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  • Maidenberg (Harry F.) scrapbooks (0069)
    This collection contains six scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, and ephemera documenting the early history of California. The scrapbooks were compiled by Harry F. Maidenberg, who was an insurance salesman in Los Angeles.
  • Mailer (Norman) Papers (0120)
    Speeches, correspondence, tape recordings, drafts and galleys connected with Mailer's campaign for mayor of New York City in 1960.
  • Mangold (George B.) papers (0282)
    Articles and publications by and about Dr. George B. Mangold (1876-1962), who was Professor of Sociology and Social Work at USC from 1928 to 1946.
  • Mann (Heinrich) papers (0208)
    The papers include personal and business correspondence, manuscripts and published articles, and personal documents and photographs, and pencil drawings dating from Heinrich Mann's years in France, 1933-1940 and Los Angeles, 1940-1950.
  • Mansback (Arthur) papers (0040)
    The Arthur Mansback papers consists of letters, postcards, telegrams, photographs, training materials, and printed ephemera created and collected by Private Arthur Mansback during his tour of duty in the United States Army Expeditionary Forces in France during the second half of 1918. The letters, in conjunction with Mansback's training materials and the postcards he collected, provide a broad overview of the daily life of an American foot soldier during the last months of World War I.
  • March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles records (Coll2013.088)
    Meeting minutes, flyers, clippings, correspondence, press releases, mailing and registration lists, notes, financial records, pamphlets, mass mailings, and newsletters of the March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles, 1980-1982, undated. Emerging from the 1979 March on Washington and the 1980 March on Sacramento, the committee worked to build the lesbian and gay rights movement.
  • March on Sacramento records (Coll2013.089)
    Meeting minutes, notes, logistical information, and flyers regarding the March on Sacramento in June 1971. Troy Perry, as chairman of the Committee for Sexual Law Reform, led the march from San Francisco to Sacramento to protest discriminatory California laws against gay and lesbian people.
  • Marcuse (Ludwig) papers (0209)
    This collection includes personal and business correspondence, manuscripts and published articles, and personal documents and photographs, and pencil drawings dating from Marcuse's years in France, 1933-1940 and Los Angeles, 1940-1950.
  • Margulies (Stan) Collection (2424)
    The Stan Margulies Collection consists of the papers of Stan Margulies. Margulies was a producer of made-for-TV movies and miniseries, including the ratings hits Roots and The Thorn Birds.
  • Mark 40 Defense Fund Records (Coll2011.093)
    Correspondence, meeting minutes, police reports, legal papers, defendant lists, notes, memoranda, financial documents, constitution, press releases, photograph, interview transcripts, clippings, fact sheets, flyers, and graphic design material from the Mark 40 Defense Fund, 1976-1983. The Mark 40 Defense Fund was organized to provide legal representation for 4 men (of 40 arrested) charged with "pandering" and "involuntary servitude" in the wake of a Los Angeles Police Department raid on a gay benefit "slave auction" held at the Mark IV Health Club on Melrose Ave. in 1976.
  • Marks (Jim) Photographs (Coll2012.079)
    Jim Marks photographs include images of Mary Francis Berry, John Bunzel, Barbara Boxer, and Linda Chavez speaking at the United States Commission on Civil Rights, undated. The photographs also include undated images of Vic Basile, Ron Bogart, Jim Dronenburg, Gary MacDonald, Abby Rose Rubenfeld, Harvey Friedman, Tom Chorlton, Killian Swift, and James Mason.
  • Marmor (Judd) papers (Coll2007.009)
    Correspondence, journal articles, drafts, speeches, notes, legal papers, and subject files created by Los Angeles psychiatrist Judd Marmor (1910-2003), a leader in the successful movement to remove homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in the course of his research on homosexuality. Materials include several handwritten letters from Evelyn Hooker, as well as legal affidavits, testimony, and other materials documenting Marmor's role as an expert witness on behalf of gay plaintiffs--most often to counter the testimony of Charles W. Socarides, Paul Cameron, and Harold M. Voth--in several legal cases, most importantly Baker v. Wade in Texas, and Evans v. Romer in Colorado. The collection also includes several photographs of Marmor, together with leading activists Barbara Gittings and Frank Kameny, and masked gay psychiatrist "Dr. H. Anonymous" at the May 1972 annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Martin (F. Oskar) papers (0311)
    This collection contains the papers of Frederick Oskar Martin, a German who moved to the United States in 1891 and worked as a mining engineer and geologist for a variety of employers over the course of his career. He spent a year working on the Panama Canal and explored the holdings of Union Oil of California in Panama and Colombia in the 1920s. His papers include mining reports, correspondence with his fiancé and brother in the late 1890s, and scrapbooks of his travels in South and Central America.
  • Martin (James M.) diaries (Coll2008.035)
    Journals, a newsletter and an autobiographical note from James M. Martin. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1943, Martin was a writer, activist, attorney and founder of a number of occult organizations. This collection contains journals documenting Martin's life in Los Angeles and Texas in the early 1970s, an issue of his self-published newsletter for Servants of the Star and Snake, as well as an autobiographical timeline written by Martin in 1995.
  • Marvin and Mary Carlock Collection (2084)
    Collection consists of 29 volumes of scripts and 174 reels of 16mm film from the television series Fireside Theatre, from 1949-1954.
  • Masino (Jeffery) collection on the California AIDS Ride (Coll2012.179)
    Administrative records, promotional material, a photograph, clippings, T-shirts and videocassettes from the Los Angeles branch of the California AIDS Ride, 1993-2000, collected by Jeffery Masino, former director of the Los Angeles office. Materials in the collection document the planning and implementation of the state-wide bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raised funds and created awareness of HIV/AIDS.
  • Mason (Lee) Photographs (Coll2012.078)
    Lee Mason photographs include images photographs of Reverend Troy Perry, John V. Platania, Don Kilhefner, Barry Dank, Dick Nash, Jay Murley, Frank Fitch, and Don O'Brien, 1971-1972. The photographs also include images of the 1971 Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride parade, Troy Perry's 1975 fast, repairs to the Society for Individual Rights (SIR) Center in San Francisco, a voter registration drive, and assorted panels, speeches, and get-togethers.
  • Massary (Fritzi) correspondence (6035)
    This collection contains the correspondence of Fritzi Massary with her colleague and friend Violet Oldak. It also includes one letter from Liesl Frank, Fritzi's daughter, to Violet Oldak, as well as a newspaper clipping about Fritzi Massary. Violet Oldak played the character Trudi in the original cast of Operette by Noel Coward and Fritzi Massary played Liesl Haren. They became friends during this time and stayed in touch afterwards.
  • Masters (Scott) Photography Collection (Coll2013.002)
    The bulk of the collection consists of medium format 120/220 black & white negatives, contact sheets, and color film transparencies of gay male erotic images along with a limited number of straight erotic images. The images were used for the production of erotic print material including magazines and sale catalogs. The images document the work of an anonymous erotic film producer and director that utilized a series of pseudonyms including, Warren Stephens, Robert Walters, and Scott Masters.
  • Maston (Carl) papers (4002)
    USC alumnus Carl Maston was an influential Los Angeles mid-century modern architect. Upon graduation, Maston worked for the offices of Floyd Rible, A. Quincy Jones, Fred Emmons, Phil Daniel, and Allied Architects before opening his own office. His homes, shopping centers, military housing units, and university buildings can be found throughout Southern California. Known for his stark, no-frills modern buildings such as the Maston (or Marmont) Residence and Hillside House, his career spanned over 40 years in public and private sectors. The bulk of the collection consists of architectural project files as well as architectural photographs by longtime-collaborator Julius Shulman.
  • Matray (Ernst) papers (0237)
    The papers include personal correspondence and correspondence related to actor, director, mime, and choreographer Ernst Matray’s artistic life, as well as photographs, invoices & statements, press clippings, artwork by Ernst Matray, autobiographic manuscripts and creative writing, some audio/visual materials, and some correspondence and invoices & statements of Matray’s third wife Elizabeth McKinley Matray. The papers comprise materials from the years 1933-1984, the bulk beeing from Matray’s second stay in the US from 1955-1978.
  • Matthew (Craig T.) Comedian Photographs (Coll2012.080)
    Craig T. Matthew photographs of stand-up performers Lea DeLaria, Jason Stuart, and Scott Thompson, circa 1990s.
  • Matthew and Buddy of Glendale photograph albums (Coll2009.009)
    The bulk of the collection consists of the photograph albums of Matthew Schmidt and Albert Antunes (pseudonyms: Matthew and Buddy of Glendale). The early albums document the Los Angeles non-bar gay scene from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, and contain many photographs of the elaborate costume parties the couple threw at their home. The later albums document the couple's extensive world travels. The collection also includes a small amount of printed and manuscript materials, including a 1934 letter to Matthew Schmidt from Mae West.
  • Maurice & La Monte papers (Coll2008.033)
    Audio recordings, programs, photographs, and ephemera relating to female impersonators and pantomime artists Henry Jouron and William "Billy" Kugler (known theatrically as Maurice & La Monte). The bulk of the collection consists of sound recordings used for Maurice & La Monte's "Off the Record" pantomime act. The collection also contains photographs of celebrities and other female impersonators, some of which are signed.
  • "Max Reinhardt in Action" portfolio (0307)
    This portfolio/scrapbook of clippings and photographs was created by Catherine E. Sibley for completion of Drama 590B at the University of Southern California. It also includes her research paper discussing the staging of Max Reinhardt's production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Hollywood Bowl, the San Francisco Opera House, and UC Berkeley's Faculty Glade-Greek Theater during the 1934-1935 season.
  • McAnelly (Jac) papers (Coll2008.008)
    Papers of Jac McAnelly, including correspondence from 1980-1985; family photographs circa 1920-1950; Carrier's modeling portfolio, including two photographs with Andy Warhol. Additional materials include a screenplay, The Master of the Discipline (1984), by McAnelly and Michael Zen, and two drawings by McAnelly from the September 1972 issue of Tiger Beat.
  • McCabe (Judge Hilton) Collection on the Agua Caliente Indians (0018)
    Historical and legal files on the territorial dispute of the Agua Caliente Indians near Palm Springs, California; typescripts and a published copy of the 1965 book, Golden Checkerboard, by journalist Ed Ainsworth dealing with this subject.
  • McCarthy (Harold "Mac") photographs and papers (Coll2013.066)
    Photographs, clippings, programs, flyers, pamphlets, event tickets, postcards, correspondence, event invitations, certificates of appreciation and completion, and fundraising records created and/or compiled by Harold "Mac" McCarthy, 1987-2007. The collection primarily documents NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt events in Washington, D.C., and Southern California, and to a lesser extent, AIDS Walk Orange County and the Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO).
  • McCoy (Frank Milton) papers (Coll2014.002)
    Writings, correspondence, clippings, photographs, organizational records, flyers, notes, and other personal papers, 1946-1997, from African-American writer, musician, and educator Frank Milton McCoy. Materials in the collection document his career as a concert pianist and music educator in Los Angeles. Included is McCoy's book, Black Tomorrow (Vantage Press, 1976), which examines the evolution and influence of music in African-American culture.
  • McDonough (Gordon L.) papers (0366)
    Papers of Gordon Leo McDonough, member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the United States Congress.
  • McElderry (Bruce R.) collection on Max Beerbohm (0103)
    Research files of Prof. Bruce Robert McElderry (b. 1900) (USC English Dept.) for his biography of critic Sir Max Beerbohm (1872-1856) (Twayne, 1972). Collection contains working copies of Beerbohm's books.
  • McGinnis (Bud) Photographs (Coll2012.081)
    Bud McGinnis photographs consist primarily of the Gay Girls Riding Club (GGRC) contest, undated. Other photographs include undated images of the Hollywood First Baptist Church, two men on a Selma Avenue street corner, the winners of the Queen of the Universe pageant, and the 1976 Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride parade.
  • McGreivy (Susan) papers (Coll2012.138)
    Correspondence, legal documents, reports, press releases, notes, monthly schedules, articles, clippings, photographs, and personal documents, 1975-1990, of Susan McGreivy, lesbian activist and former civil rights attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. In the 1980s, McGreivy played a leading role in the ACLU's challenges to a wide range of infractions of gay and lesbian civil rights, including a discrimination case against the Boy Scouts of America and a defense of the women known as the Norton Sound Eight.
  • McKay (Molly) and Davina Kotulski marriage scrapbooks (Coll2013.029)
    Scrapbooks assembled by Molly B. McKay documenting her and Davina S. Kotulski’s experience as the “poster couple” for marriage equality rights in California, 1998-2012. This collection consists of portable document formats (PDFs) of the pages of McKay’s 22 scrapbooks of clippings, correspondence, organizational materials, and photographs relevant to the couple’s activism.
  • McKibben (Robert A.) papers (0489)
    Rev. Dr. Robert A. McKibben was Executive Director of the All Nations Foundation and Pastor of the Church of All Nations in Los Angeles from 1927 until 1952, when he resigned to accept appointment by the Methodist Episcopal Church to its National Board of Missions. McKibben's correspondence relating to the All Nations Foundation, including his fund raising letters and his papers on church social work programs, are to be found with the records of that agency. Papers in this collection reflect his wide interests, his acquaintance with leading social welfare administrators throughout the West, and his national and international connections with social work associations, particularly those concerned with the developing specialty of group work, and with issues from the provision of services to youth, to narcotics education, and international student exchange programs. An influential figure in Los Angeles, McKibben was president of the Los Angeles County Coordinating Council's Executive Board, and a Vice-President of the Council of Social Agencies, on whose Executive Committee he served for many years.
  • McMillin (John S.) papers (0003)
    Letters, documents, testimony regarding Capt. John S. McMillin, his command of the Union steamer "Silver Wave" during the Civil War, and his steam capstan patent.
  • McReynolds (Dave) Photographs (Coll2012.016)
    Dave McReynolds photographs of the 1996 New York pride parade, a 1997 Quentin Crisp book signing, and fire damage at The Bar in 1998.
  • Mechtly (Rick) cinema clippings collection (Coll2012.162)
    Clippings of articles, columns, and reviews regarding LGBT actors, motion pictures, and film festivals. The files were culled from a variety of mainstream and LBGT magazines and newspapers, 1966-2011. Mechtley began collecting LGBT film clippings in the 1970s. Vito Russo introduced Metchly to other columnists and film festival directors.
  • Medals and medallions collection (0111)
    British, French, Belgian medals from World War I; other medallions.
  • Mendelsohn (Jill) photographs and collection on Elsa Gidlow (Coll2013.078)
    Photographs and Elsa Gidlow's correspondence and writings, bulk 1973-1986, collected by Jill Mendelsohn. Included are photographs of Gidlow, as well as lesbian writer Rita Mae Brown, lesbian musicians Meg Christian and Margie Adams, and the San Diego Women's Music Festival in 1974.
  • Mental Retardation Services Board annual reports (0448)
    The Mental Retardation Services Board annual reports consists of annual reports and multi year activity reports issued between 1965 and 1970. Also included are a copy of the joint powers agreement establishing the Board, and two pamphlets describing the Lanterman Mental Retardation Services Act.
  • Mershon (Brian) Papers (Coll2013.093)
    Meeting minutes and agendas, conference materials and notes, student papers and dissertation, correspondence, policy statements, audits, office forms, grant applications, employee reports, research articles and reports, directories, pamphlets, fliers, and clippings documenting Bryan Merson's work and studies in AIDS/HIV and mental health from 1983-2000. The records primarily document his work for the AIDS Regional Board of Los Angeles County's Mental Health Task Force from 1991-1994, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health from 1987-1996, and Los Angeles County Department of Health Services' Office of AIDS Programs and Policy from 1996-1998.
  • Mertz (Tom) collection on Queer Nation (Coll2014.025)
    Press material, flyers, clippings, correspondence, notes, protest signs, audiocassettes, and a VHS videocassette from Tom Mertz documenting the activities of the Los Angeles chapter of Queer Nation, 1990-2000. The collection documents the actions Queer Nation/LA organized and the media attention it received, including a zap on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1991.
  • Metropolitan Community Church Long Beach collection (Coll2008.039)
    Video and audio tapes and CD-ROMs of conference proceedings of the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Church (UFMCC) and its congregation in Long Beach (MCCLB), along with recordings of events, lectures, sermons, and services related to religion and homosexuality, 1984-2002.
  • Michael (Stephan D.) papers (Coll2008.045)
    Diaries, correspondence, legal papers, medical records, financial records, textiles, memorabilia, audiotapes, scrapbooks, photographs, notes and miscellaneous typescripts of Stephan D. Michael, who documented the last years of his life before dying of AIDS in 1994, at the age of 34. The materials document Michael's childhood in Japan; his relationship with his estranged family as well as past lovers; his financial troubles relating to his medical bills; and his final years attending the University of Washington while dealing with the circumstances of his HIV-positive status.
  • Midnight Mission and Liddecoat papers (0413)
    The papers of the Midnight Mission and of Tom and Mary Liddecoat consist of material that documents the personal and business history of the Liddecoat family, the Midnight Mission, and various other charities and individuals associated with the Liddecoat family; specifically, the collection documents two generations of the Liddecoat family and their involvement in charitable organizations such as the Midnight Mission, the Gospel Foundation of America, and charitable organizations on the family's ranch in Walnut Creek, California.
  • Mierendorff (Marta) papers (0214)
    The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, notes, and ephemera regarding the lives and work of many German-speaking emigre artists in Southern California. One focus of the collection are German Expressionist Theater director Leopold Jessner (1878-1945) and his brother-in-law, the actor and director Fritz Jessner (1889-1946), both of whom left Germany in the 1930s to escape the Nazi persecution of Jews. The collection also includes more extensive materials on Walter Wicclair, director William Dieterle, art-director Rudi Feld, Felix Jackson, the Mann family, Lion Feuchtwanger, and Elow as well as about the Jewish Club of 1933. Furthermore it contains transcripts of various conferences on exile studies, articles, presentations, interview transcripts, Wim Wenders screenplays, and data sheets Marta Mierendorff created about various exiled German-speaking artists. The materials were collected by Marta Mierendorff (b. 1911), who was made Emeritus Research Professor in 1984 at USC.
  • Miller (Brian James) papers (Coll2014.010)
    Manuscripts, clippings, sociological research papers, correspondence, curriculum vitae, notes, photographs, audiocassettes, videocassettes and other material, 1956-2006, from sociologist and writer Brian James Miller. The bulk of the collection is writings, resource material, manuscripts for unpublished books, and recorded interviews pertaining to Miller's sociological research on gay men and their relationships. Personal and professional papers document Miller's career, as well as his relationship with former partner and mentor, sociologist Laud Humphreys.
  • Miller (Charles James) papers (0333)
    Correspondence, ephemera, and photographs related to Russell Meriwether Hughes ("La Meri")-- ethnic dance icon, instructor, friend (and one-time lover) of Charles Miller who saved the materials which comprise this collection. The collection also includes Miller's own research material and dissertation on Edward Gordon Craig, published in 1957.
  • Miller (Harris) Photographs (Coll2012.082)
    Harris Miller photographs include images of the 1992 Los Angeles Mayor's Conference on AIDS and of the one-person sexual harassment protest of Hugos, 8401 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, November 1992.
  • Mills (William Hathorn) Papers (0166)
    Composition books containing religious and inspirational verses by Mills (1848-1930), an "English clergyman residing in San Bernardino," ca. 1912-1920.
  • Milner family films, papers and photographs (0332)
    The collection contains travel and home movies; cartoons and children's films; family recipes; monthly and annual reports; meeting minutes; financial records; family photographs; and a few miscellaneous items from the Milner Family.
  • Milroy Sunset Junction Street Fair Photographs (Coll2012.017)
    Milroy's photographs of the Sunset Junction Street Fair from August 23-24, 1980.
  • Mineral King Development records (0037)
    The collection consists of environmental reports, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other ephemera pertaining to the controversial 1960s development of a 16,000 acre tract of the Sequoia National Forest in Tulare County, California. The materials were created and collected by conservation activists Jean and Richard Koch.
  • Minorities in America films and sound recordings (0083)
    One- and two-reel, 16 mm. films in cans (35 different titles) on American minorities (Mexican-American, Japanese-American, African-American, and native American); "Minority Report," 1957 radio broadcast (KNX) on six LP recordings in a box.
  • Mirken (Bruce) papers (Coll2013.094)
    Minutes, contract agreements, corporate and government reports, correspondence, financial records, clippings, publicity material and other administrative records, 1987-1993, from writer and activist Bruce Mirken. Mirken worked for over 20 years in communications and activism in social justice, drug policy reform, LGBT- and AIDS-related issues, and materials in the collection document his participation in AIDS- and LGBT-related organizations, government agencies and committees.
  • Mitchell (Greg) manuscript (0169)
    Typed draft of Mitchell's The Campaign of the Century (Random House, 1992) on the 1934 EPIC campaign in California.
  • Molnar (Lynette) Portrait Photographs (Coll2012.083)
    Lynette Molnar photographic portraits of gay and lesbian individuals, couples, and groups, 1988.
  • Money (John) papers (Coll2008.023)
    Writings, lectures, course materials, printed materials from research, and miscellaneous items created and collected by psychologist/sexologist Dr. John William Money. The bulk of the collection is a complete carbon-copy set of Money's lectures from his class, "Biosocial Aspects of Human Sexuality" at Johns Hopkins University, in fall 1980. The collection also includes a number of Money's early writings; article off-prints; and his "Autobiographical Statement," later re-titled "Explorations in Human Behavior" and published in the second volume of The History of Clinical Psychology in Autobiography (1993), edited by C. Eugene Walker.
  • Moniz (Charles) Desert Empire Drummer Photographs (Coll2012.084)
    Charles Moniz photographs of a Desert Empire Drummer leather event in Palm Springs, California, 1991.
  • Moody (Mark L.) Papers (3036)
    This collection contains photographs, 16mm films, personal documents, and news clippings that record Mark L. Moody's residence in East Asia. Moody first went to Asia in 1919 as part of a YMCA team in Vladivostok. He married Alla Mae Simpson, a YMCA colleague, and they moved to Shanghai, where Moody owned a Chrysler dealership during the 1920s and 1930s, and travelled widely. The collection reflects his business, family, and recreational activities and interests.
  • Moore (Annette) papers (5284)
    The Annette Moore papers consist of research materials used to write “The University of Southern California: 1880-2005,” the 125th Anniversary history book of USC, which covers the years 1880-2005. The collection consists of emails, clippings, photocopies, bound copies, drafts, notes, and correspondence. Annette Moore served as co-writer of “The University of Southern California: 1880-2005,” and as Director of Web, Special, and Communications Projects at USC University Communications from August 2003 until November 2013.
  • Moore (Ron) Collection (2297)
    The Ron Moore Collection contains the papers of Ronald D. Moore (b. 1964), a writer and producer of science fiction television shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Roswell, Battlestar Galactica and Caprica.
  • Morantz (Paul) Papers (0346)
    Morantz graduated USC school of journalism (Sports Editor) and the USC School of Law. In 1974 he uncovered a criminal conspiracy to kidnap skid row alcoholics and sell them to nursing homes where they were kept sedated while Medicare was billed. Morantz then testified on nursing home abuses at public hearings and aided setting up district attorney task force on nursing home crimes. In 1977 he began a battle to expose Synanon for civil liability for brainwashing and other torts and for criminal conspiracy to commit terrorism against its enemies. In 1978 Synanon tried to kill Morantz by placing a rattlesnake in his mailbox. Investigations led to the arrest of Charles Dederich and two Synanon Imperial Marines. Morantz then assisted state wide prosecution and became a consultant to the United States Department of Justice in a tax case against Synanon that eventually shut the organization down. For over the next 20 years Morantz specialized (perhaps the only attorney to do so) in litigating against cults and self-help groups raising the issue of brainwashing. He also specialized in suing psychotherapists and religious leaders for dual relationship violations and undue influence, particular sex with their clients/followers. He has had cases against Church of Scientology, People's Temple, Moonies, Krishnas, Rajneesh and Center for Feeling Therapy (therapeutic community run by doctors who beat their patients, had sex with them and controlled their lives--has been considered the worst psychotherapy scandal in United States History and resulted in year long license removal hearings). He twice over two decades went after a psychologist/minister, John Gottuso, who sexually abused his female followers. The second time (after he lost his license) victims included the daughters of followers placed in his church run school in which he was principal and taught bible class. His most important case was as serving as pro bono appellate counsel in Molko vs Unification Church in 1988 wherein the California Supreme Court recognized the existence of brainwashing and the right for victims of it to sue for damages.
  • Moritz (Ralph G.) papers (Coll2008.040)
    Travel diaries of librarian and classical music enthusiast Ralph G. Moritz (1912-1998), listing the sights he saw, the concerts he attended, and his sexual encounters on his travels from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. The bulk of the collection consists of letters Moritz received from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s from Samuel Potter, aka "Octavian", Brown (1916-1995), an expatriate American living in Rome, who in the 1970s and early 1980s ran a small bed and breakfast and male bordello, that Moritz frequented, out of his apartment. The letters detail the trials, tribulations, and pleasures of life in Rome, and are filled with gossip about the lives of his "boys" and his clients, from the unnamed to the famous.
  • Morris (Rusty) Los Angeles Christopher Street West Gay Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.144)
    Rusty Morris photographs of the Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride parade, 1971-1975.
  • Morris (Sidney) Papers (Coll2013.070)
    Essays, poetry, prose, scripts, playbills, posters, fliers, reviews, clippings, contracts, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, correspondence, biographical information, and personal papers documenting Sidney Morris and his lovers, friends, family, theater productions, and work with the intellectually disabled, 1910-2004. Morris was a playright of roughly 50 plays, including If This Isn't Love in 1982. Morris also wrote poetry and essays, and published articles on HIV/AIDS.
  • Morrison (Harold S.) papers (5273)
    Photographs, ephemera, commencement programs, and the law school thesis of USC alumnus Harold S. Morrison.
  • Morrow (James) papers (Coll2008.018)
    Materials created and collected by James (Jim) Morrow, including a photograph album, autograph books, and miscellaneous items from A Different Light Bookstore, in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles; organizational papers from institutions with which Morrow was associated (Emergence and the Alliance); bibliographical notes and article photocopies on GLBT youth and suicide; notes from self-defense workshops and a panel on hate crimes and gay-bashing; and personal items.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Ambrose Bierce (0136)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper articles (originals and photostats) by and about Ambrose Bierce, journalist and author of The Devil's Dictionary and Tales of Soldiers & Civilians (1891). Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Edgar Lee Masters (0139)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) by and about Edgar Lee Masters, and an extensive type- and handwritten bibliography of Morse's holdings on on Masters, author of the Spoon River Anthology. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Henry Van Dyke (0142)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Henry Van Dyke, and a typewritten bibliography on Van Dyke (1852-1933), minister and author of popular Christmas sermons, essays, and short stories. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Sinclair Lewis (0138)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Sinclair Lewis, and an extensive type- and handwritten catalog of Morse's holdings on Lewis, author and novelist, who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Thomas Nelson Page (0140)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Thomas Nelson Page, and a typewritten bibliography of works by and about Page, author of short stories, novels, essays, and poetry, who is best known for his role as literary spokesman for the glories of the Old South in such works as In Ole Virginia. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on Vincent Starrett (0141)
    Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Vincent Starrett, and a typewritten bibliography on Starrett (1886-1974), the author of mysteries and horror stories of the "Chicago Renaissance." Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Morse (Willard) collection on William Dean Howells (0137)
    Book reviews and periodical appearances (originals or photostats), and an extensive typewritten catalog of Morse's holdings on William Dean Howells, author, editor, and critic, who was widely acknowledged during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as the "Dean of American Letters." Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and Mexico. He was later made a director and member of the executive committee of the American Smelter Securities Company, Chilean Exploration Company, and Braden Copper Company. After retiring, Morse devoted much of this time to the collection of Americana.
  • Mosheim (Grete) papers (0211)
    This collection includes personal and business correspondence of the German-born actress Grete Mosheim(1905-1986), and articles and interviews covering Mosheim's acting career from the American and German press.
  • Mosk (Richard M.) Christopher Commission records (0395)
    Chaired by attorney Warren Christopher, the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department was formed in the wake of the 1991 videotaped beating of Rodney King by several LAPD officers. The collection consists of files kept by Richard M. Mosk in his capacity as a member of the Commission.
  • Mosley (Leigh H.) Photographs (Coll2012.049)
    Leigh H. Mosley photographs of Marion Barry and Vic Basile, 1981-1983.
  • Moss (Leland) Papers (Coll2011.067)
    Manuscripts, newsletters, pamphlets, correspondence, flyers, notes, and interviews documenting journalistic activities of theater director and writer, Leland Moss, 1976-1980. Moss wrote for publications, including Gaysweek (New York) and the L.A. Weekly.
  • Mountains AIDS Foundation records (Coll2013.068)
    Legal documents, meeting minutes and agendas, programs, flyers, correspondence, photographs, floppy disks, financial records, and clippings related to the Mountains AIDS Foundation, 1994-2002. The nonprofit operated the Sacred Mountain Retreat Program at Zaca Lake, consisting of a five day, four night, non-sectarian, spiritually-oriented retreat for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Municipal Elections Committee of Los Angeles (MECLA) records (Coll2012.160)
    The Municipal Elections Committee of Los Angeles records document the business functions, fundraising operations, and outreach programs of the political action committee during its existence from 1977-1991. The bulk of the collection comprises board meeting minutes, agendas, and financial reports, as well as correspondence to and from political figures lobbying for support of gay and lesbian rights.
  • Murillo (L.A.) papers (0501)
    The L.A. Murillo papers document the life of Louis Andrew Murillo (1922- ), including his service in the Air Force during World War II, his tenure as a professor of Spanish literature and Cervantes scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and his service as a bilingual volunteer for the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department. Also included in this collection are the Spanish, English and bilingual pamphlets and flyers which document Spanish language usage in Southern California, collected by Murillo between 1989 and 2003.
  • Muske-Dukes (Carol) papers (0349)
    Collection consists of the literary works, academic files, and personal papers of Carol Muske-Dukes, California poet laureate and USC professor of creative writing. The materials cover the period from the early 1960s to 2008.
  • Myerhoff (Barbara G.) papers (0275)
    Papers of Barbara G. Myerhoff, a University of Southern California professor and noted anthropologist, consist of manuscripts, notes, printed material, publications, audiotapes, correspondence, and photographic material related to her teaching, field research, and publishing activities.
  • Myrow (Frederic) Collection (1006)
    Collection consists of manuscript scores, manuscript sheet music, recordings, correspondence, personal collection of books, scores, and recordings of Frederic Myrow. Fred Myrow was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1939, moving to Hollywood at age six where his father, film composer Joseph Myrow wrote the Frank Sinatra hit, "You Make Me Feel So Young," among many other songs. His grandfather, Irving Mills, had launched the publishing house, Mills Music, served as the musical director at the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York, and managed Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway. Frederic Myrow attended USC, and was a highly influential composer for film, theater, and the concert stage.