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  • Gaard (David) Theatrical Works and Short Stories (Coll2008.072)
    Scripts and screenplays of original theatrical works and adaptations for the stage and screen by David Gaard, alone and in collaboration with others. Production and performance materials, including contracts, set designs, printouts of e-mail, schedules, fliers, postcards, programs, and reviews.
  • Gage (Merrell) sculpture and clipping (5270)
    The collection consists of Merrell Gage's sculpture of Saint Francis and a clipping of an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on January 16, 1949 on the artist Glen Lukens in which the sculpture, owned by Lukens, was featured. Merrell Gage was born in Topeka, Kansas, studied art in New York and France, and worked as an assistant to the sculptor Gutzon Borglum. In 1924 he and his wife moved to Los Angeles and built a studio in their home in Santa Monica Canyon. He began teaching sculpture at USC, eventually rising to become head of the department.
  • Gallagher (J. Ray) Papers (Coll2011.040)
    Correspondence, clippings, legal papers, and certificates of gay activist, J. Ray Gallagher, 1970-1985. Part of the collection documents Gallagher's candidacy for public offices, including Santa Monica City Council, Los Angeles County Supervisor, U.S. Congress, and California State Assembly. The bulk of the material consists of letters written by Gallagher to (for the most part) public offices and officials, such as the Santa Monica City Council, Congresspersons and heads of state, regarding numerous topics, from neighborhood concerns to national and foreign policy.
  • Gallien (Marguerite) typescript (0074)
    Typescript of Gallien's play, "My Mother's Husband" (annotated acting copy).
  • Gambone (Philip) Interviews (Coll2011.013)
    Materials related to Philip Gambone's book, Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans, include interview transcripts, audio recordings of interviews, newspaper clippings, biographical information, book reviews, photographs and writing samples. The Gambone collection also includes eight volumes of Travels in a Gay Nation, two earlier versions of Travels in a Gay Nation, a manuscript of Living Out Our Lives: Catching the Heroic Spirit of the LGBTQ Americans, three volumes of autograph albums, and two project logs documenting Gambone's travels in the United States, 2007-2010.
  • Garland (Hamlin) Collection (0200)
    The Hamlin Garland Collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, literary notebooks, photographs, and other memorabilia, by and about the American realist writer (1860-1940).
  • Garrett (Alton B.) papers (2133)
    This collection consists of the memorabilia of Alton B. Garrett, Bachelor of Science in the USC School of Business, Class of 1933, covering his activities as a member of the track team, Trojan Knights, Trojan Squires. Skull & Dagger, Blue Key, Sigma Sigma.
  • Garrett (Henry) photograph album (6039)
    Album of photographs, mostly cartes-de-visite, depicting members of the extended Garrett family from Ireland. The album also includes a few scenic photographs. Inscribed on the verso of the first page: "Henry Garrett's Family album/1876-1896".
  • Garvey (Kent) Photographs (Coll2012.043)
    Kent Garvey photographs of a demonstration in West Hollywood, the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles, and Donna Brown Diecken and the Company of LA (COLA), 1986, undated.
  • Gay Academic Union Records (Coll2011.041)
    Clippings, correspondence, meeting minutes, manuscripts, flyers, notes, financial documents, receipts, photographs, organizational forms, conference programs, tax forms, grant applications, chapter lists, bylaws, articles of incorporation and other material documenting activities of the [Lesbian and] Gay Academic Union (GAU), circa 1970 to 1986.
  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) records (Coll2012.173)
    Organizational records of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), 1985-2009, and primarily of the Media Monitoring and Response Committee, 1992-2011. The committee collected materials regarding LGBT defamation in the media, used email mailing lists to inform the LGBT community, and organized campaigns against people and institutions spreading anti-LGBT views. The records include meeting agendas, email mailing lists, and project files, including extensive records documenting GLAAD's campaign against Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) theater committee collection (Coll2012.163)
    Programs, playbills, fliers, agendas, clippings, notes and promotional photographs (1968-2008) collected by the Los Angeles theater committee of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for its annual Media Awards. The annual ceremony honors outstanding representations in news, entertainment, and social media that have portrayed the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in just, precise and all-encompassing representations.
  • Gay and Lesbian Police Advisory Task Force (Los Angeles) Records (Coll2011.049)
    Correspondence, meeting minutes, clippings, press releases, member lists, task force statements, financial documents, articles, legal papers, police/civil service documents, organizational forms, bylaws, a photograph, and flyers documenting activities of the Gay and Lesbian Police Advisory Task Force in Los Angeles, primarily during the years 1981-1984. The Task Force was formed in 1980 to "promote mutually beneficial communication, understanding, and cooperative relationships between the gay and lesbian community and law enforcement agencies in Southern California."
  • Gay and Lesbian Press Association Collection (Coll2011.050)
    Pamphlets, flyers, correspondence, media releases, articles, convention publicity, annual reports, membership forms, publication lists, conference registration lists, memoranda, project proposals, and reports documenting activities of the Gay and Lesbian Press Association (GLPA), 1980-1987. The GLPA was founded in 1981 as "a professional trade organization devoted to the betterment of all the gay/lesbian press media and the people who are responsible for the very existence of a gay press."
  • Gay Bands Collection (Coll2011.043)
    Flyers, performance programs, correspondence, bylaws, meeting minutes, clippings, press releases, financial documents, member lists, posters, photographs, memoranda, and conference materials primarily documenting Great American Yankee Freedom Band in Los Angeles, a gay marching band established in 1978.
  • Gay Community Alliance Collection (Coll2011.045)
    Statement of purpose, notes, meeting minutes, photographs, correspondence, flyers, member lists, publicity releases, bylaws, and ephemera documenting activities of the Gay Community Alliance (GCA), 1971-1973. The GCA was established in 1971 as a political organization using "tactics of confrontational politics" to advocate a civil rights agenda for the gay and lesbian community in Southern California.
  • Gay Event Photographs (Coll2012.025)
    Photographs include images of the 1992 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, 1992 Halloween, 1993 March on Washington, 1993 Gay Pride Parade on Santa Monica Boulevard, 1993 Sunset Junction, and 1993 Halloween.
  • Gay Faire Records (Coll2012.124)
    Flyers, organizational correspondence, financial documents, contracts, event planning documents, news releases, legal documents, clippings, meeting notes, grant disbursal and participant lists, and notes documenting the administration of the Gay Faire, 1977-1983. Gay Faire was an annual summer street fair located in Hollywood and sponsored by the United States Mission, a charitable organization.
  • Gay Freedom Day Committee (San Francisco) Records (Coll2011.052)
    Press releases, bylaws, flyers, event permit documents, parade participant lists, financial records, contractual agreements, clippings, correspondence, legal documents, event schedules, police ordinances, and other material documenting the activities of the Gay Freedom Day Committee in San Francisco, 1973-1991, the organization responsible for San Francisco's annual Gay Freedom Day Parade and Fair.
  • Gay Games Collection (Coll2011.046)
    Programs, clippings, flyers, correspondence, articles, news releases, competition schedules, competition results, advertising pamphlets, graphic design documents, and notebooks documenting the Gay Games (formerly the Gay Athletic Games), an athletic event founded in 1982 by Tom Waddell and held in various locations in the United States and abroad at four year intervals between 1982 and 2010.
  • Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Records (Coll2012.116)
    Flyers, photographs, negatives, meeting notes, financial records, press releases, member rosters, correspondence, notes, memoranda, sheet music, performance programs, publicity handouts, magazines, and clippings documenting activities of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA), 1979-2000. According to its website, GMCLA was "Born during the emergence of the late 1970s [founded in 1979] gay civil rights movement [and is] . . . committed to advancing social change through music."
  • Gay Persons Alliance Collection (Coll2011.036)
    Correspondence, fact sheets, new releases, memoranda, and articles documenting activities of the Gay Persons Alliance (GPA), 1975-1976. Formed in Los Angeles in March of 1976, the GPA argued that the California Fair Employment Practices Commission should include sexual orientation among the forms of employment discrimination prohibited within its jurisdiction.
  • Gay Rights National Lobby Records (Coll2011.053)
    Press releases, notes, memoranda, member and legislator lists, policy statements, administrative records, financial documents, annual reports, correspondence, articles, and clippings documenting activities of the Gay Rights National Lobby, 1976-1985. Conceived of in Chicago in 1975, the Gay Rights National Lobby (GRNL) was "registered in Washington, D.C., as a civil rights lobby dedicated to obtaining federal legislation which will guarantee equal protection under the law to all men and women, whatever their affectional or sexual preference."
  • Gay Sunshine records (Coll2011.011)
    The records, 1955-2005, comprise the publications, editorial records, audio-visual materials, and administrative and personal records collected, used and/or created by Winston Leyland as the publisher of Gay Sunshine Journal, Gay Sunshine Press, and Leyland Publications, 1970-2005. The records include the works, interviews, and/or correspondence of William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Lou Harrison, Christopher Isherwood, Taylor Mead, John Rechy, Ned Rorem, Samuel Steward, Gore Vidal, and Tennessee Williams among others.
  • Gay United Fund Records (Coll2012.118)
    Articles of Incorporation, financial documents, correspondence, notes, press releases, flyers, and other materials documenting activity of the Gay United Fund, 1979-1982. According to its literature, "The United Fund is an outgrowth of a resolution to create an annual charity function passed by the Imperial Council of Courts" in 1978. The Fund was intended to "raise and distribute funds to charitable organizations for the purchase of tangible items as a lasting tribute to the community's efforts."
  • Gay/Lesbian Network Collection (Coll2012.007)
    Mission statement, newsletter layouts, logo design sheets, article drafts, and press releases documenting activity of the Gay/Lesbian Network, 1983-1985. According to its mission statement, "the GLN is a non-profit, charitable, educational organization whose purpose is to transform the experience of being gay or lesbian so that people are nurtured and empowered to make a difference in the world."
  • Geller (Marc) Photographs (Coll2012.142)
    Marc Geller black and white photographic prints of LGBT protests, people, and events, 1987-1993. The 5"x 7" and 8"x 10" photographs include a series taken of the LGBT community in Russia. The protest photographs predominantly document those occurring San Francisco, including those of ACT UP, but also include the March on Washington in 1987 and 1993. Events include those at gay pride parades and at assorted clubs, including leather events. Portraits include those of Harry Hay (5"x 7"), Kevin Lyons, Becky Slane, Bruce La Bruce, Scott Noren, Barbara Tannenbaum and Eleanore Brooks, Sofia and Lee Crowe, Robin Wilson, Allen Ginsberg, Jerome Caja, Tommy Shearer, and James Broughton. Although the photographs date back to the 1987 March on Washington, most have been labeled with a 1990 or 1991 copyright date.
  • General Historical Manuscripts and Ephemera collection (6004)
    This artificially created collection consists of notes, letters, documents, and photographs created by and for important American historical figures, 1790-1928 and undated. Of particular historical interest are the letters written by Thomas Jefferson, William Smith, and Eugene Debs, and the 1850 Los Angeles Justice of the Peace election results document.
  • General Literary Manuscripts collection (0375)
    The General Literary Manuscripts collection is an artificially created collection comprised chiefly of literary works and manuscript fragments of well-known writers and other public figures. The time covered is late 17th century to the first half of the 20th century.
  • General Music Manuscripts collection (6005)
    This small, artifical collection consists of materials relating to 19th and 20th century musicians--sheet music, a photograph, a letter, clippings, programs, and a postcard.
  • Gerber (Henry) collection (Coll2013.034)
    Often referred to as the forefather of the United States gay movement, Henry Gerber in 1924 created the first known gay organization in the United States, the Society for Human Rights, and the first known gay publication, Friendship and Freedom. The collection consists of Henry Gerber correspondence and writings as well as biographical information written about Henry Gerber, circa 1940-1998.
  • Gerharter (Rick) Photographs (Coll2012.066)
    Rick Gerharter photographs from the 9th International AIDS Conference in Berlin, Germany, June 6, 1993; Gay Day in Berlin, Germany, June 26, 1993; San Jose Gay Pride Parade, June 14, 1992; and the Stonewall 25 Parade in New York City, June 26, 1994.
  • Germain (Diane F.) Lesbian Art and Memorabilia Photographs (Coll2012.051)
    Diane F. Germain photographs of lesbian art and memorabilia, including protest posters, 2007. The photographs were taken in 2007, but the creation dates of the art and memorabilia are unknown.
  • German Theater and Movie programs (0077)
    The collection consists predominantly of theater, cabaret, opera, and movie programs from European German-speaking countries, 1929-1937.
  • Gerrard (Saida) papers (0341)
    The collection consists of costumes, manuscripts, programs, photographs, and clippings pertaining to choreographer/dancer Saida Gerrard from the 1930s through the 1970s.
  • Giantvalley (Scott) Papers (Coll2012.117)
    Photographs, correspondence, article typescripts, notes, booklists, course syllabus, and other material, 1976-1983, from Scott Giantvalley, writer and doctoral candidate in English at the University of Southern California during the 1970s. The bulk of the material pertains to Giantvalley's research for a bibliography and article on homosexuality in 20th century literature.
  • Gittings (Barbara) and Kay Tobin Lahusen collection (Coll2008.069)
    News clippings, journal articles, pamphlets, flyers, printed materials from activist organizations, a videocassette and a DVD, relating to pioneering lesbian activists Barbara Gittings and her partner of 46 years, Kay Tobin Lahusen. Active from the 1960s, Gittings marched in the first gay rights demonstrations at the White House, Pentagon and Independence Hall; she worked with Frank Kameny to persuade the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders; and she headed the Gay Task Force of the American Library Association from 1971 to 1986. The collection contains articles by and about Gittings and Lahusen; subject files covering a variety of topics, such as religion, mental health and education; and printed material from several activist organizations, including the Gay Task Force of the ALA, the Homophile Action League, the Mattachine Society, the Gay Activist Alliance and the National Gay Task Force.
  • Glenn (Amy) San Francisco Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.110)
    Amy Glenn photographs of the 1979 San Francisco pride parade.
  • Golden State Cowboys Collection (Coll2011.061)
    Constitution, bylaws, correspondence, flyers, insignia, notes, and meeting notes documenting activities such as rodeos, of the Golden State Cowboys, 1969-1976, a membership organization of gay men whose stated purpose was to "expose and maintain a fitting and proper representation of the 'American cowboy' to society, and provide reason for all to respect our individual habit of living."
  • Goldenson (Leonard H.) Collection (2242)
    The Leonard H. Goldenson Collection documents the activities of the American Broadcasting System network in the United States and its interests outside of the country. The collection includes memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, reports, policy statements, scant photographs and a small amount of legal and financial papers. Although incomplete at several levels, the collection offers representative coverage of operations in advertising, programming, research, sales, television, and news and public affairs broadcasting and the expansion of the network into the movie industry primarily from the 1950's through the late 1960's.
  • Goldman Family Photographs (Coll2012.113)
    Photographs of the Goldman family from 1933-1965. Reference made to the name "Silverthorne."
  • Goltz (James) and Jean Wood Ethnographic Fieldwork Research on the Committee Against the Briggs Initiative, Los Angeles Chapter (Coll2014.003)
    Ethnographic fieldwork research materials of James Goltz and Jean Wood regarding their study of the Committee Against the Briggs Initiative (CABI), Los Angeles chapter, conducted in 1978-1979. The collectin includes 29 interviews with members of CABI as well as field notes, administrative records, media clippings, and promotional materials. CABI was formed when Senator John Briggs introduced California Proposition 6, the "Briggs Initiative," in 1978 to prohibit gay and lesbian people as well as those who advocated for gay and lesbian rights from working in public schools.
  • Gomperz (Theodor and Heinrich) correspondence (0185)
    Collected correspondence of Austrian scholars Theodor Gomperz (1832-1912) and his son Heinrich (1873-1943). Their personal libraries form a part of the Hoose Library, which transferred the correspondence file to Special Collections in 1994. Index. Heinrich Gomperz taught at USC.
  • Goodspeed (Edgar Johnson) manuscript (0043)
    Typescript of Goodspeed's (1871-1962) Biblical novel, Man Put Asunder. Educator, author, and translator, Goodspeed began his life-long affiliation with the University of Chicago in 1894 as a teacher. He subsequently became professor of the Bible and Patristic Greek, secretary to the president, chairman of the department, distinguished services professor, and professor emeritus, a post he held from 1937. Of his more than fifty books, Goodspeed's translations of both the Old and New Testaments brought him popularity for their modernized texts. He also wrote books on different aspects of the Bible, including The Story of the Bible and How to Read the Bible. His autobiography, As I Remember, was published in 1953 (Contemporary Authors Online. The Gale Group, 2000.)
  • Goodstein (David B.) 48th Birthday Celebration Photographs and Papers (Coll2012.026)
    The collection consists of photographs and correspondence documenting an event held in honor of David B. Goodstein, one day after his 48th birthday, June 7, 1980.
  • Goodwin (Michael) collection (Coll2009.017)
    Journals, artwork, videocassettes, audiocassettes, correspondence, photographs, photo albums, legal documents, financial documents, posters, theater programs, and other material by and of artist and writer Michael Goodwin (1937-2006), with materials dating from 1919 to 2006. The core of the collection consists of personal journals and original artwork by Goodwin. A large portion of the collection also consists of materials related to Goodwin's Goodjac Productions. Other portions of the collection include personal materials and papers pertaining to Michael Goodwin's father, Harry H. Goodwin, Sr.
  • Gordon (Eric A.) Mark the Music: The Life and Work of Marc Blitzstein collection (Coll2012.121)
    Correspondence, playbills, programs, clippings, photographs, notes, grant proposals and other research material collected for the book, Mark the Music: The Life and Work of Marc Blitzstein (St. Martin's Press, 1989), by Eric A. Gordon. An American composer and gay man, Marc Blitzstein is perhaps most well-known for his 1937 musical, The Cradle Will Rock. The collection includes materials documenting Blitzstein's musical works, as well as correspondence files between biographer Eric A. Gordon and Blitzstein's family, friends and collaborators.
  • Gossett (Charles W.) papers (Coll2013.082)
    The collection consists of Dr. Charles W. Gossett's research on domestic partnership benefits, LGBT employment discrimination, and other LGBT-related topics, 1966-2008. The collection includes administrative records of the Commission on Domestic Partnership Benefits for the District of Columbia, Georgia Equality Project, and American Political Science Association's Committee on the Status of Lesbians and Gays in the Profession, 1986-2007. A university professor and administrator, Gossett has researched, published, and advocated on issues related to lesbian and gay rights since the late 1980s.
  • Graham (D.) Boise Gay Pride Festival Photographs (Coll2012.015)
    D. Graham photographs of the 1993 gay pride festival in Boise, Idaho.
  • Graphic Albums Collection (Coll2008.046)
    A collection of collage and scrapbook albums by unidentified individuals, circa 1950s-1980s. The contents primarily consist of clippings and photographs either in a scrapbook or collage album, but may also include drawings in pencil or pen, prose, poetry, watercolors, and repurposed books, periodicals, and greeting cards.
  • Great American Yankee Freedom Band collection (Coll2008.012)
    Group photograph and unbound scrapbook leaves containing clippings, photographs, flyers, letters, writings, personal anecdotes, publicity materials, and printed materials which record, describe and discuss the performances, rehearsals and experiences of the Great American Yankee Freedom Band from August 1978 to December 1979.
  • Greater Los Angeles Association for the Study of Community Organization records (0446)
    The Greater Los Angeles Association for the Study of Community Organization records documents the functions and activities of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for the Study of Community Organization (ASCO) from 1948-1987. The records consist of minutes and agendas of ASCO general and committee meetings, local and national newsletters, speeches, membership application forms, membership lists, promotional flyers, meeting announcements, correspondence, etc.
  • Green (Rose) papers (0444)
    The Rose Green papers consist of typescripts and reprints, 1934-1977, of Professor Green's professional papers and research publications on social work. Also included is an oral history conducted in 1988.
  • Greene (David) Shameless photographs (Coll2013.011)
    Between February and August 1974, David Greene photographed men and women who challenged gender stereotypes. The Darkroom Gallery in Berkeley, California exhibited the images in the fall of that year. The collection includes ten of the fifty photographs that were exhibited in his show titled Shameless. The ten photographs capture twelve shameless gay men embracing their genderqueer identity.
  • Greene (Scott) Reno Gay Rodeo Photographs (Coll2012.068)
    Scott Greene photographs of the Reno Gay Rodeo in Nevada, undated. Includes photographs of Richard Bray, Jeff Turner, and the Cross Country Band.
  • Grell/Colefax Collection on Russian Ballet (0315)
    The collection consists of films, books, photographs, sound recordings, posters, costumes, and artwork related to Russian ballet, chiefly the Bolshoi Ballet Company. Collected by Los Angeles resident Dwight Grell from the early 1950s through the 2000s. Many of the materials are in Russian. This collection represents a broad range of subjects: Russian and Soviet Dance; choreography and costume design; and Russian and Soviet culture, including popular culture, as reflected in programs, print materials, and photographs.
  • Grieshaber (Pete) Photographs (Coll2012.105)
    Pete Grieshaber photographs, circa 1980s, consist of images of events and gatherings at Le Bar (mostly AIDS fundraisers in the later 1980s) as well as images of his friends, pets, assorted travels, and bowling league.
  • Griffin (Richard) and Kunny (Wes) Photographs (Coll2012.035)
    Richard Griffin and Wes Kunny photographs of a party at Griff's Bar; a motorcycle trip through Utah, Texas, and other states; and an outdoor hat party, 1970s. Griffin and/or Kunny were members of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club.
  • Guggenheim (Felix) papers (0312)
    This collection comprises the business and private archives of literary agent and Pazifische Presse co-founder Felix Guggenheim (1904-1976). The collection includes private and business correspondence, and contracts with publishers, authors and other business associates between 1925 and 1986 (bulk 1940-1976). The collection also includes manuscripts, some photographs and book reviews of works by many of the authors Guggenheim represented. Authors of the German-speaking Exile community in Los Angeles are particularly well represented.
  • Gundy (Max) and Jack D. Bloch papers (Coll2008.070)
    Materials relating to the lives of progressive activist Max Gundersheimer (aka Gundy; 1910-1996), of New York City, and his partner of more than 60 years, Jack D. Bloch (1912-1996). The documents include correspondence, photographs, business, and financial records, as well as minutes and notes taken by Gundy of the meetings and other activities of Communist, socialist, peace, and other progressive organizations in Long Beach, California, where the couple retired in 1977. Both men died in 1996, within three months of each other.