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  • Fadner (John) Papers (Coll2011.092)
    Honorable discharge form, photographs, clipping, medal, military identification tags, and certificate of Baptism from John Fadner, 1910-1993. John Fadner was a gay man fired from his job as an orderly at a Veteran's Administration Hospital during the McCarthy-era persecution of suspected gays in government service.
  • Family Service of Los Angeles Area and Welfare Planning Council scrapbooks (0426)
    This collection of scrapbooks originated with Family Service of Los Angeles Area and the Welfare Planning Council. The albums contain clippings regarding adoption; materials on the activities and functions of the Southeast Advisory Council of Family Service; the Welfare Planning Council; and the Neighborhood Youth Association of the Episcopalian Church. Also included is an album celebrating Evelyn Davis' nomination and reception of the Koshland Award. The dates of the scrapbooks' material range from the late 1940s to the early 1960s.
  • Family Service of Los Angeles records (0400)
    The Family Service of Los Angeles records document the activities of this social service organziation from its beginnings during the early years of the Depression, to its end in a merger with the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center. Included in the collection are complete runs of the minutes of the agency's board of directors, its district advisory boards, and all its principal committees, including executive, nominating, casework and finance, together with the records and reports of many short-lived committees and task forces. Also present are financial reports, budgets, Community Chest and United Way allocation plans and requests, salary schedules, accreditation documentation, office manuals, workshop and seminar materials, and newsletters.
  • Federal Theatre Project scripts (0116)
    This collection contains scripts for plays performed by the Federal Theatre Project, which was operated between 1935 and 1939 as a part of the Work Progress Administration. The Los Angeles branch of the project produced over 195 plays.
  • Feldman (Frances Lomas) papers (0269)
    Papers of Frances Lomas Feldman (1912- ), faculty member of the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California since 1954. Feldman's teaching areas were social welfare history, policy, and administration. Feldman's research and writing center on the psychological, social, and economic meanings of money and work in American families. Her writings on the meanings of money still constitute the seminal work in this field and have received continued national and international attention. Her three research projects on work experience of persons with cancer health histories represent the first funding of psychosocial research by the American Cancer Society and remain the fundamental data on this topic of growing contemporary concern. Its findings and recommendations led several states to modify fair employment legislation. Feldman was instrumental in establishing the first industrial social work curriculum in the west, as well as a University-funded staff faculty counseling center, which has become a model for the creation of employee counseling programs in some government and industry work places in California. With George Nickel, she established the first credit counseling services; 280 now exist throughout the nation under the auspices of the National Consumer Credit Association. With Norris Class, Feldman helped to create the still operating Delinquency Control Institute at USC, a training facility for corrections and related personnel. It draws students for its training from around the United States and the world for its programs each year. Private corporations also call upon her to examine the impact of downsizing policies and actions on employees and their families. Her work on the Alaska Rural Areas Social Services Demonstration not only was ranked by the University of Florida as one of the ten most successful demonstration projects ever funded by HEW, but also led to an invitation from the governments of Mali and Morocco for consultation about dealing with similar problems in those countries. Although officially retired in 1982, she continues to do research, lecture, and volunteer activities at US, to serve on several agency boards in the wider community, and to conduct invited workshops in various parts of the United States and in other countries.
  • Ferguson (Donald A.) papers (Coll2014.014)
    Board of directors materials, bylaws, administrative committee records, correspondence, conference material, financial records, event and program records, newsletter copy, and publicity material, 1979-1994, from gay activist Donald A. Ferguson, who served on the boards for the Triangle Gay and Lesbian Foster Parent Association (also known as Triangle Project) and the Whitman-Brooks Foundation.
  • Ferlinghetti (Lawrence) Papers (0143)
    Tapes, clippings, periodicals, correspondence of the San Francisco poet and publisher (b.1919); archives of the poetry journal Beatitude; draft and galleys of Ferlinghetti: A Biography by Neeli Cherkovski (Doubleday, 1979); manuscripts by writer Charles Plymell (1935- ).
  • Fernandez-Alemany (Manuel) research papers (Coll2013.067)
    The Manuel Fernandez-Alemany research papers include correspondence, clippings, research, and other materials from Fernandez-Alemany's first book, Mariquitas y Marimachos, published in 1999, as well as correspondence and transcripts of interviews and incident reports from his second book, Heterogender Homosexuality in Honduras, published in 2002.
  • Feuchtwanger (Lion) papers (0204)
    Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) was a celebrated German-Jewish novelist and outspoken enemy of the Nazis. He began his literary career as a theater critic and turned his talent to writing plays in the 1910s and 1920s. He first became internationally known for his historical novel Jud Süss published in 1925. In 1933, he went into exile in Southern France and in 1941 he emigrated to the United States. He was an important figure in intellectual and artistic circles in Los Angeles during the 1940s and 1950s. During the McCarthy era he was under observation by the FBI. Feuchtwanger passed away in 1958. He died stateless as he was never returned his German citizenship and was denied American citizenship during the McCarthy era. The collection includes Feuchtwanger's personal and business correspondence; manuscripts for plays, poetry, short stories, and historical novels; manuscripts by other writers such as Charles Chaplin's manuscript for Limelight; correspondence with publishers; newspaper clippings mentioning Feuchtwanger and other exiles; photographs from Feuchtwanger's life in Germany, his exile in France, and in the United States; copyright agreements and reviews of his works; ephemera; art works; audio and video recordings; and his speeches and open letters about Judaism, politics, and literature. The papers also contain Feuchtwanger's extensive collection of autograph letters and the bookseller's catalogs used by Feuchtwanger to acquire his vast personal library. Furthermore, the collection includes materials on the establishment of the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library at USC, the International Feuchtwanger Society, and the artists' residence Villa Aurora, the former Feuchtwanger residence.
  • Feuchtwanger (Marta) papers (0206)
    This archive contains the correspondence of Marta Feuchtwanger, wife of German-Jewish writer Lion Feuchtwanger, who survived her husband by almost thirty years. Marta Feuchtwanger remained an important figure in the exile community and devoted the remainder of her life to promoting the work of her husband. The collection contains Marta Feuchtwanger's personal correspondence, texts and manuscripts by her and others, royalty statements received for the works of her husband, correspondence with publishers, and newspaper clippings mentioning Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger and other exiles. The collection also includes correspondence regarding the establishment and administration of the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library and Villa Aurora.
  • Fields (Armond) American Theatre collection (0337)
    This collection documents the history of the American stage before talking cinema, reflecting the birth and death of vaudeville and the advent of the modern Broadway musical. The collection includes books, posters, theater programs, sheet-music covers, souvenirs, rare film footage of vaudevillians, including Weber & Fields, and manuscripts and research notes for Armond Fields' own books.
  • Figueroa (Robert) Photographs (Coll2012.064)
    Robert Figueroa photographs of the Westboro Baptist Church protest at Pedro Zamora's funeral, November 1994; Long Beach Gay Pride Parade, 1995; and Los Angeles Gay Rodeo, 1995.
  • Finley (Charles) Nude Beach Activism Photographs (Coll2012.014)
    Charles Finley photographs of Black's Beach, a San Diego nude beach, and of nude beach activists at the San Francisco Freedom Day Parade, 1976-1978.
  • Finney (Bob) Photographs (Coll2012.054)
    Photographs attributed to Bob Finney or of him as the subject, circa 1970-1989. Images include those of a protest outside Studio One; Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle, co-producers of the IMRU radio program on KPFK; and Reverend Troy Perry at an American Civil Liberties Union event.
  • First Century Families records (0298)
    The collection contains records of the activities of the First Century Families, especially centered on the planning and implementation of the group's annual luncheon. Considerable genealogical and biographical material is also contained herein.
  • First Church of One Brotherhood Collection (Coll2011.086)
    Membership card, event programs, publicity material, flyers, clippings and other material documenting activities of the First Church of One Brotherhood (FCOB), 1956-1976. The non-denominational church, founded by Charles (Chuck) Rowland, was intended to address the spiritual needs of religious gay men.
  • First Tuesday (Los Angeles) Collection (Coll2011.044)
    Handwritten notes, meeting agendas, meeting announcements, speakers lists, newsletters, a photograph and mailing lists documenting activities of First Tuesday, 1976-1985. First Tuesday was an informal meeting group of gays and lesbians that met to share general information "about their current activities and upcoming events and shared concerns." First Tuesday meetings also served as fundraisers, or to provide a forum for dealing with an immediate issue affecting the Los Angeles gay and lesbian community.
  • Fisher Gallery records (0271)
    The Fisher Gallery records document the functions and activities of the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California, consisting of the papers of Gallery Directors; records, publications, and media of exhibits; documents of loans; records pertaining to the USC Museum Studies Program; and papers from the Friends of Art/Council of Fine Arts.
  • Flournoy (Houston) papers (0219)
    The collection includes correspondence, administrative records, regulations and legislation, campaign finances, budget reports for the State of California, commission and agency agendas, speeches, newspaper clippings, articles, and photographs from Houston Flournoy's political career from 1956 to 1974.
  • Flournoy (William) collection of World War I letters, leaflets, and other material (0041)
    This small collection, gathered by William R. Flournoy, father of former California State Controller Houston Flournoy, consists of letters from the front; leaflets from points-of-interest in England and France; copy of an Army field manual belonging to Flournoy.
  • Flowers (Neil) North Korea Journal photograph album (3037)
    North Korea Journal: 2002 is a large album (30 cm x 42 cm) of photographs taken by poet, screenwriter, writer, director, actor, editor, and USC alumnus Neil Flowers during a trip to North Korea (DPRK) in June 2002. Flowers, a Canadian who lives and works in Los Angeles, was the only Caucasian amongst 19 Koreans from L.A. who were invited by the government to visit the DPRK. These Korean Angelenos (and Flowers) had been contributing financially to a noodle factory in Pyongyang that fed the poor. The group also brought books, clothes, food and other items for the Buddhist monks who maintain the remaining temples in the country (many were destroyed during the war). The images depict places Flowers visited and people he met during his visit. The beautifully restored temple Kwang Bop Sa (Kwangbopsa) is featured in the photographs; as is Pyongyang, the massive performance art spectacle called Arirang, and the United Nations buildings at the 48th parallel DMZ. One page features propaganda billboards in the capital city. Captions are included for many of the photographs in the form of description and/or poetry. The photographs are mostly in color with a few in black and white. This is a unique one-of-a-kind book that captures a moment in the history of "The Hermit Kingdom".
  • Foley (Zoraya Filema) journal (6076)
    A 30 page journal written between April 14 and June 1, 1907 by Zoraya Filema Foley. Foley was 14 years old when she wrote the journal. The entries describe her activities as a young lady of some means in early 20th century Los Angeles. She was the daughter of W.I. Foley (1856-1921), an attorney who was the law partner of Henry Tifft Gage, who served as governor of California from 1899-1902. Her mother was Sara Dolores Sepulveda (1866-1906), a member of the Sepulveda and Lugo families, prominent landowners, politicians, and military men during the Spanish and Mexican rule of California. Foley attended the Westlake School for Girls, the Cumnock School, the Dobinson School, and the Egan Dramatic School. Foley died in 1911 at the age of 18.
  • Foreman (Shawn Daniel) and Joseph Michael Reed papers (Coll2013.084)
    Sheet music, notebooks, poetry, photographs, correspondence, flyers, advertisements, and personal papers of Shawn Daniel Foreman, 1966-1985. The collection documents Foreman's work with Tommy Powers Presents (erotic photograph mail order), Now Tapes (erotic video mail order), Now Talk (erotic phone service), and TI-OHM Music; his music career; and his personal life. The collection includes the poetry and personal papers of Joseph Michael Reed, 1949-1984.
  • Forum Collection (Coll2011.039)
    Publication information, article typescripts, correspondence, advertising information, layout graphics, and clippings pertaining to The Forum, a bi-weekly newsmagazine directed to Southern California's gay and lesbian community. Only two issues of The Forum were published, 1974.
  • Foss (Valeska) High School scrapbook (0396)
    "The Girl Graduate: Her Own Book" is embossed into the leather cover of this fragile scrapbook. The volume was kept by Valeska Foss of Lincoln High School in Los Angeles, California, between 1916 and 1919, the year she graduated from high school. The scrapbook is filled with small photographs, invitations, notes, clippings, programs, illustrations, and handwritten descriptions and narratives on the pages. The principal of Lincoln High School at the time was Ethel Percy Andrus who, among her many notable achievements, was the first woman high school principal in California and the founder of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). The Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center at the University of Southern California is named for her and the reason the donor gifted her scrapbook to USC.
  • Foto Flair Los Angeles Christopher Street West Gay Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.065)
    Foto Flair photographic prints of the Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride prarade, June 28, 1970.
  • Fowler (Gene) manuscript (0011)
    Revised galley proofs of Fowler's (1890-1960) biographical novel, Good Night, Sweet Prince (Viking, 1954), based on the life of actor John Barrymore.
  • Fox (Edward A.) letters (0168)
    The Edward A. Fox letters consists of 33 letters written by Union Sergeant Fox to his mother Hannah J. Fox during the period August 1862-February 1863, and more than 50 letters and notes written to his fiancee (later wife) Jennie Greenleaf from the late 1860s to the 1880s. Also included are assorted letters written from France at the beginning of the first World War and correspondence with a male relative.
  • Fox (Howard A.) Papers (Coll2011.048)
    Correspondence, clippings, press releases, public service announcement texts, and other material documenting gay activist Howard Fox's work in 1973 to hold Los Angeles-area network television affiliates accountable for programming demeaning to gays and lesbians.
  • Freedman (Evelyn) writings (Coll2008.066)
    Writings by journalist Evelyn Freedman between 1981 and 1985, including lengthy interviews of Troy Perry, Gore Vidal, John Rechy, Christine Jorgensen, and Charles Pierce published in Stallion magazine, as well as copies of her social columns, "Around Town" (published in The Voice in 1980-1981) and "Out & About Los Angeles" (published in Update from 1981 to 1985), detailing activities of Los Angeles GLBT clubs and organizations and the gay social scene.
  • Freitas (Stan) papers (Coll2008.032)
    Minutes, correspondence, printed ephemera, administrative records, notes, photographs and miscellaneous materials from activist and businessman Stan Freitas, who served as the President of the Southern California Gay Bartenders Association (SCGBA) from 1985 until it ended its operations 1987. The bulk of the collection consists of administrative records of the SCGBA, which was organized by bar and restaurant owners in 1979 to provide support and services for the Los Angeles gay community. The materials in the collection also document Freitas' involvement in AIDS activism and include papers from Aid for AIDS, as well as several other AIDS and gay activist organizations.
  • Frontrunners Track Club of Greater Los Angeles records (Coll2012.148)
    Meeting minutes, correspondence, bylaws, flyers, registration forms, posters, financial records, photographs, audiocassettes, floppy disks, T-shirts and other material documenting activities of the Frontrunners Track Club of Greater Los Angeles, a LGBT-oriented running and social club founded in 1981. The collection documents the club's administration of and participation in events such as the annual Run/Walk for Gay and Lesbian Pride, Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, Gay Games and other activities.
  • Furgeri (Vittorio) papers (Coll2008.024)
    This collection contains materials on Furgeri's musical drama, Al-Phonsine; including synopses, a full copy of the piano-vocal score, a full copy of the libretto, and two copies of a compact disc recording of musical excerpts, all created and collected by contemporary composer Vittorio Furgeri. The musical drama is inspired by Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata, and depicts a young gay man who becomes one of the first victims of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's.