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  • Haldeman-Julius publications (Coll2009.003)
    Pamphlets from both the Little Blue Book and Big Book Series published between 1924 and 1950 by socialist activist Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951). The pamphlets are printed on pulp paper and staple-bound, and were marketed to workers and the "educated" classes. Almost all the titles deal with homosexual themes, and cover a wide variety of subjects, including classical literature, history, useful knowledge, and frank treatment of sexuality. The bulk of the pamphlets were written in the late 1940s by David Oliver Cauldwell, a prolific and pioneering sexologist who published extensively on homosexuality and transsexualism. The sensational, often lengthy, titles were dictated by the publisher to pique public interest and increase sales.
  • Haney (Randall Clay) papers (Coll2008.005)
    Correspondence, photographs, a journal, and incomplete manuscripts and typescripts of theatrical works by aspiring playwright Randall Clay Haney (born 1942).
  • Hansell (Dean) papers (Coll2013.081)
    The papers document Dean Hansell's involvement with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation of Los Angeles (GLAAD/LA), the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, and LGBT discrimination dealings with the American Bar Association, Boy Scouts of America, California Proposition 8, City of Los Angeles, Explorers/Boy Scouts of Southern California, FBI, and Los Angeles Police Department, bulk 1985-2010. Dean Hansell co-founded GLAAD/LA, served as co-chair of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, and worked as a partner at the international law firm of Hogan Lovells, among other achievements.
  • Harman (Sidney) papers (5121)
    Framed letters, diplomas, and plaques; miscellaneous papers from Harman's tenure at USC.
  • Harmer (Ruth Mulvey) typescript and galleys (0049)
    Typescript and galleys of The High Cost of Dying (Crowell, 1963); includes copy of the paperback edition. Harmer (b.1919) held a Ph.D. from USC and was an instructor in the English Department at the time this book was written.
  • Harris (Lynn Edward) papers (Coll2012.137)
    Photographs, legal documents, manuscripts, personal and business correspondence, lecture notes, videotapes, audiotapes, clippings, scrapbooks, floppy disks, memorabilia and other material from actor, lecturer and intersex person, Lynn Edward Harris (1950- ). Born intersexed, Harris was raised female despite being born with ambiguous genitalia. The collection documents Harris throughout his life, including his transition to living publicly as male, and the subsequent public speaking engagements and legal challenge to the California Court's refusal to allow him to legally change gender.
  • Harris (William Torrey) papers (0184)
    The William Torrey Harris papers, 1857-1909, consists of letters, manuscripts, typescripts, notes, and leaflets collected and created by noted 19th century educator, philosopher and lexicographer William Torrey Harris. In addition to letters from major philosophers of the period, including John Dewey, Josiah Royce, William James, and George H. Howison, the collection also contains manuscripts and notes penned by Harris and material related to the Philosophical Union of the University of California. Harris (1835-1910) was the editor of the Journal of Speculative Philosophy, and one of the founders of both the "St. Louis Movement" and the Concord School of Philosophy. A prolific author, he also edited and published early work by William James, Josiah Royce, and John Dewey, and introduced Hegel to the American intellectual scene.
  • Harrison (Hugh) Photographs of Robert Joel (Coll2012.067)
    Hugh Harrison photographic portraits of Robert Joel, undated.
  • Hawkins (Anne) papers (0122)
    This collection contains notebooks, galleys, drafts, and outlines for Anne Hawkins’ books about the Pony Express, along with some of her correspondence. Hawkins was a stenographer who lived in Southern California and was the author of Too Like the Lightning, Pony Express and To the Swift.
  • Hawkins (Joseph) photographs of the 1996 Tagata Honen Festival (Coll2009.015)
    Photographs taken by Joseph Hawkins at the 1996 Tagata Honen Festival in Kamaki, Japan. This annual Shinto festival is a fertility rite and a celebration of life, and its key focus is a large phallus carved from a sacred Japanese cypress tree. The collection also includes descriptive labels from an exhibit of the photographs, mementos from the festival, and a 1993 map of Japan.
  • Haynes Foundation reports (0470)
    The Haynes Foundation reports consists of 5 reports funded, and published, by the Haynes Foundation that describe and examine social and economic conditions in Los Angeles between 1948 and 1950. The reports were originally held by the Research Department of the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles.
  • Hearst Corporation Los Angeles Examiner photographs, negatives and clippings - oversize portrait and subject files (7000.3)
    This finding aid is for the oversize portrait and subject files of the Los Angeles Examiner photograph morgue.
  • Hearst Corporation Los Angeles Examiner photographs, negatives and clippings - subject photographs (7000.2)
    This finding aid is for the subject files of the Los Angeles Examiner photograph morgue.
  • Hearst Corporation Los Angeles Examiner photographs, negatives and clippings--portrait files (A-F) (7000.1a)
    This finding aid is for letters A-F of portrait files of the Los Angeles Examiner photograph morgue. The finding aid for letters G-M is available at The finding aid for letters N-Z is available at
  • Hearst Corporation Los Angeles Examiner photographs, negatives and clippings--portrait files (G-M) (7000.1b)
    This finding aid is for letters G-M of portrait files of the Los Angeles Examiner photograph morgue. The finding aid for letters A-F is available at The finding aid for letters N-Z is available at
  • Hearst Corporation Los Angeles Examiner photographs, negatives and clippings--portrait files (N-Z) (7000.1c)
    This finding aid is for letters N-Z of portrait files of the Los Angeles Examiner photograph morgue. The finding aid for letters A-F is available at The finding aid for letters G-M is available at
  • Heller Committee for Research in Social Economics budgets (0445)
    The Heller Committee for Research in Social Economics budgets consists of thirty five budgets, 1933-1950, with accompanying explanatory text, on the cost of living for families of different occupations and for single women in San Francisco. The Heller Committee for Research in Social Economics, of the University of California, Berkeley, produced the budgets (commonly known as the Heller Budgets), which encompass the Great Depression, World War II, and post-War eras. The budgets were for the use of social welfare agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area in determining the needs and support of families who were their clients.
  • Hendricks (Donald S.) papers (Coll2008.041)
    Original drawings by Donald S. Hendricks to illustrate John Rechy's The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens (2003), together with emails from Rechy to Hendricks, and a set of paper dolls from hendricks' Icons & Lovers series.
  • Henry (Dr. James P.) papers (0276)
    James P. Henry long enjoyed an international reputation in aviation medical research. His work included high-altitude research in the late 1940s and the 1950s. He taught at the USC School of Medicine.
  • Hensley (David) W. Dorr Legg Memorial Service Photographs (Coll2012.036)
    David Hensley photographs of W. Dorr Legg's memorial service at the Milbank Mansion, August 28, 1994.
  • Heras (Antonio) papers (0015)
    This collection contains the papers of Antonio Heras, who was a professor of Spanish and Spanish Literature at USC from 1925-1950. Heras’s papers include manuscripts and typescripts of his articles and stories, research notes, clippings, correspondence and diaries.
  • Herbert (Esther) and Marvyl Doyle papers and photographs (Coll2013.030)
    Correspondence, photographs, audiocassettes, manuscripts, professional papers, and other materials, 1921-2011, from lesbian speech pathologist and veteran, Esther Herbert, and her partner, Marvyl Doyle. The correspondence contains letters between Herbert and Doyle written between 1944 and 1996 with the bulk of the letters being exchanged during World War 2 while they were stationed separately in the Women's Army Corps. Also included is an extensive collection of photographs documenting their military service. Among the papers are published materials by both Herbert and Doyle regarding their respective work in speech pathology and writing composition; as well as a collection of Doyle's poetry. The collection also includes recorded interviews with Esther Herbert regarding her experience of living as a lesbian in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Herbert (William C.) papers (0398)
    The William C. Herbert papers was brought to USC during the 1990s via Associate Dean for Development and Law School Historian John (Tom) Tomlinson whose expertise includes the history of USC. Though the collection's focus is the correspondence between Herbert and his mother during World War II when he was overseas, at some point later, Herbert studied and graduated from USC with a B.S. in Social Studies. His graduation photo is in the 1957 edition of USC's El Rodeo. Besides correspondence, the collection includes personal photographs and some ephemera.
  • Herold (Rick) photographs and papers (Coll2013.025)
    Photographs and papers by and about professional artist, author, and teacher Rick Herold. Herold used a variety of media and techniques including painting, reverse painting on plastic, neon, sculpture, performance art, and tattooing. Many of his works dealt with the relationship of the erotic and the spiritual.
  • Hill (Alice L.) papers (0201)
    Photocopies of research by Alice Hill, daughter of Robert E. Hill (d. 1945), owner and founder of the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company (Oklahoma City) and of property above the Oklahoma City pool [oil reserves], into the status of his estate. Ms. Hill believed her father was murdered for his money and property. The papers contain letters, court documents, pamphlets, and clippings (all photocopied) documenting Ms. Hill's research, which was carried on by her daughter.
  • Hill (Gladwin) papers (0178)
    This collection consists of Gladwin Hill's clippings files on the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and the notes he took while covering their assassinations for The New York Times in 1963 and 1968. Also included in this collection are magazines and newspapers with features about the Kennedy family.
  • Hinman (Mary Wood) collection of English folksongs (0035)
    Printed collections of English folksongs; plays, ca. 1912, for which Hinman directed the dance numbers.
  • Hinsdale (Harriet) Papers (0088)
    Typescript of Hinsdale's (b.1900) biographical play, "Robert Louis Stevenson" (Caxton, 1947).
  • Hirschman (Jack) papers (0158)
    Manuscripts of Hirschman's (b.1933) Requiem and Hunger; typescript translations of Russian writer Alexander Kohan; Bukowski ephemera.
  • History of Hungary collection (0009)
    Extended essays by various authors, in English or Hungarian, on the modern political history of Hungary, especially during World War II. The essays were gathered by Dr. Frank de Balogh, ca. 1965, as part of USC's "Living History" project.
  • Hitt (R. Scott) Papers (Coll2013.091)
    Photographs, awards, school records, correspondence, clippings, meeting minutes, financial records, political campaign records, event and fundraising records, conference files, legal records, government initiatives and regulation materials, reports, and research materials documenting R. Scott Hitt's personal life as well as his work with HIV/AIDS research and treatment, HIV/AIDS groups and projects, LGBT politics and support services, and political campaigns, 1958-2007. Includes Hitt's records from the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), Access Now for Gay and Lesbian Equality (ANGLE), Equality California (EQCA), the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS (PACHA), and Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.
  • Hoffman (Abbie) Papers (0189)
    Books, audio and video tapes, and a 1981 screenplay ("A Major Motion Picture") connected with the life of radical leader Abbie Hoffman.
  • Holifield (Chester E.) papers (0220)
    Chester Earl Holifield (1903-1995) -- also known as Chet Holifield -- of Montebello, Los Angeles County, Calif. Born in Mayfield, Graves County, KY, December 3, 1903. Moved to Montebello in 1920 and engaged in the manufacture and selling of men's apparel 1920-1943; U.S. Representative from California 19th District, 1943-75. Congressional adviser to international conferences on uses of atomic energy, nuclear weapons testing, water desalinization, and disarmament. Upon his retirement from the House, he resumed the manufacture and selling of men's apparel; died February 6, 1995.
  • Holland (Dale) papers (Coll2013.043)
    Newsletters, meeting minutes, correspondence, membership records, photographs, promotional material, bylaws, and other papers primarily documenting Dale Holland's involvement with the Metro-Chords and Kingmasters, 1970-1986.
  • Holocaust Survivors of the Jewish Community of Pest register (6057)
    Register containing the names, professions, dates of birth and addresses of nearly 54,000 survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi-era persecution in the Jewish community of Pest, Budapest. Budapest became a city in 1872, following the union of Buda and Pest. Each town had a separate Jewish community until the 1950s. Jews are first mentioned in Pest in 1406. This volume follows a 1946 "Counted Remnant: Register of the Jewish Survivors in Budapest".
  • Homefront records (0247)
    The collection contains research materials, administrative files, audiotape interviews, and film reels from a project by the USC Department of History for a book and PBS television special entitled The Homefront : America during World War II, compiled by Mark Jonathan Harris, Franklin D. Mitchell, and Steven J. Schechter. The book was published in 1984, and the show was broadcast in 1985. The project was a collection of first-person accounts of ordinary citizens describing their experiences during the War.
  • Homolka (Oscar) papers (0205)
    This collection consists of manuscripts written by Oscar Homolka during his stay in Southern California. The collections also contains some photographs and ephemera relating to Homolka.
  • Homophile Effort for Legal Protection, Incorporated (HELP, Inc.) records (Coll2008.052)
    Minutes, membership applications and lists, lawyer referral reports, newsletters, newspapers, and related ephemera of the Homophile Effort For Legal Protection, Incorporated (HELP, Inc.). The organization was formed in 1968, in response to the subjective and aggressive behavior of the Los Angeles Police Department Vice Detail. Members were offered general legal assistance and if arrested for "homosexual activities" they were provided bail bonds and lawyer referral services. By the late 1970s, societal changes practically eliminated the need for many of the services HELP provided.
  • Homosexuality Among Highly Religious Mormons survey (Coll2011.005)
    Review board petitions, 2002-2003 surveys, the follow-up 2006-2007 survey, non-LGBT participant surveys, and related correspondence of the "Homosexuality Among Highly Religious Mormons" study conducted under the auspices of University of Idaho and the University of Southern California by Gary Horlacher.
  • Hopkins (Glenn) papers (Coll2013.048)
    The Glenn Hopkins papers consists of an edited draft of his play The Adventures of Robin Hood, his resume, and promotional material for his plays and appearances, 1986-1991. Glenn Hopkins is a Los Angeles playwright, political activist, educator, and Radical Faerie.
  • Household Survey Records (0231)
    In 1939, the Works Progress Administration provided funding for a comprehensive household survey of the Los Angeles area. Over the course of the project, about 400,000 documents, mostly census cards, were generated.
  • Howard (Helen Addison) Papers (0174)
    Typescript and galleys of Howard's American Indian Poetry (Twayne, 1979). Howard received an M.A. from USC in 1933.
  • Howard (Irvin) collection on Riverside Coalition Against Discrimination (Coll2013.010)
    Legal documents, correspondence, clippings, photographs, audio and videocassettes and other material, 1977-1994, collected by Irvin Howard. In particular, the collection includes campaign materials from the Riverside Coalition Against Discrimination, a political action group formed to oppose a proposed 1991 ballot measure that would repeal the city's AIDS anti-discrimination ordinance.
  • Howard (James Newton) collection (0075)
    Extensive collection of film music, television music, and related materials by musician/composer James Newton Howard from 1987 to the present.
  • Howe (Harriet) Papers (0154)
    Typescript poetry, scrapbook, story drafts by an active supporter of equal rights for women; Howe (1880? - 1950?) lived in San Francisco.
  • Hoyningen-Huene (George) photographs (0007)
    Black and white photographs, mounted, of archeological sites and fashion models by the magazine photographer and film designer (1900-1968).
  • Hubert (Mrs. L.M.) 19th century popular culture scrapbooks (6030)
    This seven volume scrapbook collection consists of clippings pasted into official reports issued by the US Post Office (the volume numbered 5 is only half filled with clippings, and as such the remainder of the report, "Report of the Pstmaster-General" can be clearly read). The clipping cover a wide variety of topics--literature, music, sports, theatre, society notes, art, etc. Very few of the sources are identified, although San Francisco, New York, and London are mentioned.
  • Hudson (John Paul) typescript, (Coll2012.120)
    A photocopy of a marked up typescript of John Paul Hudson's unpublished work, Letters from Lovers and Lawbreakers: Edited, Answered and Augmented, 1980. Also included in the collection are clippings, photocopies of correspondence, and publicity stills, circa 1970-1977. John Paul Hudson was an early gay liberation activist, journalist, and author.
  • Hudson House Records (Coll2012.126)
    Articles of incorporation, bylaws, funding proposals, flyers, contractual documents, meeting minutes, resident lists, fundraising documents, news releases, clippings, photographs, financial records, and other material documenting activities of Hudson House Inc., a non-profit corporation offering low-cost housing, meals, and other social services to gay men and lesbians in need of assistance, 1978-2002.
  • Hughes (Rupert) papers (0173)
    Archives of the novelist, biographer, screenwriter, and musicologist (1872-1956), including subject files, typescripts, correspondence, published articles, and personal memorabilia. 897 file folders of manuscripts; 219 books by or concerning Rupert Hughes; 36 periodicals.
  • Humphreys (Laud) papers (Coll2007.012)
    Drafts, correspondence, journal articles, notes, newspaper clippings, surveys, legal documents, memoranda, transcripts, speeches, course curricula, subject files, ephemera, photos, and an audiocassette tape created or collected by sociologist and Episcopalian priest, Laud Humphreys, who is best known for his book, Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places--the first publication to examine the social and sexual behaviors of men who perform sex acts with other men in public restrooms. The majority of the collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, lecture material, surveys, journal articles and newspaper clippings relating to Humphreys' career--from his doctoral work in 1968 until his death in 1988--and research in the field of sociology and, more specifically, homosexuality and criminology. The collection also contains personal papers including correspondence, documents and clippings related to his experience as an Episcopalian priest from 1955 to 1965, an altercation with a professor at Washington University in 1968, and his trial and subsequent imprisonment for an antiwar demonstration in Illinois in 1970.
  • Hungarian Anti-Semitic legal documents (6070)
    4 documents produced in Hungary in support of the enforcement of the Anti-Jewish Laws, which Hungary began enacting after 1938.
  • Hunt (Gale) papers (Coll2013.113)
    Sheet music, writings, corrspondence, personal papers, subject files, photographs and sound recordings, circa 1915-1999, from composer Gale Hunt (also known as Gary Borden Hall). The bulk of the collection pertains to Hunt's original musical, A San Francisco Sunday (1994), for which he wrote the book, music, and lyrics. The collection also includes papers and photographs documenting Hunt's personal life and extended family.
  • Hunt (Rockwell D.) papers (5127)
    The Rockwell D. Hunt papers, 1898-1966, contain an assortment of files partially documenting the career of Hunt at the University of Southern California (1908-1945). During his tenure at USC, Hunt was a professor of economics, the first Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, and the first Dean of the Graduate School.
  • Hunter (Allan A.) papers (0397)
    Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church, founded in 1905, is located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Its longest-serving pastor, Allan A. Hunter, led the congregation from 1926 until his retirement in 1963, but stayed actively involved until his death almost twenty years later. This collection reflects the activities of the church throughout the twentieth century, as well as the progressive ideas and religious teachings of Reverend Hunter. His correspondence with other religious thinkers and social activists is included, as well as the manuscripts of most of his sermons throughout the years, which are also included on audiotapes. The collection presents a vivid picture of Mt. Hollywood Church as well as the man who was at the helm for so many decades.
  • Hurlbut (Gladys) manuscript (0030)
    Typescript of Hurlbut's (1898-1988) autobiography, Next Week, East Lynne! (Dutton, 1950). Ms. Hurlbut was a playwright and in her later years appeared in films and television.
  • Hurles (David) interviews (Coll2008.034)
    VHS videotapes and compact audiocassette tape interviews of David Hurles, founder and proprietor of Old Reliable Tape and Picture Company, conducted by Pat Allen with the assistance of Bill Wyman, September 1998-January 1999. The collection also contains two compilation CD-ROMs of Old Reliable photographs, copyright 1998.
  • Hustad (John) Photographs (Coll2012.069)
    John Hustad photographs primarily of a Minneapolis gay rights conference on May 11, 1974. Includes photographs of Dr. Howard J. Brown, Phyllis Lyon, Larry Bye, and Mike McConnell at the conference, and a 1972 photograph of Jack Baker.
  • Huxley (Aldous) papers (0171)
    This collection contains financial records of Aldous Huxley dated 1957-1962. Huxley was an English writer who moved to Los Angeles in 1937. He was most famous for his novel Brave New World.
  • Hyun (Reverend Soon) Collected Works (3303)
    Soon Hyun was a Methodist minister who served in both Hawaii and in Seoul Korea. He was a key participant in the March First Movement in 1919 and later served as Minister Plenipotentiary from the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai to the United States of America. The papers in this collection document Reverend Hyun's life and career up until his death in Los Angeles in 1968. Detailed inventory available at: