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  • Kaiser (Bill) Milano Archives Photographs (Coll2012.073)
    Bill Kaiser photographs of a visit to the Milano Archives, undated.
  • Kanitz (Ernest) Papers (0196)
    Books, scores, and recordings of Austrian emigre composer and teacher Ernest Kanitz (1894-1978).
  • Kansas City Trucking Co. Collection (Coll2011.063)
    Promotional photography stills, publicity, publication lists, cast lists, correspondence, press releases, and other material documenting the publicity for the release of Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976), a film by gay filmmaker Tim Kincaid, also known as Joe Gage. In the 1970s, Kincaid wrote and directed a series of films known as "The Kansas City Trilogy," which were notable for "portrayals of male/male sex occuring between rugged, masculine men who came from blue-collar and rural backgrounds and related as 'equal partners.'"
  • Kantor (Saul and Yakov) papers (Coll2008.037)
    The collection consists of the Star of David "Jude" patch said to have belonged to Saul Kantor (1912-1976); two drawings by his son, Yakov Kantor (1952-2007), a graphic artist and member of the Portland, Oregon, Jewish LGBT community, inspired by the 2005 Hungarian film Sorstalanság ( Fateless); and two photographs, 2000 and 2003, of Yakov Kantor.
  • Kaye (Lisa) papers (Coll2013.083)
    Meeting minutes, administrative records, training workshop materials, political campaign records, publicity material and other papers, 1975-1996, from lesbian activist and community organizer Lisa Kaye from Orange County, California. Materials in the collection document Kaye's political and activist career with the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club of Orange County, a gay and lesbian community organization; Elections Committee of the County of Orange, a bi-partisan political action committee; Irvine Citizens United, a group that attempted to defeat a 1988 referendum to remove gays and lesbians from the city's anti-discrimination protections; Orange County Federation of Lesbian, Gay & AIDS Support Organizations; and the campaigns against California Proposition 6 Briggs Initiative (1978) and Proposition 64 LaRouche Initiative (1986), among others.
  • Kearns (Michael) papers (Coll2008.009)
    Clippings, programs, flyers, posters, and VHS videotapes, of the works, theatrical performances, and appearances of Michael Kearns; a parent, playwright, producer, director, actor, author, and activist, who is openly gay and HIV-positive.
  • Kiess (Paul) papers (6032)
    This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Paul Kiess. The collection contains personal correspondence and correspondence with Christian organizations in the US, photographs, newspaper clippings, outlines for Dr. Kiess' speeches, and ephemera. Dr. Paul Kiess, a Protestant, was a legal adviser, a lector of the Thüringische Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei, and Urania Verlagsbuchhandlung in Jena, Thuringia, and a member of the Thuringian parliament. Paul and his wife Edith, a half Jew, left Germany in 1935 and went into exile in Prague, Czechoslovakia, France, and London, before emigrating to the United States where Edith studied for her professional qualifying examinations in New York, and Paul went to Princeton where he lectured at various Christian organizations, and studied for his American bar exam.
  • Kilgore, Jr. (Thomas) papers (0381)
    The collection consists of manuscripts, drafts of sermons, church and personal correspondence and photographs of Dr. Thomas Kilgore, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles from 1963-1985 and a noted civil rights and civic leader.
  • Kirchner (Mark) Proposition 8 Photographs (Coll2012.115)
    Mark Kirchner black and white photographs on the passage of California's Proposition 8. The photographs are reproductions of displayed images at a Center in Long Beach exhibit in 2009.
  • Kirk/Spock Slash Fiction Zine collection (Coll2007.008)
    31 Kirk/Spock slash fiction zines, 1978-1986, based on characters from the 1966-1969 television series "Star Trek", including five issues of T'hy'la, six issues of Naked Times, and five issues of the Out of Bounds series.
  • Kitchin family USC memorabilia (5278)
    Cap worn by Harry Kitchin, School of Pharmacy, 1920s; baseball cap worn by Philip Kitchin, circa 1947-1951; NROTC sailor cap, circa 1951; George Tirebiter t-shirt, 1989; and USS Bausell memento.
  • Klein (Eleanor) papers (0499)
    Eleanor Klein received her Master's Degree in Social Work from USC in 1953 and held many positions as a social worker in Los Angeles thereafter. She held several positions within the local Southern California chapter of the American Association of Social Work as well as the local chapter of the National Association of Social Work. From 1974-1982 Eleanor Klein was Director of the Department of Clinical Social Work at the UCLA Medical Center. Papers in this collection include reports, meeting minutes, correspondence regarding various social work matters, and several folders dedicated to how social workers should provide prenatal care for women in the community.
  • Klein (Herbert G.) papers (0345)
    The Herbert G. Klein papers contain detailed records of the day to day activities of Herbert G. Klein, University of Southern California alumnus and trustee, journalist, editor and first White House Director of Communications. Included are records from all phases of Klein's long career: his early career as a journalist with Copley Newspapers in Alhambra and San Diego; his work with Richard Nixon, beginning with the Vice Presidential campaign of 1956; and his subsequent career as a media professional and author.
  • Kline (Lee B.) papers (5262)
    Papers of architect Lee Kline, 1923-1974, consisting of scrapbooks of clippings, a student notebook from one of Kline's courses at USC, microfilms of many of Kline's projects, some photographs of USC students and faculty, Kline's office stamp, and a gavel commemorating his tenure as president of the Orange County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (1959). Kline (1914-2007) received his Bachelor of Architecture from USC in 1937 and was an active member of the AIA. His practice, headquartered in Los Angeles, concentrated on the design of public school buildings in Southern California.
  • Kline (Samuel H.) papers (0006)
    Samuel Kline (1837-1917) was a Boston businessman who retired to San Diego, California in 1902. His papers include his detailed memoirs in which he wrote about his two-hundred-year family history, his childhood in upper New York State, his experiences in the Civil War, and his years in the shoe and leather trades.
  • KNXT Channel 2 press releases (0232)
    The collection includes press releases from 1961 to 1962.
  • Koelsch (William A.) Papers (Coll2014.009)
    Articles, manuscripts, correspondence, transcripts, clippings, programs, fliers, press releases, guides, biographical information, and photographs documenting the writings, projects, activities, and personal interests and history of William Koelsch, 1942-2014. Koelsch was a Boston gay rights activist best known for his column series in Gay Community News, Esplanade, Integrity Forum, and Bay Windows, written under the pseudonym A. Nolder Gay.
  • Kohnstamm (Oskar) papers (6046)
    Papers of Dr. Oskar Kohnstamm, M.D. (1871-1917). The collection is predominantly made up of Dr. Kohnstamm's published work and research in medical journals. It also includes materials that concern both Dr. Kohnstamm and the Sanatorium Dr. Kohnstamm, which he established; there are photographs, newspaper articles, and informational brochures. Dr. Oscar (Oskar) Kohnstamm, M.D. was a nerve and neurology specialist working around the turn of the 20th century in Koenigstein im Taunus, Germany. In 1902, he and his wife started a sanatorium for his psychiatry patients and constructed a dedicated building for this practice in 1904-1905. By 1911 it was successful enough to be updated, remodeled, and expanded. He treated predominantly internal and nervous ailments, and was published on subjects as wide ranging as hypnosis, the physiology of the brain and spinal cord, and psychiatric illness.
  • Korean American collection of oral histories (3306)
    The Korean American Museum, in Los Angeles, conducted a series of oral history interviews with long-time members of the Korean community. Inventory can be accessed at:
  • Korean American Private Records (3304)
    Many historically important records remain in private hands: Box 1: Helen Paik Chen Papers; Box 2: Eugene Park Hwangbo Papers; Box 3: Evelyn Kim Charr Papers." Inventory can be accessed at:
  • Korean Heritage Library (3307)
    The Korean Heritage Library has actively sought out documents on a selected number of specific Korean American issues. Inventory can be accessed at:
  • Kovacs (Ernie) collection (2193)
    This collection primarily contains scripts, rundowns, and notes from the career of Ernie Kovacs, circa 1951-1961. The collection also contains small amounts of other production material including treatments, prop lists, guest lists, cue sheets, lyric sheets, and other related items.
  • Krieger (Martin) Papers (0248)
    Materials from photographic exhibits generated by Dr. Krieger's work and classes in Public Policy.
  • Krueger (June and Gilbert) collection of Civil War letters (0167)
    The collection consists chiefly of letters addressed to Lovina Obriham of Freeport, Winneshiek County, Iowa, from her brothers, Edwin C., Charles J., Frank W., and Harlow H. Obriham, her cousin and future husband, Chales L. Beebe, and other Union soldiers serving with the 9th Iowa Volunteers and other units; written from Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, the letters deal largely with camp life, troop movements, and military engagements, with some mention of the siege of Vicksburg and the march on Savannah.
  • Kuhn (Bob) 1984 Olympics photographs, ephemera and realia (6079)
    Photographs and negatives, press passes, press kits, Sports Illustrated magazines, created and collected by photographer Bob Kuhn for the 1984 Olympics.