (Coll2008.061)
    Photographs, personal papers, t-shirts, and other materials of Eric Scott Evans (pseudonym for Eric Scott Myrick) and Jerome Maxwell Strum, Jr., also known as Maxwell Jerome. The collection documents their life together from 1983 to 1998, as they moved from San Francisco to New York City, Indianapolis, and Pipe Creek, Texas.
  • Everitt (Miles) Photographs (Coll2013.100)
    Photographic prints, negatives, and slides by Miles R. Everitt, a Los Angeles photograher. The bulk of his works date from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. He primarily photographed African-American nude male models. Fearing he would lose his position as an electrical engineer for the city of Los Angeles and later in the aerospace industry, Everitt never publically displayed his photography. However a small number of buyers, photographers, and publishers knew of his works including Robert Mapplethrope. In the late 1970s or early 1980s, Everitt met Mapplethrope when he visited Los Angeles. Everitt died of heart disease in April 1994.
  • Exler (Andrew Ross) Papers (Coll2011.037)
    Newsletters, fliers, legal papers, verse, correspondence, clippings, articles, publicity releases, photographs, and autobiographical writings documenting the civil rights activism of Andrew Ross Exler. Exler is best known for filing a (successful) lawsuit in 1980, at age 19, against Disneyland for its ban on same-sex couple dancing. The bulk of the collection comprises a newsletter Exler published, his correpondence to Los Angeles gay activists such as Morris Kight, and material he collected, produced and distributed regarding conservative Christian groups.